5 Tips to Improve Your Landing Page

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. If you want to take your affiliate marketing efforts to the next level you need to learn how to build your own landing pages. By creating your own landing pages you will immediately have the advantage when compared to most of your competition. If you know how to build a good landing page then you will have the absolute advantage over the majority of your competition. Although I have discussed a few different ways you can build a landing page (jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap, etc), I haven’t really discussed the elements of a good landing page. Well, here are my five tips to improve your landing pages.

Eye Catching Headline

Headlines have been used by the media for a long time to draw in user’s eyes and get their attention. Newspapers (remember those?) have always done a good job of putting a catchy headline on the front page of the paper to grab your interest and make you want to read more. You should do the same thing with your landing pages.

You only have a few seconds to get engagement from the user before they simply exit your page and head back to Facebook, Plenty of Fish, on whatever site they were on when they clicked on your ad. If you have a large, catchy headline the user is much more likely to continue to investigate your page and try to find more information, which will lead them to your call to action.

A Clear Call-To-Action

Your call-to-action (CTA) in most cases will be a button. It’s the element on your page required for the user to continue down the conversion funnel. If you are promoting an affiliate offer and the user needs to click the call-to-action to head over the advertiser’s landing page so you can get a conversion then it’s a pretty important feature on your landing page…right? Well, you would be surprised at how many people do not give the amount of attention to their call-to-action that it deserves.

Keep your call-to-action above the fold. This really shouldn’t be a challenge because monitors and screen resolutions are getting so big, but you need to make sure your CTA is visible with any form of advertising you do. This is a really common mistake with PPV affiliate marketing. Here is what one of our top converting offers would look like in the LeadImpact 775×400 pop up window:

call-to-action not visible on landing page

You can kind of see the headline (GET A FREE 3D TV OF YOUR CHOICE!), but you cannot see the CTA button at all. This will absolutely kill your conversion rate and is one of the main reasons you should use your own landing page when promoting on PPV networks!

Simple. Do Not Clutter

I am not sure I believe an image is worth 1,000 words, but it’s definitely a good way to keep your landing page from getting too complicated and cluttered. Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter (you’re still reading right?) and if you throw paragraph after paragraph on your landing page your conversion rate is going to tank. People want answers, but they want them fast. I clicked your ad because P90X seems like an awesome workout and I’m thinking about trying to get back in shape. I should be presented with some photos of guys and girls who have had success with P90X. You can include a paragraph to give me a general idea of why I should use P90X over Insanity or some other workout, but if you basically present me with a book worth of information I’m probably going to hit the back button.

Bullet points are also a good way to present your information in a clean, simple manner without overwhelming the user.

  • Headline
  • Short paragraph
  • High quality images
  • A few bullet points


Ask For As Little Information As Possible

Do you want to know the quickest way to lose conversions? Ask your visitor for their social security number. I can’t tell you how many people who want to become publishers at PeerFly have complained to me about having to give up their social security number and they’re wanting us to pay them! The point is, do not ask for any information from the user that you do not actually need. If you have an opt-in form from AWeber on your landing page that you are using to build your own mailing list ask the user for their name and email. Asking for anything else is simply asking for your conversion rate to be lower than it should be. If you’re not going to use the data then leave it alone. I’d love to know the gender of every person on my mailing list, but I also love just having them on my mailing list.

Build Trust

In most cases this will be one of the more difficult things that you will attempt to do to improve your landing page. The tips I have included so far are all things you can easily change or add to improve your pages, but building trust will take time and proof.

If you can get real, honest testimonials on a product or service to use in your landing page that can really improve your conversion rate. You have probably seen all the cheesy infomercials late at night with all the guys and girls saying how awesome such and such product is and how it’s changed their lives. Well, there’s a reason they all do it…it works.

PeerFly Homepage Example

About two months ago we released a new design for our homepage at PeerFly. It’s been a huge hit and we’ve gotten amazing feedback. However, by doing the things mentioned above, is there room for improvement? Let’s take a look.

New PeerFly Homepage

Eye Catching Headline

The eye catching headline is pretty prominent on the top left side section of the site. Internet marketing just got easier. I think that’s a pretty fantastic headline because anyone going to our site that we are interested in working with is interested in easier internet marketing (advertiser or publisher).

A Clear Call-To-Action

With PeerFly we are dealing with two types of potential clients, advertisers and publishers. However, the majority of the people who visit PeerFly.com are going there either to login as a publisher or to sign up as a publisher. So, our call to action button (not too far below the headline) is pretty self explanatory and clear: Become a Publisher.

Simple. Do Not Clutter

We try to present quite a bit of information on our homepage without overwhelming the visitor and I think we do a pretty good job. We have the bulleted points I mentioned for both Publishers and Advertisers, recent news from our blog, and recent tweets. All this is good information and if the visitor wanted to learn more about these things they could easily head over to our blog/twitter.

Ask For As Little Information As Possible

We have to get a lot of information from our publishers on their application and there’s really nothing we can do about that if we want to keep the fraudsters out of our affiliate network. Before our recent design change, the first step of the PeerFly application was a simple form right on our homepage. We had to remove that in order to have the real estate to add the other new features on the homepage, but I think it was a good choice. We still have a great Call-To-Action and I imagine if someone is interested in becoming a publisher our clickthrough rate is pretty good even without having the form on the homepage.

Build Trust

In our industry, it is critical that you build trust if you want to be successful. As a publisher, you are earning money that you may not be paid for a few weeks. Do you trust that your affiliate network is going to pay you? Well, if you find yourself on the PeerFly homepage and you’re considering signing up, we have a few elements in place to build your trust.

First off, we have testimonials from some of advertising clients that we work with. As I mentioned before, testimonials are a great way to build trust. We also have badge images from the different associations PeerFly is a part of. Proud Members Of: PMA, ECPM, and BBB. The PMA and ECPM are two very respected associations within the internet marketing industry and the BBB is common among businesses, but still very important. Even if you don’t know what those associations do, it’s likely you would add some value to PeerFly simply for being a part of them.

In conclusion, you should consider the different tips I mentioned above when you go through your next revision on a landing page. These things can all improve the overall perception of your landing page in the user’s eyes and with that you will see a higher clickthrough rate and hopefully conversion rate. Constantly test changes to your landing pages because whether you like it or not, there’s always room for improvement. Make those improvements and let’s make some money!


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