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Over the past year I have completely changed how I advertise on Facebook. Facebook has evolved and there are much more effective ways to advertise than the old right side only placement days. However, there is still ample opportunity to take advantage of the right side reality on Facebook.

So, here is a breakdown of how I have been using my Facebook Pages and News Feed ads to my advantage as well as the low CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) on right side ads to build Likes on my Facebook Pages.

First, let’s take a look at News Feed ads.

Example News Feed Post

News Feed Facebook Ads

Facebook opened up advertising in New Feeds a little while ago and although it is more expensive than tradition right side ads, it definitely has it’s advantages.

News Feed ads have prominent placement because unlike right side ads, they are very hard to ignore. As you go through your News Feed looking at what your friends are saying on their Facebook you run into an ad like the post shown above.

These ads are posts that are being promoted by a Facebook Page. A Facebook Page owner can promote a post that they’ve publicly shared on their Facebook Page or create what’s commonly referred to as a “Dark Post” or unpublished post. With a Dark Post you can create a post on your Facebook Page that does not show up publicly on the Page, but can be used to advertise in New Feeds.

I have been using News Feed ads with both public and dark posts to advertise affiliate offers from PeerFly as well as the Teespring campaigns for my Facebook Pages. The advantage to using a Dark Post is that you don’t have to worry about annoying your Page fans with ads on your Page. Of course, they may still get annoyed the ads you’re showing them in their News Feed. I’ve gotten a few complaints here and there, but overall if you keep the ad relevant to the niche of your Page people don’t seem to mind.

If you can find a good affiliate offer or have a good Teespring campaign going this can be a high effective way to advertise. The engagement right is high and can drive a lot of traffic to your links.

If you want to promote an offer from PeerFly with Facebook News Feed ads there are a few requirements. First, the offer needs to allow Social PPC. Your Page must also have 10,000 Likes and it must be related to the offer you are trying to promote. You’ll also need to get your post approved by your affiliate manager.

You cannot directly link PeerFly offers on Facebook so you will need some sort of redirect in place if you want to go directly to the offer. I recommend using a meta refresh. When you setup your meta refresh you can include the og meta tags from Facebook to customize how your link will show up on Facebook. You should be able to find a bunch of tutorials on how to do this with a simple Google search.

I have a tool called Mask built into FPTraffic that allows you to easily create your own meta refresh redirect that customizes your link to appear however you want. It’s all hosted on FPTraffic and it even crops your preview image to be optimized for display in Facebook!

FPTraffic Mask ToolOf course, in order to do a News Feed ad you will first need a Facebook Page. I’ve already written how to create a successful Facebook Page, but I’d like to go into more detail on how I use right side Facebook Ads to grow my audience on my Facebook Pages.

Right Side Facebook Ads for Likes

I use the right side ads on Facebook to get Likes on my Pages because it seems like the most cost effective placement. It’s cheap and with the right call-to-action you can get a really low cost per Like. First, let’s take a look and how you setup the ads for Likes.

Go to the page to create a new Facebook Ad:

Once there, select that you would like to create an ad for Page Likes.

Facebook Ad for Likes

You will need to select the Facebook Page you are creating an ad for. Then, you’ll be taken to the screen to actually create your ad.

Facebook Ad setup

In the example above I am setting up an ad for my new Facebook Page, Eminem Quotes. When setting up my ad I removed the default image, which was my cover photo. I selected a new photo with a black background because it’s more likely to catch the user’s eye when they’re surfing Facebook.

I also removed the News Feed placement. When I am creating an ad specifically to generate Likes on my Facebook Pages I only do right side (Right Column) ads.

Finally, I use a short, but direct call-to-action in my ad body (Text). Click “Like” if you love Eminem. With this simple ad I’m seeing a 0.3% CTR and getting new Likes at around $0.03 each.

Facebook Page Like Ad Stats

The best part is what while I’ve paid for 933 Likes, my Page has 1,400 Likes because I’m getting free viral traffic from the content I’m posting using FPTraffic. As soon as I hit 10,000 Likes I will start to try monetizing this Page’s traffic and hopefully see some nice viral traffic as it grows.

Facebook is constantly evolving. With each change they make there is more and more opportunity to monetize all their awesome traffic. Take advantage of those opportunities. Let’s make some money!

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60 thoughts on How I Advertise on Facebook

  1. Great article Luke! I Use the same method when generating likes to one of my fan pages. I also use page post engagement when using the Newsfeed section.

