$4,000 a Month using Facebook Pages

A member of FPTraffic recently posted in our private Facebook Group that he is now making over $4,000 a month from his Facebook Pages. I was not shocked to find out a member was doing that well, but it was very exciting for someone to post proof.

Jeff Mills started using FPTraffic in April of this year. Since April he has used Facebook Ads to grow the audience across his network of Pages to over 1,200,000 Likes. He spent around $25,000 on Likes, but he is now making over $4,000 a month.

Facebook Page Earnings

(Jeff’s Amazon Associates stats for August)

Not only is Jeff absolutely killing it with his Facebook Pages, but he has also created a webinar and course called Social Profit Funnels where he teaches others how he is doing it.

I was curious about Jeff’s course so I decided to check it out. I had seen some of his webinar footage and it looked very good so I had high expectations. I was not disappointed.

Jeff goes in-depth on the entire process he’s used to not only build his massive network of Facebook Pages, but also explains how he is monetizing them and how you could do it too.

I have been building my Facebook Pages for years and the reason is because once you capture that audience, it is yours. Sure, Facebook gets to pick and choose when they see your posts, but they will see your posts. Once you have that audience you can monetize it long term using many different methods. Jeff is making a lot of money off Amazon, but he is also selling shirts and recently even tested some email submits from PeerFly.

Once you have the Facebook user in your social profit funnel, they’re yours!

Social Profit Funnels

Jeff released a free video explaining what he calls his social profit funnel. It is the marketing funnel he has created to push out content on his Facebook Pages (using FPTraffic as well as other awesome tools) and then monetize it. It is amazing what he has put together!

Social Profit Funnel

Watch the Social Profit Funnels Video

Watch the video and I am sure you will see why I was so impressed. The course is even better.

My Facebook Pages

It’s great that I have members at FPTraffic producing fantastic numbers with their Facebook Pages, but I get asked all the time how my Pages are doing.

My Facebook Pages are not my main priority, but they are still doing really well. My viral media sites are making me a few hundred dollars a month with nearly zero effort and my biggest niche TV show is starting to release information on the next season, which is giving me some great content that’s getting me a ton of traffic.

Yesterday, I published an article on my million page view blog and it’s been shared over 4,000 times already.

Last month, Amazon sent me a $300 gift card for my Associates traffic and I did not login to my account one time the entire month.

I also started a very targeted Facebook Ads campaign for Likes for my LukePeerFly.com Facebook Page and I’m getting new Likes at around $0.02 each.

LukePeerFly Likes Campaign

Even with little effort, my Pages are still producing some great numbers.

Facebook Pages are still not dead

In conclusion, if you are not at least attempting to setup some Facebook Pages and growing your audience, then you are really missing out on a great opportunity.

Jeff and I aren’t the only ones making good money from our Pages. Are you going to join us? Check out Social Profit Funnels and learn how.

Let’s make some money!


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