50onRed PPV Network Review

50onRed Review

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There are a few good PPV networks out there ready to drive thousands of clicks to your affiliate campaigns every single day, but the one I have recently been spending the most time (and money) with is 50onRed.

50onRed has quickly become my primary source of PPV traffic when I am ready to launch a new campaign. Their user interface is one of the best I’ve seen, they have a low initial deposit and redeposit, and their traffic has performed very well for quite a few of the campaigns I have launched.

First, let’s take a look at their awesome advertiser interface.

50onRed Campaigns

It may not look like much at first, but if you have ever run a campaign on LeadImpact than you should be able to appreciate the simplicity and attractiveness of it.

Not only is 50onRed’s traffic platform attractive, but it’s functionality is hard to beat. Creating a new campaign only takes about a minute, finding and adding new target URLs and keywords is a breeze, and editing your bids is instant. They have really done a great job of streamlining the process of managing your PPV campaigns.

Of course, to create and manage any campaigns, you will need to fund your account. The initial deposit on 50onRed is only $500. That is half as much as both LeadImpact and Trafficvance, the other two major PPV networks I recommend. Once your account has been funded, each time you refund it the minimum deposit is $100.

One downfall is that you cannot fund your account using PayPal. You must add a credit card to your account to use for funding and each time you fund you have to sign a charge agreement. They use EchoSign so it only takes a minute to complete the agreement, but I will admit it is much easier to just do a quick deposit without any paperwork on my LeadImpact account. However, the traffic is worth the few extra minutes.

50onRed PPV Traffic

The pop up traffic from 50onRed has performed pretty well for me overall. Not every campaign is a winner, but the prices are not bad and the they have a lot of volume.

The minimum bid varies from country to country, but there are three tiers. Traffic from the United States is $0.01 per click. Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Italy are all at least $0.005 per click. Every other country has a minimum bid of just $0.002.

50onRed Country Bids

I recommend setting your default bids on your campaigns to the minimum that the countries you are targeting will allow. If you are promoting an affiliate offer or website that allows traffic from multiple countries, break your campaigns into tiers based on the countries and their minimum bids.

For example, I was running 3 campaigns targeting a bunch of different countries for FPTraffic.

  • FPTraffic Tier 1 – $0.01/click for United States
  • FPTraffic Tier 2 – $0.005/click for CA/UK/AU
  • FPTraffic Tier 3 – $0.002/click for DE + others.

By breaking up my FPTraffic campaign into 3 different campaigns (“tiers”) based on the countries, I was able to save myself a lot of money. I can bid $0.002/click from traffic from Germany instead of $0.01. Make sure you do this too!

50onRed Smart Bid

50onRed is smart and they want you to spend as much money as possible with them. So, they created this nifty little feature called Smart Bid. IGNORE SMART BID. Depending on how much competition there is on a keyword or URL, the Smart Bid can get extremely high. Pretty soon it becomes a Dumb Bid and if you bid that high it’s unlikely your campaign will be profitable. You can still get a nice chunk of traffic on most targets without trying to bid the Smart Bid.

50onRed Smart Bid Update

Shortly after posting this article, I received a tweet and Skype message from the VP of Product at 50onRed and he explained a few things about Smart Bid to me. Here is what he had to say:

Every single time your target participates in an auction, we log the price of the bid you lost to. Let’s say a user goes go creditreport.com/annual-credit-score

Example Scenario: 
You’re bidding on creditreport.com: $.14
Me bidding on credit: $.15
Jeff bidding on credit score: $.16

Both you and I would log that we lost to a $.16 bid for 1 impression.

After thousands (or millions) of auctions you participate in, your target graph will look like this:

  • $.14 – 13,012 wins
  • $.15 – 15,742 losses
  • $.17 – 27,351 losses
  • $.19 – 9,192 losses
  • $.25 – 1,251 losses
  • $.40 – 17 losses

A lot of platforms would just tell you to bid $.401 to be the highest bid. Our SmartBid will analyze all of the logs and suggest you bid enough to win AT LEAST 90% of the volume, without over bidding. So we would suggest you bid $.191 in the above scenario (enough to get 90% of the volume without scaling your bid insanely high for that last 10%).

This definitely explains SmartBid and the benefits of doing it, so I thought I would include it because my perception on how it works was wrong.

