Blacklisting Bad Performing SubIDs on 7Search

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Read this first about 7Search...

7Search is no longer in business. This article is available for historical purposes only.

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This article was published 6 years ago. Please keep in mind that the information may be outdated. Post a comment below if you have any questions.

Once you have setup your 7Search campaign, have everything tracking properly, and are generating some traffic the next thing you can do to help yourself push towards profitability is optimize that traffic. If you followed along my article on how to setup a 7Search campaign you should have everything tracking properly. If not, please go take a look at that article before you continue.

Read This First! Setup a 7Search Campaign

Analyzing Your 7Search Traffic

The thing I like most about 7Search is the fact that it’s search traffic and it’s so cheap. After you setup a campaign you should start to see traffic almost immediately as long as you bidding enough to get you in the top positions. Depending on your keywords and bidding, you should have a nice amount of data within your first $5-10. I am going to go ahead and share my Lids campaign data. Now, you’re going to see that a majority of my traffic came from one keyword and although I do plan to do a follow up post about that keyword specifically, I do not want you to get the impression that this is your million dollar keyword and you’re never going to have to “work” again. With that said, here is a screenshot of my PeerFly stats for my Lids campaign in February.

Lids PeerFly Campaign

That campaign did not do great. However, I do have enough data to try to optimize. 7Search shows that I got 1,212,705 impressions and 1,056 clicks. I spent $19.06 in total with an average CPC of just $0.02. Unfortunately, I only made $4.80, so my net loss was $14.26. However, there are quite a few different sources that sent me enough clicks to know that they are not going to convert for this campaign and I have gone through and blacklisted those. I will explain how to blacklist in a minute, but for now let’s take a look through all of the different sources I got traffic from and which ones can be blacklisted.

Getting the ability to Blacklist added to your 7Search account

The ability to blacklist sources is not automatically available in your 7Search account. 7Search decided that in order to stop abuse, they need to manually turn it on in each account. As long as you have deposited in your account and setup a campaign that is driving traffic they have no problem enabling it though. Even better, I’ve included a form at the bottom of this post that you can fill out and once you do it’ll automatically send a nice email to my contact at 7Search asking him to turn on blacklisting within your account πŸ™‚

How to Blacklist on 7Search

Once the ability to blacklist has been added to your account (you will get an email letting you know that it has been enabled) you can access the blacklist feature by going to My Account, Preferences (edit …), and then click Manage SubID blocks >> under your Account Tools.

blacklisting subids


After you click Manage SubID blocks >> you will be taken to the page to add subids you’d like to blacklist.

Block SubIDs on 7Search


Again, you will not be able to see the Manage SubID blocks >> link until you have had the ability to blacklist subids enabled on your 7Search account. Please use the form below to request that ability.

Once you have gone through and blacklisted bad performing subids you may need to go through and add new keywords. Your traffic is going to increase, but at least you’ll know that the traffic you are getting is from sources that are performing for you. Keeping a close eye on both keywords and the sources of traffic you’re generating traffic from using those keywords is important. With this combination though, you can setup aΒ successfulΒ and profitable 7Search campaign. Like with any campaign, it simply takes research and testing.

I look forward to seeing how your 7Search campaigns perform! Of course, please let me know if you have any questions and let’s make some 7Search affiliate money!

SubID Blacklist Ability Request Form

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7Search Username (required)


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63 thoughts on Blacklisting Bad Performing SubIDs on 7Search

  1. Great stuff Luke!

    I had been avoiding simple email submits for a while… I had tried a few with other traffic sources, but nothing converted and $1.25 payouts didn’t seem too attractive. After reading your posts over the past few days, I decided to give them another shot and set up 4 different offers on 7search. I figured it would give me a better chance at finding a winner, instead of putting all my chips on a single campaign that may or may not pan out.

