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Over the past few months we have seen a lot of changes with how Facebook is treating Facebook Pages in users News Feeds. They have cut back on the average reach you will see with each post you make on your Page, but I believe there is still a lot of opportunity with Pages and I have been making updates to my tool, FPTraffic, to help maintain my reach and help other members as well.

Mixing Links and Photos

A few months ago I released a feature on FPTraffic that allows you to easily search through the millions of products available on and automatically schedule any of those products to be posted to any of your Facebook Pages with a click of your mouse. You can use your Amazon Associates ID and get credit for every sale generated within 24 hours of someone clicking on your link!

The Amazon feature was the first to allow FPTraffic members the ability to mix links in with their photo posts. Photos on Facebook have always gotten the highest engagement rate so that’s what I focused on for years, but with the recent changes I have found that you can actually help increase your engagement rate overall by mixing in links as well.

FPTraffic Amazon Tool

FPTraffic Amazon

Well, over the past few months I have noticed that videos have been getting really good engagement as well. So, I made it so you can search and schedule YouTube videos (links) to be posted to any of your Facebook Pages with just a few clicks.

FPTraffic YouTube ToolFPTraffic YouTube

Now that you can schedule photos and links from Amazon/YouTube, it’s important that it’s easy to mix up that content within your schedule queue. So, I added that feature as well.

FPTraffic Shuffle

With a click of your mouse you can shuffle up all the posts you have scheduled to be posted to your Pages. This mixes the photos and links, which I have found to really help my overall engagement rate.

I’m still getting thousands of new fans and reaching millions of users each week on Facebook using my Pages. Give FPTraffic a try and learn how you can do the same! Let’s make some money 🙂

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