Give 50onRed a Try

I waited longer than I should have to sign up for 50onRed and I do not know why. If you are currently running PPV traffic with LeadImpact, Trafficvance, Media Traffic or any other PPV network and you aren’t running on 50onRed, you need to sign up and give it a try.

If you are going to sign up and give it a try, use this link and 50onRed will give you a $50 bonus once you spend your first $500. They will also give me a $50 bonus, which I can use to run some traffic and write a case study 🙂

Give 50onRed a try today and when you are ready to scale your campaigns, check out my PPV scraper, Skrayp.

Let’s make some money!

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72 thoughts on 50onRed PPV Network Review

  1. Hey Luke,

    Thanks for the info! Where would you rank 50onRed vs other PPV networks? You mentioned LeadImpact, Trafficvance, Media Traffic as some of your sources. Can you give us some insight into which networks you find to be the best/”worst” -in quotes for lack of a better term, worst sounds harsh 🙂

    1. That’s a good question. I definitely need to do an updated post of my top PPV networks, but I’d probably rank them in this order: Trafficvance, 50onRed, LeadImpact, and Media Traffic.

  2. Omg! Many thanks for the information Luke! Really appreciate these a lot.
    I have 2 questions in mind after reading the Smart Bid update.
    1. Smart Bid will show 0.191 and not 0.401 right?
    2. If Smart Bid (assuming 0.191) win AT LEAST 90% volume, does that mean those who bid 0.14, 0.15 & 0.17 get ZERO traffic?

    1. Yes, the Smart Bid would be $.191. I would assume they would get a tiny bit of the traffic to encourage them to increase their bids.

  3. Will 50OnRed let beginners into it’s network. It’s one thing to buy a PPV Course…but if you need experience to get into a network – then you are in a “catch 22 situation”.

  4. Luke, any info on their in-text ad performance? And what’s the minimum US bid for text and search traffic? Is it the same as the minimum PPV bid of $0.01?

  5. Hi there, Luke.
    Nice review ! Does this work very well with clickbank products ? Is this PPV platform only good for CPA offers ? What kind of CPA offers work best with it ? When choosing a CPA offer to promote with this traffic source, what sort of CPA affiliate payout should i focus on ? I’ll be very grateful for your anticipated response.

    THANKS !


  6. Hi Luke,
    Have you had the chance to try out the new FunKeyword Keyword Bid Management SaaS which is compatible with 50onRed and TrafficVance? It will make you much more profitable and it is much easier to use than the platforms themselves!

  7. Thanks Luke 🙂 Things are moving fast with 50onRed since your review. They have added a keyword bidding option to their Pops called ‘Proxy Bidding’. This method now matches the TrafficVance bidding method. This is very good news for advertisers and makes all the smart bid tool obsolete on Pops. I explain this in more detail in the following post:

    Careful though as the default bidding option in Pops is still ‘Fixed Bidding’. Be smart… Use protection!

  8. Luke, I registered on 50onRed, but…..NO traffic volume at all. I use same campaigns which performs well on LeadImpact. They suggests me to use extremely high bids to get a traffic.
    How about you? Are you targeting on domains and there are good traffic volume? What bids and niches are you running? How well do your campaigns performs there in comparison to LeadImpact?

  9. Thanks for the review! I just created an account and used your link:-) I’ve used LI for years and was looking for something new!

  10. I have a two part question:

    As far as the major players (i.e. trafficvance,50onred,& leadimpact. Is any of them better for a newbie to start with and also can you explain in terms of getting accepted which is easiest to get approved?. Thanks in advance for any info.

  11. I’m sorry I never saw your article here when it came out, but it was very interesting. Still not sure if your CPA LP should be targeted using URL’s or keywords, or both. Thought the scraper tool was for scraping keywords, which are then used to scrape for targeted URL’s for those keywords, and that the URL’s were targeted and bid on for the pop-ups. You can tell I don’t know much about CPA, but I appreciate articles like yours. Thanx Luke.

  12. Luke, what do you think about Direct CPV for a newbie? what’s the traffic like? It’s much cheaper to start up,is that because of the quality of the traffic?

  13. Luke… never have actually used a PPV platform myself. Any suggestions where to download one just to get a feel for how it works on my computer?

