Banking off of Recent Arrivals on Empire Avenue

I recently wrote about my newest addiction and incredible time waster, Empire Avenue. Well, I have been placing Empire Avenue for about two weeks now and I have seen many of my readers sign up and start playing as well so I thought I’d a post about how you can effectively build up your net worth and dominate the empire.

Over the past two weeks I have been able to increase my net worth up to 271,663,516e.

empire avenue net worth

I have primarily done that through building up my portfolio buying shares of recent arrivals and then banking off them once their share price increases from their new connections being analyzed. Here is a brief rundown of how it works.

Finding Recent Arrivals

There are new players joining Empire Avenue every minute. For the most part, their share prices all start at around 10e. You can find a list of recent arrivals by going to Search and then Recent Arrivals.

recent arrivals list

Find Recent Arrivals with Connections

Okay, now here is the important part. These new arrivals have not had their connections analyzed or they may not have added their connections yet. Some of the people listed have joined within the past minute of you loading that page. So, you want to open up each user’s profile so you can see if they have any connections added yet. I open each user’s profile in a new tab using the small icon under their avatar on the right (profile icon).

At the top right corner of the user’s profile you will be able to see their connections. The more connections the user has the better.

Empire Avenue connections

Something like the image above would be ideal. This user has many connections that have not been analyzed by Empire Avenue yet. Once they are analyzed his/her share price should spike up.

Buy shares before it’s too late!

It’s important that you buy shares of this user before their connections are analyzed and their share price shoots up. I do not typically buy recent arrivals if their price is over 12-13e. The maximum shares you can buy of a recent arrival is 200 shares. I almost always buy all 200 or as close as I can get (depending on my capital).

You can monitor your portfolio by going to Profile and then clicking on My Portfolio & Lists. I usually sort by Purchase Time and watch my recent arrival purchases soar 🙂

profit on Empire Avenue

You’re welcome to try this method and let me know how it goes for you. If you have not joined Empire Avenue yet I highly suggest you do, but only if you have some spare time on your hands 🙂

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