7Search PPC Search Engine Ad Network Review

I have been using 7Search as a PPC (pay-per-click) traffic source for about three years now and have spent quite a bit of money promoting both affiliate campaigns and some of my own projects. I have found that although the traffic quality is much lower on 7Search than you would find on a 1st tier search engine ad network like Google AdWords, there are still many benefits to using 7Search and overall I highly recommend them.

Advantages of 7search

Cheap Traffic

Like most PPC ad networks, 7Search uses a bidding system. You bid on each keyword that you want to use to drive traffic to your site through their search system. For the most part, you are going to be able to drive traffic to your site or affiliate link by bidding less than $0.10 per click. It really depends on the niche and keywords you are focusing on, but in general you should be able to get some decent traffic for less then $0.05 per click. I personally refuse to pay more than $0.08 per click on 7Search (I don’t bid any higher than that) and have had successful campaigns where I got thousands of clicks for just a penny each.

In comparison, if you were to go on Google AdWords or Microsoft adCenter and bid on keywords you’d probably end up paying a lot more.

Low Minimum Deposit

This is one of the main reasons I keep going back to 7Search to test campaigns. They have a very low minimum deposit of just $25. So, if you want to test a few email/zip submits campaigns your upfront cost is just $25. The traffic is cheap to begin with so you are going to be able to do a pretty decent test (around 500 clicks more than likely) with just the minimum $25 deposit.

Direct Linking Allowed

The main reason I suggest 7Search to new PeerFly publishers is that they allow affiliates to directly link. You can just copy and paste your PeerFly link.

Good Keyword Tool

The keyword tool to add keywords on 7Search is pretty good. Shows your estimated searches, clicks, and the top 3 bids. It’s easy to use and you can build a nice keyword list in just a few minutes.

7search keyword tool

Easy to setup campaign

Setting up a campaign on 7Search is quick and painless. You just enter your add information, build a keyword list, and submit.

Disadvantages of 7Search

Traffic Quality

I think I’ve made it apparent that there are many good features that 7Search has. However, there is one major disadvantage that they have over other bigger search PPC networks and that is the traffic quality. Overall, you are not going to see the great conversion rates with 7Search that you might see with AdWords or adCenter. You can tweak and optimize your campaign all you want, but the traffic quality just won’t be quite as good.

The good thing is that there is plenty of traffic available and it’s cheap. You can still build a very profitable campaign with 7Search!

What offers work well with 7search?

I have noticed that our publishers at PeerFly see the best results with 7Search traffic with our email submits and short form offers. These are high converting offers and we have a wide variety so you should have no trouble finding some cheap keywords. You don’t want to try anything too complicated like a payday offer.

In conclusion, 7Search has proven to be a very good source of cheap traffic. You are able to direct link to affiliate offers and their interface is easy to use so it only takes a few minutes to setup a campaign. If you have $25 to spare on a test, I highly suggest it!

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