7Search PPC Search Engine Ad Network Review

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7Search is no longer in business. This article is available for historical purposes only.

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I have been using 7Search as a PPC (pay-per-click) traffic source for about three years now and have spent quite a bit of money promoting both affiliate campaigns and some of my own projects. I have found that although the traffic quality is much lower on 7Search than you would find on a 1st tier search engine ad network like Google AdWords, there are still many benefits to using 7Search and overall I highly recommend them.

Advantages of 7search

Cheap Traffic

Like most PPC ad networks, 7Search uses a bidding system. You bid on each keyword that you want to use to drive traffic to your site through their search system. For the most part, you are going to be able to drive traffic to your site or affiliate link by bidding less than $0.10 per click. It really depends on the niche and keywords you are focusing on, but in general you should be able to get some decent traffic for less then $0.05 per click. I personally refuse to pay more than $0.08 per click on 7Search (I don’t bid any higher than that) and have had successful campaigns where I got thousands of clicks for just a penny each.

In comparison, if you were to go on Google AdWords or Microsoft adCenter and bid on keywords you’d probably end up paying a lot more.

Low Minimum Deposit

This is one of the main reasons I keep going back to 7Search to test campaigns. They have a very low minimum deposit of just $25. So, if you want to test a few email/zip submits campaigns your upfront cost is just $25. The traffic is cheap to begin with so you are going to be able to do a pretty decent test (around 500 clicks more than likely) with just the minimum $25 deposit.

Direct Linking Allowed

The main reason I suggest 7Search to new PeerFly publishers is that they allow affiliates to directly link. You can just copy and paste your PeerFly link.

Good Keyword Tool

The keyword tool to add keywords on 7Search is pretty good. Shows your estimated searches, clicks, and the top 3 bids. It’s easy to use and you can build a nice keyword list in just a few minutes.

7search keyword tool

Easy to setup campaign

Setting up a campaign on 7Search is quick and painless. You just enter your add information, build a keyword list, and submit.

Disadvantages of 7Search

Traffic Quality

I think I’ve made it apparent that there are many good features that 7Search has. However, there is one major disadvantage that they have over other bigger search PPC networks and that is the traffic quality. Overall, you are not going to see the great conversion rates with 7Search that you might see with AdWords or adCenter. You can tweak and optimize your campaign all you want, but the traffic quality just won’t be quite as good.

The good thing is that there is plenty of traffic available and it’s cheap. You can still build a very profitable campaign with 7Search!

What offers work well with 7search?

I have noticed that our publishers at PeerFly see the best results with 7Search traffic with our email submits and short form offers. These are high converting offers and we have a wide variety so you should have no trouble finding some cheap keywords. You don’t want to try anything too complicated like a payday offer.

In conclusion, 7Search has proven to be a very good source of cheap traffic. You are able to direct link to affiliate offers and their interface is easy to use so it only takes a few minutes to setup a campaign. If you have $25 to spare on a test, I highly suggest it!

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44 thoughts on 7Search PPC Search Engine Ad Network Review

  1. I promote ipad 5 in peerfly using 7Search, and get information from the advertiser that the traffic quality is poor, and I finally banned.
    Is 7Search still be used for other offerings?

    1. You stand the chance to get blacklisted (not banned) on any offer with any traffic source. Yes, the traffic quality isn’t the best at 7search, but it’s still worth testing. I suggest split testing several offers. We currently have 85 iPad offers at PeerFly. There’s plenty of room there for you to split test 🙂

      As I mentioned, I suggest testing our email/zip submits (not just iPad) 🙂

  2. I’ve never used 7search before. Since the min. deposit is just $25, I’m going to setup some campaigns and see what happens 😀

  3. I’m trying to come up with ways of making money with peerfly that is almost guaranteed to return more money than I put in. PPV sounds like a good idea and I got like $1000 to spend. It’s just that I’m such a newbie in the field that I’m too scared to use it. Would be awesome to get some help.

    1. I understand your concern, but it’s important to understand that you will probably not profit on your first campaign. There’s a learning curve, just like with anything else. It’s good that you have a budget to start with. If you want to try PPV, I suggest looking through my list of top PPV networks. You may also want to check out CPVDen for some free PPV advice.

    1. Yes, once you fund your account with $50 or more the $25 bonus will be added. You will be emailed by a representative at 7Search 🙂

  4. Am I the only one who gets 2-3% CR with this traffic? I am new to this PPC thing, but I’ve seen way better CR with free traffic. My EPC is like 0.05, I can’t see a way to profit from this network. I am running 8 different campaigns and only one of them seems to be profitable.

    1. The conversion rate won’t be tremendous, but you can get it to profit (as you said you have). The trick is optimizing for keywords and sources.

