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It is important as an affiliate marketer to be able to collect as much data as possible from your traffic in order to optimize your affiliate marketing campaign. I recently discussed how to optimize your 7Search campaign. Most seasoned affiliate marketers will do this using a 3rd party tracking system. It’s not always required, but it’s usually a good idea.

For example, at PeerFly we provide you with quite a bit of information about your traffic on your PeerFly Reports page. You can see how many clicks you got (unique and total), how many conversions you got, your EPC, and your conversion rate. You can even break those statistics down by subid and have the option to export your click statistics into a CSV file. However, there would still be benefits to using a 3rd party tracking system. For example, with Prosper202 you can easily track your campaigns ROI (something I’ve always found useful). In order to do this you will need to be able to track your conversions on your 3rd party tracking software.

There are a few ways to track your conversions using PeerFly and a 3rd party tracking system, but the method that most people use and the one that seems to work best is by placing a tracking pixel on the offer on PeerFly. Luckily, PeerFly has made it very simple for you to do this!

Add your pixel to the advertiser’s conversion page

If you have picked out an offer you want to run and have your pixel ready to go simply go to the offer page on PeerFly. Once there, scroll down to the red Tools tab. Click that.

step1 - setup pixel

The Tools menu should be showing. Click the Place Tracking Pixel link.

Now, you should be at the page where you can actually place your tracking pixel. Simply copy and paste your pixel into the box. If you have more than once pixel you can use them both, simply put a space between each one.

place tracking pixel

Once you push submit your pixel will be automatically added to the offer page so whenever you get a conversion we will notify your 3rd party tracking Β software.

If you have any trouble placing your pixel or would like me to check to make sure it has been added properly just let me know. Also, if you’d like me to do a test lead to make sure everything is setup properly that is fine (do not do a test lead yourself). Let’s make some money!

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46 thoughts on Add your tracking pixel to a PeerFly offer

  1. Hello. i applied in your network 1 week ago but i m still waiting for approval. please accept my application and allow me to join your netwok

  2. Hey Luke i really need your help look message from Charlie

    Thank you for applying with PeerFly. Unfortunately, at the interest of our advertisers, we’ve chosen to deny your application. We follow a strict set of criteria when approving applications to ensure quality traffic for our clients. As the industry changes, we may be more open to allowing you into our program.

    What now?

    Thank you.

  3. Luke, this may seem obvious to everyone else on the planet, but where did you get the pixel script? You state, “Now, you should be at the page where you can actually place your tracking pixel. Simply copy and paste your pixel into the box…” But where do I get the script from so that I can paste it? And how do you know exactly what to put in the SUBID boxes? Thanks!

    1. Tracking pixel is provided by your tracking software like Prosper202 or at times it is also available through your traffic source, like adwords, 7search, pof etc.,and you could track your conversions there too. If you so set it up, you could even track conversions at CPA network, Tracking software & Traffic source level simultaneously by passing pixel from one to another.

      There is no exact about subids. You insert the values or variables you wish to track with your conversions, clicks, costs etc. for campaign optimizing and fine tuning. Depending how much information you wish to gather, you could use one or more subids.

  4. I Luke,

    Do you guys actually help new affiliates ? πŸ™‚
    I just spent about 75USD sending traffic to peerfly from POF. The first 50$ was for a email submit and I only had 2 conversion earning little over 3$. I learned few lesson and spend another 25$ on a better converting offer with better payout. I had 3 conversion and had a pretty good CTR in POF, 0.15 in average. But my problem is, I couldn’t figure how to track which ad is converting and which isn’t. Is that something you can help me with? I am doing direct linking. Also, what time are you available in IM’s?

    1. You should add a subid to each of your links so you know which campaign is the one that is converting for you. I am available usually from 8-5pm EST Monday-Friday on Skype and in the afternoon on AIM/MSN/Yahoo.

  5. I did manage to setup prosper 202 and run it with your offer. But Its not tracking the leads hence I don’t have any conversion reports πŸ™

    1. If you placed the pixel properly it should fire when you get a lead on PeerFly. If the non secure pixel is not working try the secure one.