    The results? So far, they’ve each spent about $.50, and one produced a conversion. The data’s still slim, but I see it as an encouraging sign! At the very least, I should be able to pull at least one profitable campaign out of the group. Once it’s optimized, the next step is to repeat the process and start stacking up more winners πŸ™‚

    1. lol, yeah, 50 cents! I hope nobody would have to spend 50 dollars on an email submit to get excited about a single conversion πŸ˜‰

      So let my 4 campaigns run, and one turned out to be an obvious winner. I added 6 more campaigns for products related to the best performer for a total of 10 campaigns here’s how they’re all doing:

      Campaign 1: $3.88 spent, 1 conversion, $1.50 in revenue. (going to continue testing)

      Campaign 2: $6.11 spent, 1 conversion, $1.20 in revenue. (also going to continue testing)

      Campaign 3: $8.66 spent, 9 conversions, $10.35 in revenue. (an obvious winner, going to continue optimizing)

      Campaign 4: $5.17 spent, 0 conversions. (plug officially pulled)

      —– these were the 6 I added in later —–

      Campaign 5: $6.29 spent, 0 conversions. (may swap this one out for a different offer targeting the same keywords)

      Campaign 6: $10.97 spent, 5 conversions, $6.00 in revenue. (this is getting good volume. I’ll optimize to try to make it profit)

      Campaign 7: $1.09 spent, 0 conversions. (going to continue testing, not getting great volume)

      Campaign 8: $1.30 spent, 0 conversions. (same as above)

      Campaign 9: $7.34 spent, 5 conversions, $5.75 in revenue. (this can be a winner. I already nixed one underperforming KW)

      Campaign 10: $0.15 spent, 0 conversions. (traffic volume is trickling… this could take months to optimize… probably not worth it)

      So any campaign that reaches $5 with no conversions, I’m willing to pull the plug on. Next I look at any keywords that get clicks and no conversions.

      I haven’t optimized by blacklisting referrers yet, although I’m continuing to collect the data.

      One thing I noticed is that some affiliates have clicks coming from just 2 or 3 domains, which makes blacklisting easy. Others it seems, send each click from a different domain. Since I need to block each referrer by typing “AFFID-RID” I’ve noticed that this traffic converts for some campaigns, but not others. Do you know how I could block all traffic from one affiliate when the domains keep changing? Maybe it’s possible that these affiliates just have a huge number of domains, but I haven’t seen them repeat yet.

      Anyway, I’ve ended up with 3 campaigns that will be likely winners, 2 that didn’t make the cut, and the rest could go either way. It’s good to know that there really is good quality traffic on 7search… and just to drive the point home, I got a conversion on my secret campaign 11… A CPS offer that pays out over $20!

      1. Hi Sheldon,

        I’ve also noticed that some affiliates have so many RID that its almost impossible to block them. I asked support but there isn’t any way to block an AFFID and they are reluctant to block domains. What I found was that there are some affiliates that send huge traffic on almost all the most popular keywords. If you track this traffic through your own system (as I do) you will notice that all of that traffic does not have javascript enabled. Because of that, I’d suspect that clicks from those affiliates would be unreliable and probably bot generated. These clicks represented 78% of total clicks. So my campaigns earned, but did not profit. The AFFID could not be blocked, so the only thing left to do was find keywords that they are not sending traffic on. That was difficult so I dropped 7search as a traffic source. Would be so much easier if they allowed us to block the AFFID so that all their suspicious clicks can be eliminated.

        Luke, I’m new to your list but enjoying your active involvement and encouraging newsletters. No wonder you got the votes. Thanks.

      2. Good test by Sheldon! keep us that we can learn some tricks/tips from the campaign results!

  2. Luke, thanks for all the great help and posts.

    Sheldon, thank you for sharing your results. Would you mind giving a few tips on looking for kw’s that convert? Are you looking for ones directly related to the offer?

  3. Luke,

    What exactly is happening when you blacklist an ID? Are you basically prohibiting your ad from showing up on a publisher’s page? Does this happen because of fraud, or are you just denoting that this is not a responsive audience and you don’t want more traffic from them?

    1. We only blacklist a publisher at the request of one of our advertisers. When you are blacklisted your traffic no longer goes to the advertiser’s landing page. Sometimes this will happen because of fraud (in that case, you get a much more stern email), but usually it’s just that your traffic was not converting well on the backend for the advertiser. In that case, I’ll work with you to try to find some similar offers for you to run as alternatives or work with you to improve your traffic quality.

  4. Hi Benjy,

    Really, choosing the keywords was very simple. I just used the keyword tool within 7search. It has the advantage of showing you what keywords are being searched within their network, so you don’t waste time pulling KWs from Google only to find that they get no searches on 7search.

