mThink’s Revenue Performance Survey – Vote for PeerFly!

Revenue Performance started their Blue Book Top 20 Ad Network 2012 Survey and once again, we are hoping to rank pretty high at PeerFly. We have put a link on the Publisher Dashboard asking everyone to vote for us, but I thought I’d go ahead and do a blog post here as well because I Continue Reading

7Search PPC Search Engine Ad Network Review

I have been using 7Search as a PPC (pay-per-click) traffic source for about three years now and have spent quite a bit of money promoting both affiliate campaigns and some of my own projects. I have found that although the traffic quality is much lower on 7Search than you would find on a 1st tier Continue Reading

Finding Keywords with Ubersuggest

There are a lot of keyword research tools out there, but the one I have found the most useful is Ubersuggest. Prior to finding Ubersuggest, my favorite keyword tool was the AdWords Keyword Tool. Well, Ubersuggest is the AdWords Keyword Tool on steroids! Simple Free Keyword Tool One of the best things about Ubersuggest is Continue Reading

WordPress Plugins I use for SEO

I have quite a few WordPress plugins I use on this blog, but the most important ones I have found are the ones I use for SEO. WordPress makes SEO really easy, but the plugins available make it almost impossible to mess up. I’ve included a list of the plugins I currently have installed and Continue Reading