Facebook Ads Case Study – Movie Tickets

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Last Friday I emailed out my first ever case study to those on my Affiliate Manager newsletter mailing list. I’ve gotten great feedback and quite a few of my PeerFly publishers setup campaigns this past weekend based on the information I provided. Well, I didn’t think it was fair not to share it with everyone, Continue Reading

Motivation – $350,000 in a Week


I love affiliate marketing because the earning potential is so large. If you find something that works, know how to scale it, and have a good cash flow you can make thousands of dollars every single day. It’s not easy and unfortunately I have yet to have my first $1,000 affiliate marketing day, but I Continue Reading

Direct Linking PeerFly Offers on Facebook

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I mentioned in my IMGrind review yesterday that the affiliate industry is constantly changing. One major change that we have seen over the past few years is that ad networks are no longer accepting direct affiliate links. AdWords is a great example. It used to be very easy “back in the day” to throw an Continue Reading

IMGrind Review

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I’ve mentioned several times the different places where you can get free information on affiliate marketing. For example, there are a a ton of great affiliate blogs with quite a bit of good free information on them. However, the saying “you get what you pay for” is usually correct. In this case, there is a Continue Reading

Exclusive 7Search Promotion – Get a $25 BONUS

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While I was at Affiliate Summit West I had the opportunity to speak with many advertisers and the entire time I was trying to strike up deals for my PeerFly publishers. A lot of the advertising networks I spoke with did not have a promo or bonus program and were not interested in setting one Continue Reading