4 Tips For Successful Plenty of Fish (POF) Campaigns

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This article was published 5 years, 9 months ago. Please keep in mind that the information may be outdated. Post a comment below if you have any questions.

A lot of my PeerFly publishers are running traffic on Plenty of Fish (POF) and I get a lot of questions related to setting up POF campaigns and increasing your clickthrough rate (CTR). Plenty of Fish is a great traffic source and if used properly it can be very profitable. They have a ton of traffic and although you are required to bid CPM, you can definitely get the traffic to convert with our affiliate offers. When bidding CPM it’s critical that you get a high CTR otherwise you’re just paying for impressions and you won’t ever see a return. Here are my four tips to help you make the most successful Plenty of Fish ad campaign possible.

Setup your POF Ads Campaign -> http://ads.pof.com

POF Targeting

Take Advantage of their Targeting

One of the best features behind POF’s self-serve ad platform is the targeting options. You can target pretty much every aspect of their users. You can see the different targeting options in the image to the right.

Although a large portion of the traffic on Plenty of Fish is from US visitors, they do have international traffic as well and recently added some new countries available for advertisers to target. You can currently target:

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom

You can even target users who have logged in a certain amount of times or clicked a certain number of ads!

Use the Ad Tags Available

As I mentioned, you need a high clickthrough rate to get your POF traffic to profit. One thing that you can do to really help increase your CTR is by including the POF tags (variables) within your ad. There are three different tags available:

  • {gender:default}
  • {age:default}
  • {state:default}

By using these tags you can include the user’s gender, age, or the state they live in on your ad title or description. Here is an example:

Title: Low Insurance Rates in {state:the US}!
Description: We have the lowest rates for {gender:people} {age:25+}.

So, the ad above would include my information if I were on POF and it would display Lowest insurance Rates in Florida. The tag has two peices. The first is the variable (state, gender, age) and the second is the default message if that data is not available. So, in the example above, if I had not chosen a state on my Plenty of Fish profile the ad would display: Low Insurance Rates in the US!

Plenty of Fish claims an average CTR of 0.15% and I think a lot of credit for having such a high average CTR is because of the ad tags. You are able to grab the user’s attention by including data about them in your advertisements and I highly suggest you use them.

Demographic Research Tool

Demographic research is important when it comes to launching any affiliate ad campaign. Typically I suggest collecting demographic data from Quantcast and your own tests, but I am happy to say that POF has somewhat of a hidden gem, a demographic interests tool.

Now, not all Plenty of Fish users will enter interests on their POF profile, but it’s still a pretty cool tool to get a general idea of demographic data you should target. When I asked Ben from POF about the tool he said:

It’s a tool that gives you a good idea of where you start but not everyone puts interests in the interest field so it could be skewed.

It’s important to always split test, but this tool and Quantcast should be good starter points.

POF Demographic Interests Tool

Mr. Green’s Plenty of Fish Ad Uploader

If you read my article on finding popular affiliate blogs, Mr. Green’s blog should be on your list. Mr. Lorenzo Green is a great affiliate marketer and he also has a very good tool to help you create Plenty of Fish ad campaigns. That tool is called Mr. Green’s Plenty of Fish Ad Uploader.

Here is a video created to explain how exactly it works and the benefits to using it.

I think that pretty much explains everything. Since that video there have been more great updates made to the tool and you can read about them on the sales page. It costs $100, but once you start running some POF campaigns you’ll easily see that it’s well worth the money.

In conclusion, Plenty of Fish is a great traffic source and should be one that every publisher tests out. Everyone always talks about how well dating offers convert on it, but you can get pretty much anything to convert with the right targeting and a good creative. Give it a try and let me know if you have any questions.

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54 thoughts on 4 Tips For Successful Plenty of Fish (POF) Campaigns

  1. Luke, this is great! But with Mr. Green’s tool, how do I track with prosper202 which ad copy converted? Because in his tool I can only enter one Click-Through URL under the “Creatives” section. And his tool uploads multiple variations of the ad automatically. I want to be able to see which ad copy converted with the peefly offer. What should the tracking URL look like? Thank you in advance for your help!

      1. Thank you, Luke. I see that the POF tool automatically assigns numerical sub id. Is there a way to name the subids, for example adcopy1, adcopy2, etc.

        Because when I upload 20 different ad variations, I want to see in Prosper202 which ad copy actually converted.

        Before using this POF tool, I created one unique prosper202 link for each ad. But now that I am uploading so many ads at once, I’m not sure how to track it with Prosper.

  2. About 50% of my adverts are getting turned down on POF because of the landing page country redirect. The ads were for US and Australia based offers (some approved, some not). It must depend on which country the advert reviewer is located. I’ve found if I resubmit the adverts again at a different time of day then they often get approved.

  3. When pof gives the option of uploading a banner, do we need to make the banner clickable or does pof automatically make it clickable when we provide the destination url? Also, is there is an option to upload an image. Is there a difference between an image and a banner other than the size?