    1. I am not sure of any current adware, but if you post on an affiliate marketing forum I am sure someone can link you.

  14. Hi Luke

    To the best of my knowledge, I know visitors age plays a huge role in visiting different traffic source platforms.
    As for 50onred what gender and age group would you say visit more than say Leadimpact or 7Search etc.
    Your advice would come in handy to promote Peerfly campaigns in the appropriate traffic source.

  15. Hi. Thanks for the article. Ive just started with 50 on red and am getting results from the text ads.

    This is probably the most basic question, but im struggling to figure it out! How do you design the pop up adverts? The graphics. Its going to proove ridiculously expensive paying someone everytime i need more creatives. I have no experience in graphic design, but need to learn this myself. Any advice?

    1. There are a lot of resources out there on creating PPV landing pages. If you do some Googling you should be able to find some examples. My friends at AffPlaybook have a TON of them too.

      I also recommend checking out AffLanders.com.

  16. I have been running campaigns using 50onRed. Currently I’m direct linking and tracking my campaign using Prosper202 but I see that there’s a big difference between 50onRed, Prosper202 and my CPA network.

    These are the results of 2 days of traffic:
    -50onRed: 10,763 impressions
    -Prosper202: 9,120 impressions
    -CPA Network: 4,020 impresions

    Can anyone please tell me what could be going wrong? It this normal when direct linking CPA offers using PPV?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated 🙂

      1. Thank you, Luke. Do you recommend me to go directly with offers link and track with 50onRed’s conversion pixel & sub ids?

      2. That’s a fine way to do it. You should be able to get Prosper202 to perform better on a better server too probably. Just using 50onRed should work though.

  17. Would be nice if they gave you that 50 to start with to test out the traffic not till you spend your first 500 makes no sense in my book. would be better if they had a match bonus but a small 50 after you spend 500 is a laugh in the face..Tell them to stop being so cheap and greedy and give us something to test their traffic

    1. I don’t think 50onRed is being cheap and greedy. I believe they are the only PPV network that even provides a referral. Yes, I would love a higher referral and lower barrier of entry for every traffic source, but I also know they spend a lot of money to build their audience. Having a higher barrier also helps keep competition lower 🙂

  18. Thanks for posting this Luke, Greatly appreciate it.

    Are there any new updates or changes since you posted this Nov. of last year?

  19. For all your viewers I want to advise them to pay BIG attention to 50onred, because they have abusive fees.
    For example I paused a campaign and I didn’t log into the account for 4 months, because I was working on my new big project. When I got back I found out that they stole $200 out of the blue from my account as an “inactivity fee”.

    Beware everyone, try them with caution!

  20. Hi luke
    if i’m start my first campaign at $100 then later i add $400 for my 2nd campaign. will i still get the bonus $50?
    for 50onred is there any minimum amount for running our first campaign ?

  21. Hi Luke,

    This is what is written on 50onRed site:

    “Minimum deposit
    If you’re using a credit or debit card to fund your account, your first deposit must be at least $500. All deposits after that have a $100 minimum. ACH and wire transfers do not have a required minimum.”

    Does this mean you can make $100 as first deposit on 50onRed when using ACH/wire?


    1. Yes, I sent them 100 $ via bank wire , I didnt want to send 500 in to test with so i wired them 100.00 $. I really like what i see so far .

  22. Hi Luke,
    I read that 50onRed is now RTX and my question is:
    Is the $50 bonus available right now?
    Can I open the account with 50onRed to get $50 bonus and then work with RTX?


  23. I want to start with 50onred but they are not accepteing credit card from my region. This is the first time I have faced this sort of restriction. I guess I will need to visit my bank for my wire transfer which is near to impossible these days in india as there are long queues outside bak due to demonitization. Dont know what to do. I wish someone could recommend me to them to allow my credit card. Sometimes genuine persons has to suffer for frauds of others.

  24. Hi Luke.
    Really nice review. thanks a lot for this. Please suggest me a best display advertising network for CPA offers only desktop offers.

    Best Regards.

  25. hello Luke, I’m a 50onred user referred by you, I’m about to finish my balance, and I remember that being referred to you would give me 50 extra dollars, what do I have to do to make it effective? Thanks

  26. Luke
    I had tried your peerfly. But you did not approve my account
    But your review seems good
    I liked your way of delivery of your content and
    I would like to get your suggestion about what compaign should i promote?
    To get more return of investment

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