  6. does prosper 202 work with hostgator shared hosting or do i need to upgrade? i heard there may be problems with shared hosting for prosper202. need some wisdom before i throw money at hosting unnecessarily. thanks. david

  7. Hello! When I paste my tracking pixel URL (from CPVlab), does it have to be https or is it enuff (from Peerfly’s point of view) with http? I have a https server for my tracking and my LPs. Sincerely.

  8. How to confirm whether a tracking pixel (provided by prosper/tracking202 etc.) has actually been placed on the offer conversion page? I’ve tried to look into the source code of the offer conversion page, but did not find it there! I’m a newbie in this system. Someone please advise how i can confirm placement of a tracking pixel.

    1. It’s placed within our PeerFly pixel, so as long as you’ve copied and pasted it correctly into the box it will fire on the conversion page when you generate a lead. If you’d like, you can email me and I can do a test lead for you.

      1. Is the PeerFly pixel an image pixel or a javascript pixel? If image pixel, that what is the src? Can we find the peerfly pixel within the source code of conversion page?

      2. We have both depending on what the advertiser’s preference is and we also do server-to-server postbacks. Depending on how we are tracking, you may be able to see our pixel on the conversion page.

  9. Hi Luke,

    it’s me again. I know I forgot one thing. I forgot to ad 7search conver. code to my offer. which I created 2 days ago. I thought I could go ahead and ad it know. But when I click on “tools” the “pixel box” to put the code in was not there. can you help me with this? thanks. Can help with testing leads for me. (I am sending leads directly to the offer) not a landing page. thanks again.

    1. If we are using server to server tracking with an advertiser there is no pixel so you will not be able to place one. In this case, don’t worry about your 7Search pixel. Everything will still track fine on PeerFly πŸ™‚

  10. Hello Luke..

    I have applied for affiliate account on peerfly. But I got declined. May be because I am from India. But if given a chance I can make it big on peerfly.

    Look forward for your response.

  11. I am setting up several campaigns for one offer with 7search. I am not sure how to track all of these through 202 with the one offer. I feel like I need a basic refresher course on subids… I read your article and watched the utube video, and am still confused. Help please πŸ˜‰

  12. Soooo… Still confused, I see c1 but what variable? And ‘campaign ID’ refers to what exactly? And is all of this done in 202 or do I need to differentiate on PeerFly as well? Because I thought that the subids on PeerFly dealt with the keywords and the affiliate only… See! Still confused! Ha!

  13. Hello Luke
    The offer I am using, does not support pixel tracking. I should setup Postback. Can you please send me more information about postback?

  14. Hi Luke

    just got approved by Peerfly, but i get confused…how we set up the peerfly link in CPVLAB? i set it up , it redirects to a link called as linkjumps. i read your tutorial on this but i still get confuse

  15. I want to place tracking pixel on some Peerfly’s offer, but always got message said the offer does not support the ability for you to place your own pixel, please advise!

  16. Is it neccessary to add the tracking pixel to convert? Because im running a campaign on 7search but the offer does not suppy tracking pixel on peerfly.It says i have to setup a Postback but I got a bit confused with the SubIds

  17. Almost every offer on peerfly does not support the trackingpixel it says i have to setup a postback instead but i dont know how to setup the SubIDs to show conversions correctly

  18. Let said I have setup my tracking pixel/postback on peerfly, If i had the same offer but different traffic source, do I need to create another tracking pixel/postback and setup once again on Peerfly.

    that will mean I will have 2 tracking pixel/postback on tjhe same offer.

    Please advise.

  19. Hi luke,
    Great info!! Here I have checked some offers that doesn’t support your own pixel, here I have to set postback URL (pixel and post back have same functionality but works on different ways while tracking). Suggest from where I can get Postback URL in 7seach !!!

  20. The Best Article I have read ever
    Thank You Luke
    i have a aquestion .. how can i do the same with hasoffer system you know that there is no more offers accept tracking pixel there?

    thanks in advance

      1. okay Luke
        but you know that most offers in peerfly now didn’t accept pixels
        can you tell me why ? or how can i solve it using any other method ?
        of course i know that i can track conversion via any tracking solutions
        but i mean is there any way to add pixels in the offer page ?

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