Becoming an Awesome Affiliate Manager

Last week the final results from a survey performed in by Performance Marketing Insider were released and not only was PeerFly voted the #1 Affiliate Network in our industry, but I was voted the #1 Affiliate Manager. I am very proud of this accomplishment and I appreciate the recognition of the industry. I have worked very hard to get where I am and I wanted to take an opportunity to reflect on what I think it takes be become an awesome Affiliate Manager. My buddy Ruck over at IMGrind posted The 3 E’s That Will Make You An Awesome Affiliate Manager¬†(IMGrind blog) a few days ago and they are the same three points I would like to examine. Those three points are¬†engagement, education, and evolve.


Being involved in the growth of my publishers is my number one goal. As I mentioned in my interview on AffPaying, I have had thousands of publishers make their first dollar working with me at PeerFly. It is my goal to help those publishers take that $1 and turn it into a nice secondary income. Some are able to do it on their own, but most need some help. I try to be as involved as possible and I do it through email, social media, instant messenger, various forums, phone calls, here on my blog, and my newsletter. I have been able to successfully pull this off for over two years now with PeerFly with over 70,000 publishers coming into our network.


There are some affiliates who do not believe their Affiliate Manager should run traffic. How would you like to have someone who has never driven teach you how to drive? I am constantly testing new traffic sources. Not only that, but I spend hours each week reading affiliate blogs from AffDaily, Affbuzz, and my Twitter feed so that I know what everyone else is doing in case it were to come in handy for you. I read the threads on IMGrind daily and although I can’t share all of that information with you, it definitely has helped me become a more “well rounded” Affiliate Manager. Education is so important that PeerFly is paying a few thousand dollars for me to attend Affiliate Management Days!


The affiliate marketing industry is a like a roller coaster. It is constantly changing. We’ve seen it just recently with all the changes being made because of the FTC. Campaigns change, traffic sources change, and what is expected of you changes. As an affiliate manager I am doing my best to keep up with the changes and evolve as needed. Are you?

I agree with Ruck that these three points are great examples of things required of an Affiliate Manager to become awesome at their job. I am going to continue to try to improve on these things and look forward to seeing what the future holds for myself as an Affiliate Manager and PeerFly. Now, let’s get back to doing these things and making some money!

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