50onRed PPV Network Review

There are a few good PPV networks out there ready to drive thousands of clicks to your affiliate campaigns every single day, but the one I have recently been spending the most time (and money) with is 50onRed.

50onRed has quickly become my primary source of PPV traffic when I am ready to launch a new campaign. Their user interface is one of the best I’ve seen, they have a low initial deposit and redeposit, and their traffic has performed very well for quite a few of the campaigns I have launched.

First, let’s take a look at their awesome advertiser interface.

50onRed Campaigns

It may not look like much at first, but if you have ever run a campaign on LeadImpact than you should be able to appreciate the simplicity and attractiveness of it.

Not only is 50onRed’s traffic platform attractive, but it’s functionality is hard to beat. Creating a new campaign only takes about a minute, finding and adding new target URLs and keywords is a breeze, and editing your bids is instant. They have really done a great job of streamlining the process of managing your PPV campaigns.

Of course, to create and manage any campaigns, you will need to fund your account. The initial deposit on 50onRed is only $500. That is half as much as both LeadImpact and Trafficvance, the other two major PPV networks I recommend. Once your account has been funded, each time you refund it the minimum deposit is $100.

One downfall is that you cannot fund your account using PayPal. You must add a credit card to your account to use for funding and each time you fund you have to sign a charge agreement. They use EchoSign so it only takes a minute to complete the agreement, but I will admit it is much easier to just do a quick deposit without any paperwork on my LeadImpact account. However, the traffic is worth the few extra minutes.

50onRed PPV Traffic

The pop up traffic from 50onRed has performed pretty well for me overall. Not every campaign is a winner, but the prices are not bad and the they have a lot of volume.

The minimum bid varies from country to country, but there are three tiers. Traffic from the United States is $0.01 per click. Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Italy are all at least $0.005 per click. Every other country has a minimum bid of just $0.002.

50onRed Country Bids

I recommend setting your default bids on your campaigns to the minimum that the countries you are targeting will allow. If you are promoting an affiliate offer or website that allows traffic from multiple countries, break your campaigns into tiers based on the countries and their minimum bids.

For example, I was running 3 campaigns targeting a bunch of different countries for FPTraffic.

  • FPTraffic Tier 1 – $0.01/click for United States
  • FPTraffic Tier 2 – $0.005/click for CA/UK/AU
  • FPTraffic Tier 3 – $0.002/click for DE + others.

By breaking up my FPTraffic campaign into 3 different campaigns (“tiers”) based on the countries, I was able to save myself a lot of money. I can bid $0.002/click from traffic from Germany instead of $0.01. Make sure you do this too!

50onRed Smart Bid

50onRed is smart and they want you to spend as much money as possible with them. So, they created this nifty little feature called Smart Bid. IGNORE SMART BID. Depending on how much competition there is on a keyword or URL, the Smart Bid can get extremely high. Pretty soon it becomes a Dumb Bid and if you bid that high it’s unlikely your campaign will be profitable. You can still get a nice chunk of traffic on most targets without trying to bid the Smart Bid.

50onRed Smart Bid Update

Shortly after posting this article, I received a tweet and Skype message from the VP of Product at 50onRed and he explained a few things about Smart Bid to me. Here is what he had to say:

Every single time your target participates in an auction, we log the price of the bid you lost to. Let’s say a user goes go creditreport.com/annual-credit-score

Example Scenario: 
You’re bidding on creditreport.com: $.14
Me bidding on credit: $.15
Jeff bidding on credit score: $.16

Both you and I would log that we lost to a $.16 bid for 1 impression.

After thousands (or millions) of auctions you participate in, your target graph will look like this:

  • $.14 – 13,012 wins
  • $.15 – 15,742 losses
  • $.17 – 27,351 losses
  • $.19 – 9,192 losses
  • $.25 – 1,251 losses
  • $.40 – 17 losses

A lot of platforms would just tell you to bid $.401 to be the highest bid. Our SmartBid will analyze all of the logs and suggest you bid enough to win AT LEAST 90% of the volume, without over bidding. So we would suggest you bid $.191 in the above scenario (enough to get 90% of the volume without scaling your bid insanely high for that last 10%).

This definitely explains SmartBid and the benefits of doing it, so I thought I would include it because my perception on how it works was wrong.

Give 50onRed a Try

I waited longer than I should have to sign up for 50onRed and I do not know why. If you are currently running PPV traffic with LeadImpact, Trafficvance, Media Traffic or any other PPV network and you aren’t running on 50onRed, you need to sign up and give it a try.

If you are going to sign up and give it a try, use this link and 50onRed will give you a $50 bonus once you spend your first $500. They will also give me a $50 bonus, which I can use to run some traffic and write a case study 🙂

Give 50onRed a try today and when you are ready to scale your campaigns, check out my PPV scraper, Skrayp.

Let’s make some money!


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