4 Tips For Successful Plenty of Fish (POF) Campaigns

A lot of my PeerFly publishers are running traffic on Plenty of Fish (POF) and I get a lot of questions related to setting up POF campaigns and increasing your clickthrough rate (CTR). Plenty of Fish is a great traffic source and if used properly it can be very profitable. They have a ton of traffic and although you are required to bid CPM, you can definitely get the traffic to convert with our affiliate offers. When bidding CPM it’s critical that you get a high CTR otherwise you’re just paying for impressions and you won’t ever see a return. Here are my four tips to help you make the most successful Plenty of Fish ad campaign possible.

Setup your POF Ads Campaign -> http://ads.pof.com

POF Targeting

Take Advantage of their Targeting

One of the best features behind POF’s self-serve ad platform is the targeting options. You can target pretty much every aspect of their users. You can see the different targeting options in the image to the right.

Although a large portion of the traffic on Plenty of Fish is from US visitors, they do have international traffic as well and recently added some new countries available for advertisers to target. You can currently target:

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom

You can even target users who have logged in a certain amount of times or clicked a certain number of ads!

Use the Ad Tags Available

As I mentioned, you need a high clickthrough rate to get your POF traffic to profit. One thing that you can do to really help increase your CTR is by including the POF tags (variables) within your ad. There are three different tags available:

  • {gender:default}
  • {age:default}
  • {state:default}

By using these tags you can include the user’s gender, age, or the state they live in on your ad title or description. Here is an example:

Title: Low Insurance Rates in {state:the US}!
Description: We have the lowest rates for {gender:people} {age:25+}.

So, the ad above would include my information if I were on POF and it would display Lowest insurance Rates in Florida. The tag has two peices. The first is the variable (state, gender, age) and the second is the default message if that data is not available. So, in the example above, if I had not chosen a state on my Plenty of Fish profile the ad would display: Low Insurance Rates in the US!

Plenty of Fish claims an average CTR of 0.15% and I think a lot of credit for having such a high average CTR is because of the ad tags. You are able to grab the user’s attention by including data about them in your advertisements and I highly suggest you use them.

Demographic Research Tool

Demographic research is important when it comes to launching any affiliate ad campaign. Typically I suggest collecting demographic data from Quantcast and your own tests, but I am happy to say that POF has somewhat of a hidden gem, a demographic interests tool.

Now, not all Plenty of Fish users will enter interests on their POF profile, but it’s still a pretty cool tool to get a general idea of demographic data you should target. When I asked Ben from POF about the tool he said:

It’s a tool that gives you a good idea of where you start but not everyone puts interests in the interest field so it could be skewed.

It’s important to always split test, but this tool and Quantcast should be good starter points.

POF Demographic Interests Tool

Mr. Green’s Plenty of Fish Ad Uploader

If you read my article on finding popular affiliate blogs, Mr. Green’s blog should be on your list. Mr. Lorenzo Green is a great affiliate marketer and he also has a very good tool to help you create Plenty of Fish ad campaigns. That tool is called Mr. Green’s Plenty of Fish Ad Uploader.

Here is a video created to explain how exactly it works and the benefits to using it.

I think that pretty much explains everything. Since that video there have been more great updates made to the tool and you can read about them on the sales page. It costs $100, but once you start running some POF campaigns you’ll easily see that it’s well worth the money.

In conclusion, Plenty of Fish is a great traffic source and should be one that every publisher tests out. Everyone always talks about how well dating offers convert on it, but you can get pretty much anything to convert with the right targeting and a good creative. Give it a try and let me know if you have any questions.


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