Top 5 Facebook Page Image Sources

Once you have created a Facebook Page it is important that you have great content to post to it consistently so you keep your users happy and engaged with your Page. I have found that images usually get the most Likes, shares, and comments from users who Like my page so the majority of the posts I make on it are photos.

An important thing to keep in mind when you are looking through the 5 different image content sources I have listed below is that the more Likes, shares, and comments the content you post on your Page get the more viral traffic you will get from it. Viral traffic comes from your friends mentioning your Page or any interaction they do on your Page that shows up on their friend’s News Feed. As I showed in my article on Optimized vs Manual Bidding, if your post goes viral you can literally reach millions of users for absolutely free!

So, here is a list of my top 5 favorite sources for images I post on my Facebook Pages. I highly recommend you use them and consider posting images from them on your Pages!


Tumblr images

Tumblr is my favorite and most used source for images to post on my Facebook Pages. There are over 50,000,000,000 posts on Tumblr and you can search them using the awesome Tumblr Search. You can search for tags used to describe posts on blogs within Tumblr and find thousands of great images for pretty much any topic.

Sign up for Tumblr to use an improved search experience and make sure you check multiple tags based on your niche including the ones recommended by Tumblr.

Google Images

Google images

Of course, Google Images is also a great place to find images. I like to use Tumblr because I feel like the images are fresh, but if I don’t see anything that I want to post then I will start searching Google Images.


Pinterest images

Depending on your niche, Pinterest can be an awesome source of images to post on your Facebook Page. I have found a lot of great stuff on there that I will often post because if it is popular on Pinterest more than likely your users will like it too.

You do not need a Pinterest account to search images. Simply head over to the Pinterest All page.


imgur images

I have wasted so much of my life looking through the hilarious images and witty comments on imgur. Anyone can search imgur directly from the homepage and more than likely you will find some awesome images you can post on your Page.


deviantART images

The image source I use the least, but the one that gets some of the best response is deviantART. They have a ton of great drawings and artwork for most any niche. Your users will find them interesting because they are unique and this will typically draw in a lot of engagement. I recommend giving any user’s image that you use credit for that image so you do not upset anyone. You can leave a note in the description of the image when you post it your Facebook Page with the original creator’s name and possibly a link to the picture on deviantART.

Once you have created your Facebook Page and found some good content to post, you are ready to start building up your user base and getting users engaged. Your Page will not be worth anything without any traffic, but growing it is not as hard as it sounds. Build up content, try out some Facebook Ads for your Page, and get the ball rolling. Once you start getting Likes you will get viral traffic from those user’s friends and your Page should continue to grow on it’s own.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or would like suggestions. Let’s make some money!


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