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7search promo

Read this first about 7Search...

7Search is no longer in business. This article is available for historical purposes only.

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This article was published 5 years, 10 months ago. Please keep in mind that the information may be outdated. Post a comment below if you have any questions.

While I was at Affiliate Summit West I had the opportunity to speak with many advertisers and the entire time I was trying to strike up deals for my PeerFly publishers. A lot of the advertising networks I spoke with did not have a promo or bonus program and were not interested in setting one up. I am not really sure why that would be the case. Our referral program at PeerFly has helped grow our network immensely and basically that’s what a bonus program is for the advertiser. It’s an incentive to promote their program and bring in new business. I did not give up and eventually a found a few who seemed pretty interested in giving it a try.  One of them being 7Search.

I spoke with Brad from 7Search for awhile and we came up with a pretty sweet deal. All of my publishers now get a $25 bonus on their first $50 deposit! That’s $25 in free advertising. One of the best things about using 7Search as a traffic source is that the traffic is so cheap. You can find great keywords for just $0.01 – $0.05! With the $25 bonus you should be able to get over 800 clicks for FREE. Can you get that to convert? You should!

7Search bonus

Click the banner above or here to learn more.

I highly suggest you take advantage of this opportunity. This is for my PeerFly publishers only. If you are not already signed up with PeerFly, check out our publisher application and apply! If you are signed up with PeerFly, click the banner above and create your 7Search advertiser account. Their system is very easy to use, but you may want to look through these articles as well:

With those two articles and your deposit bonus you should be well on your way to profiting on your first 7Search campaign. Of course, if you have any questions, please let me know! Let’s make some money 🙂
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58 thoughts on Exclusive 7Search Promotion – Get a $25 BONUS

  1. hi Luke
    thanks for the tip about 7search as a source of traffic and the fact that
    email submitts seem to work ok I have never herad of 7search before but will have a try out with them after all, its always good to try something other thn google.
    Glad to see you had a sucessful affiliate summit West if you ever have one in the UK then I shall go top it and met you.
    regards and thanks
    peter mcgrath

  2. Just for information, if you create your account and make $50 deposit but not see your bonus, there is live chat on your dashboard. You can claim your bonus by telling their support and within a second you will see $75 in your account. 7search is ROCK


    Adi Rian

  3. I am really excited and will definitely try 7search as soon as possible.
    Typically, I will deposit 50 $ to 7search and another 50 # to Facebook and run ads on both.
    I think this would be useful in comparing the results and to decide the best performing Ad network.
    I am looking to have a positive ROI from the beginning. I know it is hard but let’s try out and be ambitious 😀

    Thank you Luke,

  4. Hi Luke,

    I tried to setup a new account via your link, but I am not getting any $25 after deposit $50. Any tips to still get it to work?

    Any help? Thanks.

    1. oops, i also a peerfly’s publisher, just not too active. looking to be active and promote email submits 🙂 but my emails between the peerfly’s account and 7search are different. Wonder is that the reason? Hmm?

  5. Hi, Luke!
    Tnx a lot for share!
    I have a question. I haven’t deposited by $50, and only $25 (this has happened because in the settings of 7search default is $25). Can I now get a bonus, even if the completion by an additional $25 or $50?

  6. Hi Luke i made the $50.00 dep into 7search just looking for the $25 bonus when you have time… Thanks Todd Fritsch

    1. It should be added manually to your account within 24 hours or deposit. Let me know if it’s not there by tomorrow 🙂

  7. Hey Luke,

    I signed up with 7Search through your $25 bonus link and made the $50 deposit but I did not get the bonus. Is that promotion still available?

  8. Hi Luke, I just deposited $100. How do I get the $50 bonus for old advertisers? I added the required note on my dashboard. Do I just wait for 7search to add it or do I need to contact them and let them know?


  9. I also, still did not get my bonus $25. Will you please help me when you have time to add them $25 bonus to my account.

  10. Problem solved. They added the bonus to my account.

    But I have a new problem now. I suddenly can not login to my peerfly account. Please advise me what to do.

  11. Hi, I just signed up for Peerfly and waiting approval. Then I just went and signed up for 7search. I have not put any money in the account. Question, I did not sign up with 7search from your link so does that mean I cannot have the $25 bonus.

    1. If you email me asking for the $25 bonus I can forward it along to my contact at 7Search and have the bonus added when you make your first $50 deposit.

  12. Hello,

    2 days ago i made 50$ deposit but i still haven’t received the bonus, can you please make sure i receive that? I’ll write mail with details to you


  13. I want to register a 7search but there is a problem to make confuse. Because the pop up of the register step two show that ” street address line 1 only contain letters, numbers, periods, commas, dashes, spaces, single-quote, and slash characters. I do believe that I follow all system but I can’t continue to the next page. Kindly check for me.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. I signed up for 7search, I logged out, went back to log in from 7search.com and couldn’t log in. I requested a new password (knowing I used the PW I signed up with) and the email says I’m not registered with them: to contact customer support. What did I do wrong?

  15. Hey Luke. Thanks for the quick reply. I was on the phone to validate my acct. and that was exactly the problem. I clicked advertiser and all is good. Thanks again.

  16. Hi Luke,
    I loaded my 7 Search Account with $50 two days ago as a new members , but I’ve not got the $25 Bonus .

    Is there any issue?


  17. I signed up for 7search today and I put $50 in my account Question, I did not sign up with 7search from your link so does that mean I cannot have the $25 bonus.

  18. Hi Luke,

    I signed up with 7Search through your banner above and deposited $50. When I asked for the bonus $25, they say my account does not have a promotional code attached to it, so would not deposit the $25 bonus. What should I do?

  19. Luke,

    Is there a way to enlarge the videos for 7S?. I cannot follow them. Also, do we pick the topics to search as you did scrapebook? My apologie,s I am just new to this and somewhat ignorant of the process but truly want to learn. Also, do we use our names for oour website of make aone up that is catchy.

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