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One of the benefits of growing this blog over the past few years is that I have had the opportunity to play with a lot of the awesome affiliate marketing tools available. Once or twice a week I’ll get an email from a tool developer asking me to test out their tool and let them know what I think. This is how I was first introduced to Lukasz Jasiak from BoxOfAds years ago. Lukasz and I have been in touch for awhile now and I was thrilled when he messaged me on Skype last month and asked if I would be interested in doing a review of BoxOfAds.

BoxOfAds is an awesome service used by most of my top publishers. It allows you to easily search through millions of ads they’ve scraped from the top PPV and display ad networks.

BoxOfAds Features

You can then use the ads you find to help you create and improve on your own campaigns. First, let’s take a look at what’s being ran on my favorite PPV network, LeadImpact.

Looking for Campaigns

Find PPV Campaigns

The screenshot above, which you can click to enlarge, are the most recent pop up (PPV) ads found from LeadImpact on BoxOfAds.

This list is useful and I like to keep my eye on it because it shows what people are currently running on LeadImpact. A few of the landing pages shown are actually offers we have available on PeerFly!

As you can see from the screenshot above as well, the member interface for BoxOfAds is pretty nice. It’s very simple and only takes a few minutes to figure out. Their search is very powerful and makes it really easy to search the PPV and display networks they have available. You can also search through all the data for all the ads they’ve found. There are over 3,000,000 ads are in their database!

So, you can search through the ads found for campaign examples to run as well as landing pages you can use as examples to build your own campaigns around. Not only that, but it’s also possible to search for a particular offer and find targets that your competitors are using.

Looking for Targets

Dibzees Targets

One of the ads from the example above that I found was for an offer that we have available on PeerFly, Dibzees. Dibzees is a pretty cool penny auction site and they have a nice CPL (cost per lead) offer with us at PeerFly. Well, a simple search on BoxOfAds shows that there are a few people running Dibzees with PPV and it’s also possible to take a look through the targets they are using. You can then dig into each target and find all the data available for that ad/target found on BoxOfAds.

Dibzees ad found on BoxOfAds with target URL info

In the example above, the user appears to have just started this campaign on 50onRed (PPV network) and they are bidding on the URL target upperbid.com. BoxOfAds makes it easy to access all their data and then you can use that data to dig deep and help craft your own campaign.

This is just one example of how you can use BoxOfAds to learn from your competitors and I have only covered PPV, but they have over a million display ads in their database that are just as easy to search through too.

Try BoxOfAds FREE!

BoxOfAds lets you test out their service for free with a demo on their homepage. Although the results are limited, it’s a very cool feature because it does give you live results to check out.

BoxOfAds Demo

If you like what you see with the demo and the information I provided above, when you sign up for BoxOfAds you get a free 3 day trial as well. But wait, there’s more!

BoxOfAds Coupon

I convinced Lukasz to set up a special coupon for you. When you sign up for your free BoxOfAds trial use the coupon LUKEDISC and you’ll get your monthly membership for access to the PPV campaigns discounted to $137/month or $99/month for access to the display campaigns.

In summary, I really think BoxOfAds is at least worth a look. If you’re running PPV or display campaigns it can be very helpful. My top publishers at PeerFly are always asking me about a campaign or landing page they found on BoxOfAds and usually it leads to a long discussion on why we it’ll work or why we think the advertiser is wasting their money.

I love to talk about PPV. If you do too comment below with your Skype and I’ll add you to my PPV Skype Group Chat and we can discuss BoxOfAds. Check it out and let’s make some money!

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  1. As usual a very informative article. I have dabbled in PPV but never had the ROI’s that I would like so would love to be a part of the Skype group! my Skype handle – marc.gray1888



  2. The problem with BoxofAds is that it’s wrong. Typically for any given campaign, around 90% of the targets they give are just plain wrong. It’s also easy to prevent BoxofAds from spying on your campaigns through an appropriate htaccess file which most ppv marketers are aware of so don’t expect to get the campaigns of the big boys.

  3. Great review & worth to try. I’d also interesting to join your PPV skype group. Please add my skype: kiki.wardhana

  4. Yes, I have heard a lot of good things about them as also that the “targets” are off the mark! But I do have a mind to try them in the near future.

    Thanks for the review Luke….

  5. Hey Luke Very interesting.
    I always read your blogs very informative.

    Add me Skype name is neilc211

  6. ‘ll give the free trail a shot soon. Please add me to the Skype group ID: patrick.clancy17

  7. hey luke I use BOA and it is truly wicked but would love to be included in the skype group: nick.stentiford


  8. Hi Luke, pretty good post, very helpful, this is my skype username if you want to add me to the group: jonnyace11


  9. Well, They are not user friendly when it comes to newbies as I am trying to learn PPV But not able to understand how to use BoxofAds till we make up something the trial ends.

    Obviously one cannot sit in-front of PC for whole day experimenting with BoxofAds.

  10. Thanks for the coupon. BoxOfAds seems to be a very useful tools. Can we also get traffic source data from BoxOfAds?

    And please let me join the PPV Skype group chat, my skype username is sjukun

  11. Hi Luke, thanks for the detailed review on BoA. I’d love to join your Skype Group. Please add me – Skype ID: loh.mun.keat

  12. PPV interests me a lot but don’t know the ninja tricks. Would love to learn from the guru Luke in the Skype group. My Skype ID is neelsvan

  13. BoxofAds is great place to research and get ideas if you are stuck with your campaigns. Love to join your skype group id is norm_to

  14. When it come to display intelligence, boxofads data is totally inaccurate (at least for non-us geos). You can simply test this by getting a trial account of display. Go to a website in your geo that have adsense ads and watch the ads there by visiting different pages of the website. Then pull the same website in boxofads and compare the advertiser list.

  15. Even whatrunswhere and adbeat aren’t accurate. Moreover, what these tools can’t tell, for instance, is what targeting combination an advertiser is using in adwords. These tools simply tell you that a particular ad appears on a particular website but can’t tell what targeting criteria in the network is causing the ads to appear there.

  16. Hey Luke I’d love to join your skype group. Just discovered your blog and have been on it all day and just purchased SKRAYP. My skype hanlde is: mitch_mcc

  17. Hi Luke,

    Please add me to the group. I think PPV is a truly powerful marketing method. My username is delta.zulu.


  18. Is BoxofAds still the best spy tool for PPV and Display ads? They seem to have added more countries as well and have also increased prices. Was debating if Whatrunswhere or Mixrank is a good option. I do only PPV for the moment

  19. Hi Luke

    I had some query regarding PPV. I never tried these things. I did just start up on affiliate site with single niche website and i m getting good response from these and also creating even blogs. I did like your strategy on this article.

    add me on skype – amandeepkadd9


  20. I’m wondering why nobody that i have seen at least …. has addressed the comments made regarding inaccuracies?? Ignoring them doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence… am I right?

  21. Hello Guys,

    Nice Blog!
    I am newbie in affiliate marketing and i want to learn about ppv, Pop traffic.

    Please add me on skype : manoj2285

  22. Hi Luke, I must confess that you are really doing a great job…Please add me up on the skype group @wiaglowcontinental …Thanks

  23. hi sir/mam
    please let me know some ad networks who work well like 50onred,trafficvance etc
    and also please add me on skype as my id sheetal.sandewal2

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