  2. Great post Luke – it would be interesting to know what are your thoughts about the new Algorithm change in Facebook – from my own personal experience it cut the reach by at least 75% (which translates to at least 75% drop in earnings). The only question to ask now – is what’s the point of doing advertising for Likes when most of your fans wouldn’t even see your posts. Anyway – great post !

    1. Your users must be engaged to get reach. The higher the engagement the more display you’re going to get in the News Feed. I have a theory that Facebook essentially just “cut off the fat” so that any user who was not engaged with your Page is not being shown your content. So, you need to get them engaged 🙂

  3. Like Alvin, I’d be interested in hearing how you set up pricing.

    Also, I have to wonder about PeerFly’s 10,000 Likes policy. Rather than pay $300 for ‘real’ FaceBook likes, many people will pay $20 to someone on Fiverr to create 10,000 worthless ones. If PeerFly is going to review the ads anyway, why not just review the quality of the page without requiring an arbitrary number of dubious Likes?

  4. Luke – cool post. Would the link masking work with clickbank – i know clickbank does not work with fb and trackers. How does your software differ?

  5. Thanks for sharing these tips Luke. I have been running Facebook ads to get likes on my page but I made the mistake of optimizing on CPC and manually. I was getting 1 cent clicks but it still was costing me more than setting my campaign to optimize for page likes.

    With a CPC of 0.01 I was getting a fan every 4 cents.
    With an Optimized CPM I am getting a fan every 2 cents.

    And a hint on my campaigns is that I was running international traffic to get a 1 cent CPC but with the optimized CPM I am running the traffic in North America which is really a lot better traffic!

    I’m glad I switched up my campaign. I am getting tons of likes so quickly now for cheap!

  6. He Luke, I’m just starting to advertise my teespring t-shirts on facebook and my question is should I direct link to teespring or should I create a page on facebook and lead them there. Also if I do send them to the facebook page should I focus on getting a least 10,000 likes before I begin sending them offers?

    1. That’s really up to you. There’s a lot of people that prefer to use Facebook Ads directly to the shirt. I’ve found the most success with promoting my shirts on my Pages.

      10,000 Likes in my minimum, but you could choose your own.

  7. Hey Luke! 🙂 What landing page generator/template company do you suggest? I want something that has a trial offer and I can use it for mainly my Facebook fan pages. Also, what program do you suggest for creating e books. I don’t want to pay someone on Fiverr to convert every cover and report from word to an “ebook”. Thanks and Congrats on getting 1st place. You’re still my favorite affiliate marketer!

    1. I create all my landing pages from scratch. I don’t have a template. I recommend learning HTML and CSS. I use Bootstrap to make building my landing pages easier though 🙂

      I’ve never created an ebook so I don’t have any software for that. I was actually thinking about finding someone on Fiverr to do a cover for an idea I had 🙂

  8. Thanks for this wonderful post Luke! I created an ad right after reading your post and here are my results:
    Total Spent: $6.49
    Total Likes: 1,656


  9. Luke ,
    I wanna ask a question , what different campaign in newsfeed and righ column, so you decide righ column is best for LIKES ??

  10. Hey Luke!, Is there a way to promote on Facebook the offers that have the restriction of “LIMITED Facebook Promotion”? I mean, is possible if I send traffic through Fan Pages to my website, and there paste the banners to Peerfly offers?. Thanks Luke.

    1. If the website isn’t specifically for the offer then there should be no problem with you having banners up for it.

  11. No Matter What I do, I can’t get my Per Like price to less then $0.28 — I’ve wasted over $1200 trying different things.. I have tried north america, asia seperately, ive tried removing a lot of restrictions… used your style images… hmm what am I doing wrong??

  12. its a generic movie page, In Asia actually I can get cheap clicks, but never from English speaking countries, have you witnessed that? Meaning If I add Us, India, UK, I get all of them from India for $0.03 — if I remove India, everything sky rockets to $0.3 — don’t know how you targeted US, and were able to get so many likes.. (do you enable Mobile NewsFeed ??) or just right side?? I get no impressions in that case..)

  13. Hi Luke,

    Thanks for the great article! I am new to buying ads for Facebook page likes, but I am excited to get started. I’ve read through the comments on this post and some of your other posts, and there seems to be an idea that likes from outside the U.S. are of lesser quality. Is there a greater risk of gaining likes from bots, or unengaged users? Do you find there to be a greater profit potential from U.S. users? Also, do you find the CPM for U.S. users to be comparable with international users? Thanks for your insight.