  5. Hi Luke! I wanted to mention something to you maybe through e-mail, if possible. Just wanted to point something out that I am sure you would be thankful for. Nothing bad. I don’t know your e-mail so if you would shoot me an e-mail so I could share with you a couple things that are pertinent to this webpage. Thanks,

    Crysta Swindell

  6. 1 more thing. I am learning which ad networks are not quite motivated as much as other networks. I ran an ad and got many clicks and no conversions. I used bid4keywords. My question is why would I have clicks and no conversions? Just curious. I think it is fabulous that you have this site. It lets people know that you are available and willing to help in this vast, often difficult area of learning as affiliate marketing.

    1. Getting clicks and no conversions is usually a sign that your traffic just isn’t working out. I’ve never heard of bid4keywords and that might be the issue.

  7. Hello luke,
    After reading your blog, i can make profit by promoting peerfly email&zip submit offer on 7search, 3-5dollar net profit per day with my 7 winning campaigns(epc>cpc). But small traffic volume is a problem. I feel i need one year’s effort and time to cultivate 50 winning campaigns to make 15 dollar net profit per day! Can you give me some advice. thanks!!

  8. Hi Luke! I have a question that to some may seem silly. I just wanted to know when people talk about “testing” their campaigns–how do they do that. It still requires money taken from your account to test a campaign, right? Or is there a way to do so without a cost? Thank-you

    1. Yes, testing still requires money. Basically, I consider all campaigns a “test” until I get them break even or profitable and then I work on “scaling” that campaign. I guess it’s just a way to make myself feel better about losing money at first. lol 🙂

  9. Do you start of with a low amount of money in your account and then wait to see conversions before adding more? And if you are getting conversions then ‘scaling’ would mean to up the annie so-to-speak because you are on to something? Thank-you

    1. Well, you can set a daily budget so it doesn’t really matter how much money you actually have in your account. Yes, I would keep a close eye on your campaigns and budget accordingly.

  10. Hey Luke, from my understanding of things, you will usually get more conversions with a landing page … but I see here that you are suggesting we direct link to email/zip submits with 7 search… so are you saying that we shouldn’t use landing pages with 7search traffic?

    1. You can use a landing page if you want and landing pages usually do convert better, but I push direct linking because beginners usually do not know anything about building a landing page.

  11. How come when I use the keyword suggestion tool, I find some keywords have just one bid (or no bid at all) but when I search for the same phrase in the 7Search search bar, I get to see lots of results?

    Also, on the results page, I see “Sponsored Results” highlighted. Does it mean the non-sponsored results are sorted according to degree of relevance as perceived by 7Search?

    I’ll appreciate clarification of these. Thanks

  12. Thanks Luke for the good information about 7Search. I set up my first campaign on 7Search, doing direct linking, but I would like to know if I am only allowed to do text ads? There is of course a banner available for the offer via PeerFly, but I am wondering if for 7Search I am not allowed to use it?

  13. Is 7search is still the best to start affiliate marketing?
    I am trying to set up my first campaign. Just saw the date of publishing and comments too. So wondering if 7search is still working?

  14. i dont understand you. why do you pay for clicks? there are so many great and easy way to target your niche, i dont see the point why you pay.

    i came across to you because the lazy stoner mentioned you in a video. the forum you mentioned affiliatefix is awesome, but i dont understand, why the lazy stoner mentioned you.

    ive read few articles on this blog and also yout two beginners post and im completely not convinced by you and have absolutely no clue, why the lazy stoner even mentioned you.

    can please someone enlighten me, why luke is considered to be a good affiliate marketer? i didnt see find the reason yet.

    thanks a lot

    1. Jay (Lazy Ass Stoner) primarily focuses on SEO. While SEO is fantastic and I’ve written about it quite a bit on this blog, my primary focus is paid traffic. I focus on paid traffic because unlike SEO, it’s a bit more predictable, you see results quicker, and you can scale it on multiple levels.

      I pay for clicks because they come in a lot quicker that way and I can make back my investment a lot quicker than with SEO 🙂

  15. I am totally new to this ppc thing. Im also suggested to do PPV. Plz help me with these things. As I was searching for low level entry ad networks. Is 7Seach is ok to start with or anything else you suggest.?

  16. Hey Luke, i want to join Peerfly but its very hard…
    “reply to this email with their website link and your affiliate managers email and we’ll do the rest. In order for the network to count as a reference you must have earned at least $500 with them.”
    There is other way to join?

  17. I have just joined as an affiliate. I came through your blogs, its awesome. But as a newbie I am facing some problem. As you mentioned in one of your blog to join 7search, further I have joined as a advertiser but at the very first step, it is asking for company name and URL. I don’t own any company, so what should I fill in that data box.. Suggest Please!!!!

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