How to use AdsBridge to Track Affiliate Campaigns

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For a long time pretty much every affiliate was using Prosper202 to track their affiliate campaigns. Over the past year, we have seen the tracking landscape change quite a bit and there are a lot of great new options available. One of those options is AdsBridge.

Like other new tracking solutions, AdsBridge is a hosted platform. That means you do not have to worry about the headache of purchasing hosting, installing the tracking software yourself, and hoping your server stays up when you finally get a big campaign going. AdsBridge takes care of all that for you. Some affiliates are against using hosted tracking solutions, but I’m all for it. The less I have to worry about, the better!

AdsBridge Features

One of the things I really like about AdsBridge is that it’s packed full of features. They are really attempting to go above and beyond just being a tracking solution. For example, they have a nice big library of free landing page templates. They also allow you to create as many subdomains for your tracking as you want, for free.

AdsBridge Features

The Pro account for AdsBridge is $79/month with up to 1,000,000 visits, but they have a free Basic account you can setup and get 100,000 visits a month for free. This is great for new affiliate marketers with a smaller budget. If you don’t have an account already, sign up and let’s setup a PeerFly campaign so you can see how easy it is to use.

Setting up a PeerFly campaign on AdsBridge

Setting up an affiliate marketing campaign on a 3rd party tracking software has basically the same steps each time:

  1. Add the affiliate network
  2. Add the offer
  3. Add the traffic source
  4. Create the campaign
  5. Setup your postback

Let’s walk through those 5 steps within the AdsBridge interface so you can see how easy it is.

Add the affiliate network

Adding your affiliate network(s) to AdsBridge is simple. Click on Affiliate Networks in the menu and then click Create affiliate network. The form to add an affiliate network has just 3 fields: the name, the token, and a checkbox to pass the token.

The “token” in this case is the parameter the affiliate network uses for it’s SubIDs. On PeerFly, we use s1, s2, and s3. You only need to pass one, so I’m going to use s1:

Add PeerFly to AdsBridge

I checked the box to use the same token because it’ll never change. Once I push SAVE, I will never have to worry about messing up my tracking again!

Add the offer

Now that we’ve added PeerFly to AdsBridge, we can add our first offer. Click on Offers in the menu and then Create offer. Adding an offer requires a bit more information, but it’s really not that hard and once you do it a few times you’ll be able to add new offers in a breeze.

The important parts of the form are the name, URL, affiliate network, and payout:

Add an offer to AdsBridge

You can add a vertical to your offer which is nice for keeping them organized and even add them to a group. Give the offer a name and then copy and paste your affiliate link from the offer page on PeerFly into the URL box. You do not need to add SubIDs to your link. Select PeerFly as your Affiliate network and you’ll notice your Tracking token is automatically added and the box is checked. Add the offer payout and click SAVE.

Add the traffic source

As I mentioned, AdsBridge likes to go above and beyond so they already have a ton of traffic sources setup in your account as templates. If you go to Traffic Sources and click on Create traffic source you will see a blue button at the top of the page that says TRAFFIC SOURCE TEMPLATES. These are predefined traffic sources you can add to your AdsBridge account with a click of your mouse. A few of my favorites, like 50onRed and TrafficJunky are already setup, which is awesome!

It’s import to add a traffic source so that you can not only optimize based on that source, but also so you can optimize based on the data provided by that source. 50onRed provides a ton of awesome data, so in this example they’re the one I am going to use.

I like to use Pops from 50onRed, so I click on 50onRed Pops in the Traffic Source Templates section and save it.

Create traffic source in AdsBridge

AdsBride will populate the form with all the name value pairs for 50onRed and you can click SAVE to create it as a traffic source in your account.

Create the campaign

Finally, we’re to the fun part, actually creating the campaign! Let’s setup a 50onRed campaign for FPTraffic. Go to Campaigns and click Create campaign.

There are 3 parts to creating a campaign in AdsBridge: General info, Targeting settings, and Tracking & notification. The first part is simple. Enter the campaign name and select your traffic source. You can copy your Campaign URL to your clipboard or copy and paste it right into your traffic source right then if you’d like. Click Save and then Continue.

Now, we select the offer or landing page we want to send traffic to for this campaign. In this example, I am just going to direct link to the FPTraffic homepage (my affiliate link). Click Direct link and then the blue ADD OFFER button. Click Select Offer and then check the box for FPTraffic. Click Add & Close.

Add offer to AdsBridge campaign

If you want to split test offers you can add another offer and divide up the share amount. Pretty simple and really nice! For now, Click Continue and you’ll be prompted to Save & Continue.

We are now at the final stage, setting up our postback.

Setup your postback

As AdsBridge says on the page you should be looking at, postback or “Server-to-server” tracking is the most secure and reliable method of counting and tracking conversions. 

AdsBridge provides you with the S2S postback URL, which is:

Copy that link and open up your PeerFly Global Postback page. Paste the S2S postback URL from AdsBridge into the URL box on the global postback page on PeerFly. Because we’re using s1 as our tracking token for PeerFly in AdsBridge, we need to append %subid1% to the end of the link so AdsBridge knows which click generated the conversion:

AdsBridge Global Postback on PeerFly

Click Submit to save the postback to your PeerFly account and you’re all set. You never have to do this step again when setting up a campaign in AdsBridge because theS2S postback URL will not change.

If you have not copied and pasted your Campaign URL into 50onRed you should do that now and click FINISH. You’re all done!

Soon after setting up your campaign on AdsBridge and getting it approved by your traffic source, you will start seeing data, clicks and hopefully conversions, pouring into your AdsBridge account and then the real fun begins and the whole reason you’re using AdsBridge to begin with, optimizing and scaling your campaigns.

