How to iframe an affiliate offer

Although I always suggest that PeerFly publishers learn how to create their own landing pages, it’s not always necessary. Direct linking is also common practice among affiliate marketers. Instead of creating a landing page and directing traffic to the offer through that, you simply use your affiliate link (Short Link or Long Link on PeerFly) and Continue Reading

Why was my request for approval to run a PeerFly offer denied?

We have over 1,000 active offers at PeerFly. Of those 1,000+ offers, about 5% require manual approval. What doe this mean? It means you have to request approval to run the offer before you can run it. We have to have this system in place for some of our advertisers who are more strict on Continue Reading

WordPress Plugin WPtouch is AWESOME

Today I stumbled upon a pretty awesome plugin for WordPress that I wanted to share. I know a lot of my PeerFly publishers are working with mobile traffic and are busy creating mobile optimized landing pages using jQuery Mobile for their campaigns, but today I found something that seems like it would probably be a Continue Reading

Search PeerFly Offers at

I am not just an affiliate manager at PeerFly. I am also currently a student at Illinois State University studying Information Systems Web Application Development. I am finishing up my senior year at ISU and will be graduating this May. The reason I mention that is because I am not only passionate about affiliate marketing, Continue Reading

PeerFly Cash Flow

One of our biggest assets at PeerFly is our custom platform. Our network has been custom programmed from the ground up and this leaves us with a lot of opportunity to expand and add features that other networks do not have. One great example of such a feature is our Cash Flow system. Pretty much Continue Reading