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Comment Contest: Win a PeerFly Shirt!

PeerFly Shirt
Following in the footsteps of my buddy Sté Kerwer of, I have decided to have my own comment contest. There have been a lot more comments posted on my recent articles than normal and traffic has been picking up nicely. So, it’s time to give back.

Dukeo Comment Contest

dukeoBefore I go into detail on what you have to do to participate in my contest, here is a little bit of information on the comment contest that is being held at Dukeo (and what gave me the idea for this one). Sté has a great blog and posts a few articles each day, so there is plenty of content to read and comment on. To help encourage more engagement, he’s running a pretty sweet contest with some awesome prizes. To participate in his contest, all you have to do is sign up for his newsletter and comment on his posts. That’s it. Check out these awesome prizes!

Commenting Contest’s Prizes

There will be 4 winners to this commenting contest:
  • 1st Winner: The person with the most comments. Prize: Amazon Kindle OR Ipod Nano (your choice)
  • 2nd Winner: The second person with the most comments. Prize: Ipod Shuffle
  • 1st Random Winner: A third winner will be randomly selected from the comments posted by participants (1 comment posted = 1 chance to win). Prize: Ipod Shuffle
  • 2nd Random Winner: A fourth winner will be randomly selected from the comments posted by participants (1 comment posted = 1 chance to win). Prize: Ipod Shuffle
The first two winners will be the top commenters. It’s a little late in the contest to win those, but if you’re very active you may be able to pull it off. The contest doesn’t end until July 6th. The last two prize winners will be randomly drawn from all the people commenting on the posts. You can also get more entries in the random drawing if you post about the contest on your own blog, but I doubt anyone will do that ;)

Win a PeerFly Shirt!

Everyone loves our PeerFly shirts and Chad was nice enough to give me 5 of them to give away. To win one of our awesome shirts you simply need to sign up for my newsletter, Affiliate Manager Exclusive, and post a comment below with what you would like to see more posts about here on LPF :) So, enter to win a shirt!
  1. Sign up to receive my free newsletter, Affiliate Manager Exclusive.
  2. Post a comment below telling me what you would like to see me write about. Case studies? Traffic sources? Landing page design? Mobile development? Write whatever you are interested in seeing.
Only one comment per person on this post will be counted towards the drawing. I am going to draw 5 random people on Monday, July 23rd. I will contact all 5 winners via email (make sure you use the email you used to subscribe to my list when posting your comment) for their shirt sizes and shipping address. Once this comment contest is over I plan to have another, but it will be quite a bit different and have some awesome prizes of my own. I appreciate your participation and feedback!

Motivation – $350,000 in a Week


I love affiliate marketing because the earning potential is so large. If you find something that works, know how to scale it, and have a good cash flow you can make thousands of dollars every single day. It’s not easy and unfortunately I have yet to have my first $1,000 affiliate marketing day, but I know plenty of people who have done it and watch more and more publishers of mine do it each year. One of the major factors to whether you can do it or not will be if you are motivated enough and willing to work hard enough to get there. Well, here is some motivation.

PeerFly earnings motivation
Click on the image to enlarge

I have never publicly released any of my publishers actual statistics, but thought that for this post it might be a good idea to give it a try. I got permission to post this beautiful graph so that it could help motivate you and show you what is possible. Yes, those statistics are real. That’s about $350,000 in a week.

No, you are not going to make $350,000 in your first week of affiliate marketing. You might not even make $3,500 in your first year. However, if you work at it and keep focused you can be successful.

Eric Thomas The Hip Hop Preacher

Eric Thomas (ET) is a motivational speaker. He recently spoke at Affiliate Summit West. I was lucky enough to be there and really enjoyed his keynote. If you have never heard of ET I highly recommend you take a look at his YouTube Channel. He is a very motivational guy and I love his videos.

After his keynote at Affiliate Summit was over Travis gave ET a PeerFly shirt and he wore it in his next video (embedded below)!

et peerfly back

et peerfly front

Pretty cool right? We were all really excited to have our shirt featured in ET’s video and really appreciate it.

So, how much money are you going to make this year? How many different campaigns and traffic sources are you going to test until you get it right? That is all up to you. I am here to help. Let me know if you have any questions and let’s make some money!

Affiliate Summit West (ASW12) Wrap Up

asw12 wrap up featured
Today is my first day back in the PeerFly office since leaving on the 7th for Affiliate Summit West (ASW12). This year’s Affiliate Summit West was by far the best one I have gotten to go to. There was a record attendance and I am confident that we were able to drum up more business at this event than any other we have gone to. I got to meet many new affiliates including some publishers that I am already working with. It is always nice to put a face to a name (or email) :)

Meet Market

Meet Market ASW12 We didn’t have a table in the Meet Market at ASE11 in New York, but we had one in Vegas last year so we decided to go ahead and get another one this year. It was a great decision. The Meet Market was absolutely packed. There were over 5,000 attendees this year and I am pretty sure a majority of them decided to go to the Meet Market. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed meeting so many new people, including my buddy Stéphane Kerwer, from

Exhibit Hall

ASW12 Exhibit Hall Caesars Palace is a huge casino and needless to say, they have a very large conference center. The Exhibit Hall was a giant room filled with booths from all over the industry. A few companies that I’ve mentioned on my blog before had booths including LeadImpact, 7Search, Mediatraffic, and According to, 27% of the attendees were networks and that was easy to see because most of our competitors had booths setup as well. We used the same booth that we have used at the past two shows. PeerFly Booth We plan on getting a new booth for our next show, but overall this booth has been great and we always get compliments. Our new shirt turned out pretty good. We had it shipped directly from the printer to Caesars Palace so we didn’t get to see it before hand, but it’s pretty cool. ASW12 Shirt I don’t think it was quite as popular as our shirt from last year, but it turned out pretty good and I didn’t hear anyone say they didn’t like it. In conclusion, it was a great show and I’m pretty lucky to have a job where I get to go to Vegas for about a week and get paid to do it. Being an affiliate manager is great overall, but getting paid to go to Vegas, meet new people, and play blackjack are pretty good perks. But, now it’s time to catch up on all these emails from while I was gone and follow up with the people I spoke with at ASW! :)

ASW12 – Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas!

After a nice long Christmas vacation I am busy catching up because Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas starts Sunday, January 8th! Affiliate Summit West has always been my favorite affiliate conference that we go to at PeerFly and that is primarily because it’s always hosted in Las Vegas. This year the conference is being held at Caesars Palace so it should be a great time!

Meet Market Table and Booth

When we were in Vegas last year at ASW11 we had our first meet market table and booth. This year we have decided to do them both again. If you will be attending and want to meet up and get some free PeerFly swag (including an awesome PeerFly shirt!) here is our information:
  • Meet Market Table #78
  • Booth #504

ASW12 PeerFly Shirt

Our shirt for ASW12 is pretty awesome. Everyone loved the design last year, but I think this one is going to be even more popular. ASW12 PeerFly Shirt We will also have some great new PeerFly hats and our shirts from Vegas last year that we’ll be giving out. If you are there, make sure you stop by and pick one up :) Alright, time to get back to catching up on emails. Only a few days left before the fun begins!