Using Amplifire to Monetize Your Website Traffic

Amplifire Review

When I first started building websites in middle school, my grandpa thought it was pretty cool and I remember him saying, “wouldn’t it be awesome if you could make a penny every single time someone goes to your website?”

Over the years, I have learned that making a penny per pageview is not only possible, but you can actually surpass it with the right amount of testing and analytics. I am always testing new monetization sources for my websites and recently I was introduced to Amplifire.

Amplifire is a service that makes it really easy to create full page ad “mats” that appear at the top of your website when someone comes to it.

You can use the new ad mats to push your visitors to custom call-to-actions and turn them into conversions (money). It sounds complicated, but Amplifire makes it really easy. You add a line of code to your site and then use their drag and drop interface to create your ad mat.

Amplifire Drag and Drop Interface

I have been using Amplifire on three of my websites over the past few weeks and the results have been fantastic. I have spent about an hour creating a few different ad mat variations and with just over 100,000 impressions, I have made about $1,000!

Amplifire Features

Using Amplifire with Viral Media Sites

I have a lot of social media traffic from my Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts that I monetize with viral media sites. So, I added the Amplifire code to those sites and setup a few ad mat variations to sell a few different shirts. From a single Teespring campaign, I have made over $500 profit already. My ad mats are targeted towards the audience so it seems to perform pretty well.

Amplifire makes it so you can easily create new ad variations which they will automatically split test for you. I currently have four variations on two of my sites that are showing pretty good results. I started a new one last night with a CPA offer that is converting nicely (13%).

Amplifire Stats

Amplifire Conversions

You can see my stats for the ad mats I have been using on my two sites above. The “conversions” shown above are clicks on my call-to-action. Pretty cool!

I also added an ad mat from Amplifire to the top of for my Facebook Page management tool and I have had 13 people sign up in the past 3 days from it.

Amplifire and your Bounce Rate

I have had a few people ask about how Amplifire is effecting my website’s bounce rate. Your bounce rate is the percent of users who go to your website and leave without going to another page on your website. They view the one page and then “bounce” or exit.

It would seem that throwing a giant ad at your visitors would cause more of them to leave your website without going to another page.

However, over the past week since I have added Amplifire to my websites, I have noticed a decrease in bounce rate. This is odd and I’ll admit, I don’t have a ton of data on it yet, but I believe as long as you make the ad relevant to the content of your page and simply use it to try to reinforce your call-to-action, then you will not see an overwhelming increase in your bounce rate. I also recommend making it so your call-to-action link opens in a new window so you aren’t forcing the user to leave your site.

Can you see the benefit of this awesome ad placement and how you could use it to help monetize your traffic?

Check out the awesome live demos and videos available on the Amplifire sales page.

Learn more about Amplifire

With about 120,000 ad impressions and about $1000 in earnings from those impressions, I am almost at the penny per pageview earnings. With a little optimization and patience, I have no doubt I will surpass that goal.

Amplifire is an awesome service. I am excited to continue testing it on my websites and hope you will give it a look. It should easily pay for itself in no time!

Let me know if you have any questions. Let’s make some money!

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17 thoughts on Using Amplifire to Monetize Your Website Traffic

  1. Hey Luke:

    Was the $1000 from shirt sales?
    Have you used this with CPA offers (using it as a “Landing page” before sending them to a CPA offer?)
    You think this is better than Trust Jacker in terms of getting organic traffic by sharing “hijacked” authority pages and popping up an “ad mat?” Or, no difference?


    1. Good questions, Charlie. The $1000 was combined from shirt sales, the CPA earnings, and the earnings from FPTraffic subscribers. I am sending people directly from my Amplifire mat ad to my affiliate links.

      I do believe it’s better than TrustJacker.

      1. Hey Luke:
        Thanks for your reply! What kind of CPA Offers can we run with this?
        …because I believe with Trust Jacker it is considered a pop-up, so, that would come under PPV?

        Amplifire is more of a permanent “mat” so do we consider it a “banner” or ??

        Thanks Luke!

      2. Because this is a type of display advertisement on your site, it would be considered Banner Display traffic. I recommend getting your ad approved before using it on your site. Amplifire has a “preview” option you can use to take a screenshot and submit it on PeerFly before putting it live on your site 🙂

  2. Nothing new really.
    Thrive themes has this component Scroll mat pre-installed.
    And Buzz sumo has this function too.
    My good guessed is, just another plugin that love to improvise things. Otherwise not a necessity if someone has the above tools.

  3. Yeah, Well a nice stuff Luke, I think Amplifire going to rock soon! But I want some details about this how it will decrease bounce rate? What about the site content & On Page Optimazition it seens to be not worthy right?

    1. I can’t promise it’ll decrease your bounce rate. I am not really sure why mine decreased. The only way yo really see how it will effect your site is to give it a try 🙂

  4. gracias por compartir informacion tan valiosa, la verdad apenas estoy iniciando, y recopilando informacion para hacerlo bien, me a sido demasiado util.
    saludos desde colombia

  5. amplifire seems like a fantastic tool for getting visitors attention and persuade them to click on call to action button. I’m willing to use amplifire on my websites.
    Thanks For sharing your experience with us.

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