Interview with Oliver Kenyon from


I am very happy to announce my first interview on my blog. Since going fulltime with PeerFly, I have been trying to be more active on the different affiliate marketing forums available and one that I joined awhile ago and have been somewhat inactive on is CPAFix. I am pretty good friends with the owner, Continue Reading

Easily Create Banner Ads with Pixlr

One thing that I continue to get questions about from my PeerFly publishers is how to create their own banner ads. Creating your own banner can be as easy or difficult as you choose, but I usually go the easy route when I first start working on a campaign. I have mentioned before that you Continue Reading

Include the visitor’s location on your landing page

A good affiliate marketer will always be looking for ways to improve his/her landing pages. One way that I do this is by checking to see what advertisers are doing on the landing pages for the offers on PeerFly. Well, recently I noticed that a good portion of our email and zip submit offers now Continue Reading

Optimize Your 7Search PPC Campaign

optimize 7search campaign

I have done two follow up posts to this post that you should look at. Those are How to Setup a 7Search Campaign and How to Truly Optimize your 7Search Campaign. Please make sure you read through those as well as they are much more detailed. I recently wrote a review on 7Search and since Continue Reading

Mobile Friendly PeerFly Stats from

With my projects, it is always my goal to make websites or services that will help my PeerFly publishers or improve on the features we already have at PeerFly. We have a mobile page where our publishers can view some of their earnings, but it’s nothing really special. Well, I decided to go ahead and Continue Reading