    For the campaigns that I’ve been running, the main keyword is the only one that seems to get decent traffic, and normally it’s the one that converts too. If my experience has taught me anything on 7search, it’s to go where the volume is.

  5. Hey Kris,

    Well, my campaigns have had some time to run now, and I have noticed some repeat clicks on the RIDs from those affiliates, but I still get clicks from new domains popping up. I think what I may end up doing, is to let my campaigns that are making profit or breaking even run, and compile a list of all of the the RIDs that those affiliates are associated with, and block them all on future campaigns.

    They do produce some conversions for me, but they seem to be sending plenty of questionable traffic too. For me, that’s reason enough to block them all together.

  6. I encountered cases where RID was not shown. Only keywords were shown. Have asked 7Search but still waiting for their reply. This happened on specific referer websites which Prosper202 is showing me.

  7. Yes. The string is as shown by you. I am using older version of Prosper202. Have been using it for about 4 years now. I did receive the AFFID and RID of other traffics from 7Search except for 3 websites which Prosper202 is showing me under “Referer”. These 3 “Referer” only return KEYWORD” and no other info.
    Thanks !

  8. Hey Luke, stumbled upon your blog and loving what you’ve got to say πŸ™‚ What you think about doing affiliate promotions (clickbank and list building) with 7search..

    I understand the traffic ain’t superb, but with email capture, crazy segmentation and crazy tracking something can probably be done even if it starts as a loss leader.. Just gotta weed the non performing to a freebie list and push the performers in another list.

    Have you had any experience so far or heard about people doing 7search and affiliate or just CPA?

    Any way keep up your amazing blog, gotta stay focused but it’s very tempting to go in the CPA world :))

    1. I haven’t tried building a list with 7Search traffic yet, but I can definitely see there being an opportunity with how cheap the traffic is. I don’t do anything with ClickBank, but I know my publishers often run their campaign as well.

  9. I’m so confused! All this talk about blacklisting sources, affiliates, referrers, etc… I’m relatively new, I’ve been at this off and on but have never known how to optimize at all. Stupid I know & I paid well for that stupidity but that’s why I’m asking questions now! Ok, so I thought that what happens is this: I run my campaign on 7Search, “people”, actual human beings searching for a particular keyword have my campaign pop up in front of them. But it sounds like you all are saying that it’s other affiliates & robots clicking on my links just to make me lose money, and not humans looking for a keyword. I’m very confused about this blacklisting and I hope I get some responses to help abate this confusion! LOL Thx!

    1. Sandra,
      The affiliates that are being discussed in this thread are search partner websites that are affiliated with 7search. They have many search partner sites that your ad may be placed on. I hope this gives you some clarity!

      Jerry K.

  10. I also have a similar query. Sometime only ‘keyword’ is available in the report. Affiliate ID (AFFID) and Referrer ID (RID) are missing. How do we address this and moreover why does it happen?

    1. I am not sure why that would happen. If there’s a lot of clicks with that happening I would contact 7Search about it.

  11. Hello Luke
    I will be starting a campaign soon. Your guide inspired me a lot.
    Well, I just want to ask that, is using a tracking platform like Prosper202 essential? While I can see that we can track every keyword and bad traffic source according to your way. Will be waiting for your reply.

    1. No, I would not say using Prosper202 with 7Search is essential. If you follow my guide you can track everything just fine without it πŸ™‚

      1. Yes. If they allow you to pass 3 SubIDs it’s a little easier, but either way it should work fine. Obviously, I suggest PeerFly πŸ™‚

  12. Luke I need some Help about bad traffic from 7search.

    My kw bid on 1st place and my report in Peerfly account Show me like this
    Click ID IP 15/10/2012
    Click ID IP 15/10/2012
    Click ID IP 15/10/2012
    Click ID IP 15/10/2012
    Click ID IP 15/10/2012

    No Converted. It’s a bad traffice right It click my Ads 5 times and no traffic.I should block them right ? Thanks you very much.I’m very newbie sorry about my bad english : )

    P.S. I got 8.40$ now / Spent 14$ lol My 3 days works with peerfly + 7search

    1. That’ll happen. I’d wait until you see more clicks from that single source and then decide whether or not to blacklist it. Also, 7Search should go through and credit you for traffic like that. You can contact their live support and ask them to take a look.

