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Over the past few months we have seen a lot of changes with how Facebook is treating Facebook Pages in users News Feeds. They have cut back on the average reach you will see with each post you make on your Page, but I believe there is still a lot of opportunity with Pages and I have been making updates to my tool, FPTraffic, to help maintain my reach and help other members as well.

Mixing Links and Photos

A few months ago I released a feature on FPTraffic that allows you to easily search through the millions of products available on and automatically schedule any of those products to be posted to any of your Facebook Pages with a click of your mouse. You can use your Amazon Associates ID and get credit for every sale generated within 24 hours of someone clicking on your link!

The Amazon feature was the first to allow FPTraffic members the ability to mix links in with their photo posts. Photos on Facebook have always gotten the highest engagement rate so that’s what I focused on for years, but with the recent changes I have found that you can actually help increase your engagement rate overall by mixing in links as well.

FPTraffic Amazon Tool

FPTraffic Amazon

Well, over the past few months I have noticed that videos have been getting really good engagement as well. So, I made it so you can search and schedule YouTube videos (links) to be posted to any of your Facebook Pages with just a few clicks.

FPTraffic YouTube ToolFPTraffic YouTube

Now that you can schedule photos and links from Amazon/YouTube, it’s important that it’s easy to mix up that content within your schedule queue. So, I added that feature as well.

FPTraffic Shuffle

With a click of your mouse you can shuffle up all the posts you have scheduled to be posted to your Pages. This mixes the photos and links, which I have found to really help my overall engagement rate.

I’m still getting thousands of new fans and reaching millions of users each week on Facebook using my Pages. Give FPTraffic a try and learn how you can do the same! Let’s make some money 🙂

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19 thoughts on Automatic YouTube Posting with FPTraffic

  1. Hey Luke,

    Super cool blog! Found it by chance on Google and congrats…love the posts u made so far! Was wondering if you can give some advice on how to include relevant content like niche articles, etc on the mix of posts you make to each facebook page…basically, photos & vids are super great but how do you keep your audience engaged without relevant articles for instance? Or do you outsource the aspect of developing content? Just wondering which are your suggestions on keeping the fans engaged…my doubt is if video or photos will just make it or if we have to add articles as well…BTW, submitted my application to Peerfly… PF159911‏ case u wanna help me speed up the processs…Cheers!

    1. I don’t post a lot of articles, but when I do I use TrustJacker to monetize that traffic. I’m going to be adding the ability to find/post articles easy to FPTraffic very soon.

      Your application will be reviewed ASAP 🙂

  2. Hello

    I have contacted you regarding FPtraffic and my Peerfly application submission. Please help to speedfast my Peerfly a/c approval process.

  3. 24 hours seems a little short? Usually people take a few days to come back and decide to go ahead with the purchase? Sure, some will buy immediately but there will be serious leakage if it’s just 24 hours?

    1. Amazon is pretty good at getting people to purchase right away. It would be great if they had a higher cookie, but you’ll have to just take what you can get.

      Also, if someone adds a product to their cart within the 24 hours then you get credit as long as they checkout within 90 days.

  4. Hi Luke, this is Robert from Germany. Cool Site by the way, is it also possible to use FP Traffic with Products from Amazon Germany? Luke, may the force be with you! ( i always wanted to say that)

  5. Hi Luke!

    Hope you are doing great!

    I am a regular user of FPT traffic and here are a couple of suggestions or things that I think would be useful:

    1 – Ebay Partner Network: Always worked better for me plus they have the geo-targeted feature for each link so I don’t have to worry about the country of the visitor as long as I am approve for that country on ebay.

    2 – Adding more countries to Amazon…was mentioned above I see.

    3 – Possibility to add content (links to authority websites articles) and do the same that Trustjacker but from within FPT.

    4 – Been able to schedule other type of posts like links, content, etc…I don’t know if I am missing something but right now I can only schedule photos, videos from youtube and amazon links….would be nice to be able to schedule other type of posts like content, articles, etc.

    Hope this helps! Just some suggestions to make FPT even better! 🙂

  6. Hey Luke! I’m loving FPTraffic.

    I was wondering; I’m currently paying for FB traffic from different countries. Do you ever use fiverr, or gigbucks, etc., to get paid traffic?


  7. I was assured no money would be withdrew from my bank account Aug 11th 2014 $ 49.95 was took out and I did not ask to be upgraded and made sure not to use any benefits of the not authorized upgrade. My banks fraud dept asked to try to see if your CO. Would do the right thing and if not they will step in . It’s been plenty of time and I’m expecting a deposit right away NOW TODAY I’m done being patient !!! 336-609-0046 I’ will be waiting THURSDAY for call about u have put my money back. If no reply I will call BB& T bank Fraud Dept by 1:45 pm

    1. Not sure what your issue is, but it has nothing to do with FPTraffic. FPTraffic costs $10/month and that’s the maximum that would be withdrawn.

  8. Hello Luke,

    Is there a way to validate that my amazon id is updated…I see that my affiliate id is saved at both the places on fpt traffic but it doesn’t show up on clicking the posts…

    Here’s an example of what it shows… – /Ceramifix-White-Touch-Paint-Appliances/dp/B004Q6L4IQ?SubscriptionId=AKIAIGOODQU72FTHDVNA&tag=fptraffic-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B004Q6L4IQ

    Please advise

    1. Are you talking about when you click a post on your Facebook Page or when you click the button to preview the product? When it posts to your Page it will have your affiliate tag.

  9. Luke,Because of medical problems I have had to close my business. I do not need fpt traffic anymore.
    please cancel my subscription and stop charging my credit card. thank you, David Marion

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