    1. You sound pretty confused. The thing that makes a banner clickable is the destination URL, so they have you covered there 🙂 They have a 110×80 ad option when you upload an image along with your banner text or you can just upload a banner advertisement (no text with it).

  4. I know this will sound dumb. i watched the Mr. Greens tool and plan to get it. When you set up the 25.00 daily budget and then did 100 campaigns, is the 100 campaigns covered for 25.00 par day? or is it 25.00 per campaign for 2500.00 per day?

    1. With POF you can set a daily budget for each campaign. So, if you want to spend $25 you can setup 5 campaigns with a $5 daily budget each or one campaign with a $25 daily budget. You can create as many ads as you like within a campaign and POF does a pretty good job of splitting up the traffic within the campaign evenly throughout your ads.

  5. Hey Luke-
    I always love your posts…Do you find peerfly landers convert on plenly of fish or do I need create my own landers I am still learning

    1. Great to hear, thanks! I usually start out a campaign direct linking and if that campaign is doing well or at least breaking even I’ll create my own landing page to split test. If you create your own landing page you can develop your own angle, which may make the user decide to finally sign up for whatever dating site you are promoting, even if they’ve seen it before (which a lot of them probably have) 🙂

  6. Thanks a lot for clearing it up. I was wondering if you had a chance to test image banner and 110×80 banner on POF. Which one converted well for you? A rough idea will do.

  7. I have had a POF account for some time, I thought it was a dating site so I never
    Used it. I don’t,have a network with dating promotions.

  8. POF disproves all my ads, because of the landing page redirection when the person clicking the ad is from a different than targeted country. For example if the offer is for the US audience, and the POF reviewer is in some other country, he will see a redirected spam page and disapprove the ad. Most of the dating offers have a country restriction (Sweden, UK…) and redirect to spam if the visitor is from other countries. POF will not allow them.

  9. Thanks, I will create some new ads, as the ones that were disproved have already been deleted. Will e-mail you as soon as they disapprove it again.

  10. Hey Luke

    First of all great post as always.

    My question is, compared to Facebook, which network is more expensive to advertise, in terms of CPMs… POF or Facebook?

    My second question is, can we promote other Peerfly offers like Scholarship offers in POF? Or are we limited to only Dating offers.

    1. Facebook and POF are two different monsters so it really depends on what angle/direction you are taking your marketing. We do really well with both. Typically I recommend starting with POF.

      You can promote any offer that allows Social PPC and doesn’t specifically restrict POF on POF, but I almost recommend dating exclusively. You can try whatever you want though as long as it falls within the guidelines 🙂

  11. Hey Luke

    So with the 310×110 if I upload it with the variables you wrote in this blog post.

    It will still work? or does it have to be on POF’s 110×80?

  12. Hey Luke another question sorry. I am not understanding the Demographic Tool on POF that you said within this blog.
    55-64: 315.38% (expected is 100%)

    It says that for age. I don’t understand that. Expected 100% or the 315.38%.
    What is your view on something like that?

    1. As I mentioned, that tool is not 100% reliable, but if that 315% is much higher than the rest of the demos than that might be the age range to target. Worst case scenario you can split test 🙂

  13. Luke,

    I am curious as to if it is possible to change your copy font/format/color of text when typing the text in the POF title or description. Is it possible to do this or is everyone stuck with the same default color and size text? If it is possible, where can i learn more about this? Sorry if this is a silly question.


    1. Everyone’s stuck with the same color for the regular ad, but you can do a custom 310×110 and use whatever font/colors you want 🙂

  14. Hi Luke, wondered if you were still using pod and had a contact number there? Signed up yesterday, created two campaigns and added $100. Now it says I have no account and no one is responding to me!!

    Any help would be appreciated.


  15. I’m trying to create my first POF campaign, but the only two banner sizes (as mentioned before) are not banner sizes that are even available on Peerfly…so you always have to create new banners for Peerfly offers, right?

    Also, it would be great if you could write a post about creating your own LPs instead of direct linking, specifically if you don’t already have your own site to do so. So, doing the kw research, creating the LP, etc…


  16. Hi Luke, Thanks for all the info you provide. Switching my focus from listbuilding/email marketing to promoting CPA offers full time. Applied to Peerfly, hopefully I can get accepted : )

  17. Hy,
    how would that tag that you mentioned reflect in ad:
    Description: We have the lowest rates for {gender:people} {age:25+}
    Is there any post with more detailed explained TAGS how to use them as I am a bit confussed, because there you have tags to use the variable is default, but what are other possible variables, for example {state:default}, and you used {state:the US}, so variable is “the US”, so how do I know it is not USA, etc. and tag {age:25+} what would be output?

    1. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about it. You might want to check on AffiliateFix.com. I saw some people selling their accounts before 🙂

  18. There seems to be a lot of demand for POF advertising. They have closed registration for new advertisers until they finish they roll out their new ad system. Sounds really interesting.

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