  13. Hi Luke,
    I am new at this and I just started my first campaign a couple of days ago. So far I
    had 168 clicks, spent $8, had 5 conversions and revenue $2.80.
    the offer I choose did not have a lot of keywords to choose from
    when I used the 7search kw. should I take out kw that aren’t convert
    and replace them with kw words that might work better?
    my second question: If I don’t have any affiliates do I have to be
    concerned about blacklisting?
    Can I just focus on optimizing keywords?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. I would try and find keywords that are getting traffic or you won’t really be able to optimize. The affiliates are actually 7Search’s, but you can see their ID number (###AFFID###) in your link and blacklist them if their traffic is not performing for you.

  14. i added funds and veronica called me the next day to veriy my account. she was very nice. i asked to have my ability to blacklist added to my account and she was happy to help me. im ready to rock and roll….

  15. I got my converting offer in 7 search and I’m in a little bit profit right now.but to make it successful i have to block sub ids.But my account is not able to and that’s why I mailed them also filled up the form you attached in this post.What should I do?

  16. Can you block only the affiliate (###AFFID###) or do you need the combination of the AFFID and RID to blacklist?

  17. Thanks Luke, This makes it very hard to optimize because my traffic comes a few AFFID’s and so many RID’s with 1 or 2 clicks. Not sure how to optimize with so many clicks from different RID’s but the same AFFID. Thanks for your help

  18. Hi Luke,
    I think we also have the ability to block by aff id now. I tried blocking by entering just the affid and 7search accepted it. I will have to wait and see if I am still get any traffic from that affid.

    I also saw that for some of the clicks, the RID was being shown as dynamic in peerfly tracking. What does that mean and how can i block them?
    Thanks for the help.

  19. Hi Luke,
    I just got started with 7Search and saw some conversions last month. For some reason, I can’t seem to get conversions for certain offers even after sending 50+ clicks. Should I just scrap those campaigns and move on?

  20. Hey Luke Ismail here. Great stuff on your website! I’ve just completed my registration at PeerFly and hope to be approved soon. I’ll keep checking your website.

  21. I am not sure if I can figure out how to get the list of these subids to be blacklisted. On Peerfly or 7search? I can get the list on Peerfly in the Reports but not sure if this is it though. No idea where to find it on 7Search.

  22. ok, from the video it’s Peerfly:) so I guess for other networks that don’t provide us with such a great analitical tool to show the subids, we’ll need something like prosper or am I missing something?

  23. Please I’d like to know the highest obtainable average CR one can expect from 7search traffic. I believe this will help one to pick the right offers with the right payout in other to have some decent ROI.


  24. Hello,
    Dear Luke,
    You are in the banner at the top of your site that 7Search will give me 25$ to use it in advertising, I registered for first time and I confirmed my Email but I didn’t got the 25$ yet! any explanation would be appreciated πŸ™‚

  25. Hi Luke very informative article i am following you more than 6 months and read articles your tactics for launch campaign . I have submitted my application for peerfly and i am optimistic my application will be accepted then surely apply strategies which you mentioned in your posts. Wish me Good luck πŸ™‚

    Visit WebDNet!

  26. Hi Like,

    I think there has been some significant changes at 7Search and Peerfly since this blog post.

    What I see on my screen is totally diffirent from what you have on your screen shot.

    I am stuck the stage of blacklisting the non performing ids.

    Any tips or guidance will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you


  27. WOW! I was wondering what that RID meant? Didn’t realize it was referring to the website in which the affiliate was sending traffic from. Great stuff! I’m going to give 7Search another try after reviewing your videos.

  28. Great series of articles!

    I have one suggested change. Since I have multiple traffic sources in addition to 7Search, I always populate my s1 subid with a string that identifies my traffic source. s2 needs to be ###KEYWORD###, which leaves only 23 (in Peerfly). Since they must be used together for blacklisting, I simply combine AFFID and RID (with a dash between them) into s3:


  29. I’m running a PeerFly offer that converts on sale and the payout is around $100. What would be the basic rule for such offers, when it comes to blacklisting bad performing subids or dropping the keywords? After what amount of clicks or spending money for the particular keyword without conversion I should drop this keyword or blacklisting the bad “AFFID-RID”?


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