Affiliate Summit West Wrap Up #ASW15

Every year for the past 5 years I have had the amazing opportunity of going to Affiliate Summit conference to represent PeerFly. I have saved every name badge I have gotten from Affiliate Summit and I have 11 of them now! Every year the conference gets better and this year was no exception.

I flew into Las Vegas on Saturday, January 17th. Our team at PeerFly will usually try to get to the conference a day before it starts so we have time to prepare and enjoy the city it’s being held in. Las Vegas is always a blast so once we were settled we went to dinner, I met up with a few friends from the industry, and played some blackjack at the Paris until about midnight.

The first day of the conference Affiliate Summit has it’s Meet Market. The Meet Market is a giant room filled with tons of tables where representatives from companies in the industry are waiting to meet all the attendees. PeerFly did not get a Meet Market table this year so I walked around and met with a bunch of the companies we are already working with and spoke with a few that were new.

I also had a bunch of meetings setup for Sunday. I recommend scheduling meetings with as many people as you can on Sunday because it’s the least busy day of the conference for most people. Most people have just arrived and they are amped up and ready to do business. After a few days of partying in Vegas and meeting a ton of people, you’re more likely to fall through the cracks. Do you remember the first dollar you made online? Of course you do! Be the first person to make an impression on the person you most want to make a connection with.

Monday was the first day of the Exhibit Hall. The Exhibit Hall at Affiliate Summit is always on Monday and Tuesday. The first day is always the busiest. There were 5,500 people that attended Affiliate Summit West this year and it seemed like 90% of them went to the Exhibit Hall on Monday.

Our booth for PeerFly was a hit. We had what seemed like thousands of people stop by and talk to us. I love meeting with all the great people we work with and that I talk to on a consistent basis, but only get to see a few times a year. I had a lot of new people stop by the booth and talk to me that read this blog. It is always great to hear that the content I am putting out is being read and appreciated. Thank you for reading!

One person I got to meet this year that I was looking forward to is my friend Lukasz from BoxOfAds. Lukasz and I have been friends for a few years now and it was a pleasure to finally meet him. He came to Las Vegas all the way from Poland for ASW!

Lukasz from BoxOfAds ASW15

It was also really cool to have so many people who are members of FPTraffic and Skrayp stop by to tell me how much they like my products. I had some great discussions about how much FPTraffic has helped members build up their audience for their business and affiliates that have had successful campaigns with PPV targets found on Skrayp.

On Tuesday, the founders of Affiliate Summit, Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, held the annual Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards ceremony and this year I was nominated and a finalist for Affiliate Manager of the Year. The awards ceremony was right before the keynote. I was very nervous! It was awesome to be a nominee and finalist, but this year I was not a winner. Oh well, there’s always next year!

Tuesday night I flew back to Florida and I have been busy catching up  and following up with all my new and old contacts from ASW15.

If you are a serious affiliate then I highly recommend you start saving now for Affiliate Summit East in August. It’s a great conference and you will more than likely take away enough information and contacts from it to easily pay for your trip.

If you can’t make it to ASE15, save up up for ASW16. You never know, maybe you’ll win a slot machine like I did!

ASW15 Slot Winnings

Let’s make some money!


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