Getting Blacklisted

At PeerFly we hate scrub. We do not work with advertisers that we know scrub and we absolutely do not shave leads. The only scrub you will see from us is if leads are removed by the advertiser because of fraud. Otherwise, you will be paid for all traffic you send to us. Because of our hatred for scrub, we have to have another model in place. Which of course is, blacklisting.

What does it mean to get blacklisted?

A lot of people overreact when they get their first blacklist. They send me a very emotional e-mail telling me how they did not mean do anything wrong. Getting blacklisted on an offer is not the end of the world. We have publishers who push close to six figures a month and get blacklisted. It happens. But, what does it mean?

If you are blacklisted on an offer it simply means that your traffic for that offer was not backing out well for the advertiser. We work very closely with our advertisers on all of our PeerFly offers and if they find that your traffic is not backing out for them (they aren’t making any money off of it) then they will tell us your PFID and ask us to blacklist you. You will receive an e-mail like the one below and you will no longer be able to run that offer. Your current links for that offer will redirect to similar offers, which are you still credited for.

As long as you have not been sending 100% fraud traffic you will still be paid for the traffic you sent before you were blacklisted.


We’ve been forced to blacklist you from promoting the “Apple iPad 2 March 2011” offer as requested by the advertiser due to poor quality. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this action.

Corey Englaender

Yes, even I (an Affiliate Manager) have been blacklisted.

Blacklisted, now what?

The thing that sucks about getting blacklisted is obviously that you cannot run that offer anymore. Just because you are blacklisted does not necessary mean you need to complete change your campaign. I always suggest to my publishers that they try to find a similar PeerFly offer and test that. If you are blacklisted multiple times on your same campaign then it is time for us to start looking into ways to fix your campaign (maybe try to find more targeted visitors) and increase your overall quality.

Our advertisers monetize your traffic on the backend in different ways. Just because one blacklisted you because it wasn’t working for them does not mean their competitor will do the same. This is especially true with e-mail and zip submits. Try to find another offer to test so all your work on your campaign is not a complete waste.

Now go out there and make some money!


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