Once you’ve setup your campaign, play around with AdsBridge and check out all the cool features. Head over to their free landing page template gallery and download a few to tweak and test.

AdsBridge has a lot to offer and they should be another tool in your affiliate marketing toolset. Give them a try and let me know if you have any questions.

Let’s make some money!

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42 thoughts on How to use AdsBridge to Track Affiliate Campaigns

  1. Thanks for the info, but I have 2 questions/concerns. How does Ad Bridge compare with Voluum? I tried to setup 7 Search as a traffic source, but it won’t allow “#” in the token value field, thus you can’t capture ###AFFID###, ###RID###, or ###KEYWORD###. Is it possible to work around that problem?

    1. Voluum and AdsBridge are pretty similar in that they’re both hosted trackers, but they both have their own advantages. I’d recommend testing out both to see which you like more. For 7Search, you’ll need to remove the #’s when you add it as a traffic source and then add them once you have your campaign link. I already mentioned this to AdsBridge and hopefully they’ll fix it.

  2. Awesome Luke and thanks sharing! I ran into some issues getting P202 tracking properly, so will probably just do this instead.

  3. Can we use the landing page templates to build our list? And if so how can we add our autoresponder in the landing page opt in form? How can we use this LP to offer a leaf magnet aka free ebook?


  4. Really great post Luke thanks. I have setup some campaigns already with peerfly to see how they run. Just wiaitng for approval. Thought it was really easy especially for the tracking and postback stuff which enjoys me having to do it all the time in prosper. Dead easy to follow instructions, brilliant thank you

  5. Thanks for sharing your interest and apologies for the late reply, gentlemen.
    Please use our in panel support for quick replies( skype: or online live chat) as we now have dedicated support manager for resolving your tickets.

    We will try to fix it, and remove restrictions on entering characters in the value of the tokens so for you to use #. However you can still use it now with minor changes of the campaign URL once you have it. Just replace { } signs and substitute them with # prior to putting the link to the traffic source, it will operate properly.

    Our templates can be used for collecting emails. You can view all data you gathered in the “Manage leads” section of AdsBridge. We do not integrate with the certain autoresponder, but this issue is under consideration and we plan to develop in that derection.

    Also we’ve got some interesting gifts to give away and I invite you all to take part in our Exclusive Promotion this April.
    Want to be in with a chance to get one? Just fill in the form below:

  6. I tried to paste in HTML links in adsbridge LP but the button is not working, what’ up with that, is it a system thing?

  7. Hi Luke. I am working with at the moment to track my links. As far as i understand adsbridge on top of the tracking offers way more things. Do you have any comments for the comparison between clickmagic and adstracker?

    1. I haven’t really messed with ClickMagick too much, but I was impressed with what AdsBridge offered (obviously) 🙂

  8. Hi Luke
    I need Your Help I use AdsBridge For Tracking and Bing Ads for Traffic , i Have Much Click , I can see it By AdsBridg , But No Convertions , And ROI -100 , i dont know What can i do

  9. Luke,
    Something I like about Voluum is that unlike Prosper202, you don’t have to create php redirect files on your server to cloak your traffic sources. You simply select their DMR (double meta refresh) during campaign set up and that’s it. Does Adsbridge have this feature or is it done the old way of Prosper202 on their platform?

    I’d like to switch to Adsbridge as I am paying 20% Tax on top of my monthly $99 because of VAT registration. That means I am paying $118 monthly which is a bummer for a new business. The $79 monthly for Adsbridge sounds attractive in comparison especially if both platforms are comparable.

    So, back to my question: What’s the redirect functionality for cloaking traffic sources and LPs like on Adsbridge?

  10. Hi Luke, see here –

    Can you provide an example of adding 7Seach to Adsbridge, screenshot maybe… or video?

    What do I enter in “Tracking ID” ?

    Should I be selecting Primary or Secondary ?

    1. I want to drive traffic to my LP, and then block non converting keywords, etc

    Awesome post, and info on your blog!

  11. Hi, I got Adsbridge but I would like to know how can I get emails with your forms. I don t know how put my get response code getting email from your forms. Could you help me on it?

    Thank you


  12. What about adding several landing page to my one offer?

    And, my landing page will have a CTA and visitors will have to click on that CTA to go to the Affiliate Offer page.

    So, htow Adsbridge will work on this? Will it redirect my traffic to my landing page first and then automatically redirect them onto the Offer page I set up on Adsbridge?

    Please explain…I am having a hard time figuring it out.

  13. Hello Luke,
    Great Article Luke thanks a lot
    i would like to ask about if i have my own landing page should i replace the PHP file like proser when i am using adsbridge?

    thank you 🙂

      1. Hello Luke 🙂
        when we use prosper202 we should create php file called go.php !
        that’s the same on adsbridge or just upload my landing page and create a lander … and add the offer and so on ?

        thank you

  14. Luke,

    What is your best suggestion using an auto responder to build an email list with Adsbridge? I know that they aren’t yet specifically integrated with any particular auto responders but can we use their landing pages to build lists? If so, how do we do this? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  15. Hello,

    I have a problem with AdsBridge tracking 50onred traffic all traffic redirected to google.
    I have setup AdsBridge Campaign like you mention here but some problem :/


  16. Hey luke!

    Thank you for the amazing tutorial and info. Still im a bit slow when it comes to 3rd party tracking.

    Im using but i dont know what tracking token they are using?

  17. Hey Luke! I just signed up for Adsbridge and I found that Peerfly network is already in their network list but I found some discrepancy in Tracking token they defined for Peerfly. Their defined token is s2 NOT s1 (as said by you above). Would it make any difference in my conversion? Thanks

  18. hi luke,
    i am absolutely newbie and i dont understand how to setup adsbridge for 7 search. Is there a step-by-step guide to setup adsbrige for 7search networkthanks

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