    1. I’m better at promoting to people from US which is why I target them. As long as you aren’t targeting fraud prone countries I think you’ll be fine.

  14. Hi Luke,
    Just wondering I started a FB campaign for my FB page and also have FPTraffic creating automated posts. So far after 5 days, Its produced about 25 likes. Do you think my ad, or niche is not good? Do you have any suggestions to speed up the campaign? On average, how long is reasonable to build to around 10K likes or try another ad and/or niche? Thanks!

    1. Email me a screenshot of your ad and I’ll be happy to make some recommendations. You should definitely have more Likes than that (unless your budget is like $1) 🙂

  15. Hi folks! I choosed two niches…when I started I had costs per like of 3 to 5 cents….but at some point after getting 700 or 800 fans the costs went up to over 10 cents or 15 cents in some cases…hard to scale this way…don’t know what I am doing wrong and how can I solve this…Any help? Also Luke, do you always have your campaigns activated in order to get likes or do you stop them when you reach a X number of fans?

  16. Luke, if using the MASK feature within FPTraffic, can we link to the Peerfly affiliate offer? Assuming the promotion allows Social Promotion.

  17. Hi Luke,

    Great Post, i have been doing a lot of news feed fb ads promotion and i am interested in promoting a few Peerfly offers.

    Assume that all my offers are masked with fptraffic and have social ppc allowed, can i promote it using fb ads with news feed without having 10k fan?

  18. Finally, I use a short, but direct call-to-action in my ad body (Text). Click “Like” if you love Eminem. With this simple ad I’m seeing a 0.3% CTR and getting new Likes at around $0.03 each.

    Are we still allowed to use this Click like if you love whatever

  19. Hi Luke, i have never used facebook but i hear good things about it. I wanted to ask what Verticals are good to promote on facebook in 2015 that can help someone get along with facebook and not get banned?

  20. Hi.
    Just for clarification.
    If I want to run a newsfeed ad for an offer at Peerfly where the link goes to my website (lander), do I still have to have 10 000 likes at my FB page I use for letting FB allowing me to run a newsfeed ad?
    Or is this rule in place only if I send the traffic to my FB page?
    Thanks in advance for clarifying this up for me.

    1. If the Facebook Page is related to the offer we are sometimes willing to bypass that rule. Talk to your AM about it specifically 🙂

  21. Hi Luke,
    I subscribed to your newsletter and today i have many useful tutorials on how to market CPA offers.
    I am already registered with peerfly as a publisher. With your useful information i will be able to make it.
    But first, i have facebook account and i do not have a fan page. I will go through the information about to
    create a fan page and if i can not create myself any advise you can give me? Again advise me about the
    best converting offers to promote in peerfly. Thanks a lot for your rich tutorials.

  22. Do you have any advice on facebook ads for TV shows or celebrity fan clubs? I would hate to have my account shut down for something so small as a fan page likes campaign

  23. Hello Luke, thanks for the awesome article, I wanted to ask if we can mask the Peerfly affiliate links using FPTraffic and send traffic directly there with Facebook Send People To Your Website feature. Thanks in advance.

  24. Wow! Something really interesting here. I never ever try CPM on right column (mainly CPC), due to the CTR is super low on the right side compare to newsfeed type. Something to really look into and re-experiment on my fb ads. Thanks for this. Nice read. 🙂

  25. Hi Luke, great article and great blog! I just recently joined PeerFly and yourblog is my goto resource now! In your opinion, can GoDaddy’s masking tool be used to cloak links on Facebook? Is it safe?

  26. If I create a Facebook ad without a page, than who sees the ad? Do Facebook ads automatically appear on people’s pages who like relevant content?

  27. Hi Luke. Just noticed that this is an old post. Is this still sound strategy? I already started a like campaign that’s getting
    $0.04Cost per Result
    4.30%Result Rate

    At this rate, I could probably hit 1,000 by Friday.

  28. Hello Luke,
    This article is dated 2014. Is this current info? FB changes almost monthly; if not weekly.

    Please advise.

  29. Hi Luke,
    I am a newbie in affiliate+FB Ads. Just registered in peerfly. I would like to know how/where to insert the code in your fb ad manager when you are creating it. This in case theres a is a supplied landing page.

    Thank you in advace!

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