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Last month PeerFly launched a new incentive based affiliate network called On the day of the launch and the following weeks one of the common questions I received was, “when is there going to be an”

Over the past 2+ years my PeerFly publishers have grown fond of my offer search at When I originally launched PeerFly Offers I assumed it would only be used by people that found it doing Google searches or people who were not approved yet by PeerFly, but what I have found is that a lot of affiliates still use it after they’re an approved PeerFly publisher. I often use it myself rather than the PeerFly offer search and last year there were over 300,000 searches performed on so I know I’m not the only one.

So, with the launch of I knew I needed to put together and after a few short weeks of programming and tweaking code, I officially launched it yesterday! Offers

Search Offers

The cool thing about and is they have the exact same structure just like PeerFly and and they work the same, but obviously with different offers. With you can search through the 500+ incentive affiliate offers that are available at The search bar at the top of the page will search each offer’s:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Offer ID
  • Country
  • Vertical
  • Banner Sizes

It has a nice autocomplete (search as you type) feature as well. Offer Lists

You can also use Incently Offers to view various offer lists. These include:

and the top offers for each marketing method allowed:

There are also lists for each offer vertical available on You can use these lists and offer search to find the best available offers to run for your specific incentive traffic. Offers

Each offer found when searching Offers has it’s own offer page as well. On that offer page you can find all the details available for that offer. This includes offer description, vertical, allowed marketing, restricted marketing, banners, similar offers, and conversation rate history. is the only place you can find each offers conversion rate history!

So, what do you think? I am planning to keep improving on PeerFlyOffers and IncentlyOffers. It should be easy to apply any new features or updates to both sites. If there’s anything you would like to see added or updated please let me know.

Let’s make some money!

My PeerFly Application is Pending. Now What?

peerfly application pending

So, you have finally completed your PeerFly Publisher application. Congratulations! If you have completed the entire application and the verification steps then you should get a message telling you that your application is pending review:

Congratulations on completing the entire application. Now, one of our approval managers will process all of your data. We may contact you via e-mail, phone, or messenger if we need clarification on any of your personal information or marketing practices. You should expect to receive an answer from us within 1 to 3 business days.

If you are seeing this message then you are all set. Corey, the PeerFly Approvals Manager, will review your application as soon as possible and you will get an email letting you know if you have been approved or not.

How long before your application is reviewed?

Well, as you can see in the message above, Corey will review your application as soon as possible. The amount of time it takes for him to review your application will fluctuate, but on average PeerFly applications are reviewed within 3 or 4 days. If your application has been pending for more than week you should contact me or Corey and find out why it has not been reviewed yet. It’s likely that you did not complete all the steps or there is something missing. Either way, we can figure out what needs to be done.

What can you do while you are waiting for your application to be reviewed?

There are some things you can do while you’re waiting for your application be reviewed that can prepare you so once you’re approved you are ready to start making some money. I suggest:

I have written about quite a few articles on the different parts of our Publisher backend at PeerFly and they are all listed under my PeerFly FAQ category. These articles discuss everything PeerFly and will help you get familiar with our backend, before you can even access it! Once approved you’ll have no problem navigating through our already easy to use backend.

PeerFly offers

I have created a public directory of all of our offers on PeerFly that you can access at You cannot access our offers on PeerFly until you are approved, but with PeerFly Offers you can search through the 1,000+ affiliate offers we have available on our network anytime. You can also look through a list of our top converting offers to see what’s working for our other publishers so once you’re approved you’ll be ready to setup your first campaign immediately.

If you aren’t already a member of WarriorForum, I highly suggest you sign up. If you’re interested in PPV traffic then you should check out CPVDen as well. CPAFix is also an awesome affiliate forum. These forums have thousands of members who are trying to make money online using affiliate marketing, just like you. They are all sharing free information that can be very helpful to any affiliate marketer.

Once you complete your application it will probably be a few days before it is reviewed, but there are things you can to do help prepare yourself once you are approved. Please be patient. We want to work with you as badly as you want to work with us. Once you’re approved you will get an email from us and we can start making some money!

Rotate PeerFly offers using

peerflybanners featured
With over 1,000 active offers, it’s sometimes hard to decide which ones to promote. Yes, we have a pretty good offer search system and I created PeerFly Offers to help, but it’s still not the easiest task. This is especially true when you have a network of sites in different niches and you are just trying to monetize the traffic with something besides Google AdSense. Because of all this, I get a lot of requests from my PeerFly publishers for a simple offer rotator where they can just copy and paste a script on their site and it’ll rotate offers for them. So, I created

PeerFly Banners is a simple service that does exactly what I described above. It allows you to setup a quick script that you can put on your website and it’ll automatically rotate our 1,000+ affiliate offers on PeerFly based on the vertical you select and the banner size. automatically rotates affiliate offers

Create Your Script

I have intentionally made it super easy to use this service. Everything you need is available to you on the homepage. You will need to complete the form with the following information.
  • PFID – Your PeerFly ID, which you can find when you login to PeerFly. You must be an approved publisher. If you are not, Join PeerFly.
  • Verticals – Choose the verticals you would like the site to grab offers and banners from. If you do not care, you can select All Verticals.
  • Banner Size – Choose the size banner you would like to display. There are several sizes to choose from.
Once you have entered that information push Generate Code and the site will generate a javascript code snippit you can place on your site and it will automatically rotate offers based on the information you provided above. All clicks generated will go to your PeerFly affiliate link and you will be able to see them and any conversions on your PeerFly Reports page. The subid peerflybanners is placed in the link so you will be able to see that on your reports. Please feel free to take a look at the site and test it out. The offers and banners update automatically everyday. Right now there are 6,524 different banners being rotated. This is my second site I’ve put up in the past week so if you run into any bugs let me know. I think I have them all worked out, but you never know. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions :)

Search PeerFly Offers at

PeerFlyOffers featured
I am not just an affiliate manager at PeerFly. I am also currently a student at Illinois State University studying Information Systems Web Application Development. I am finishing up my senior year at ISU and will be graduating this May. The reason I mention that is because I am not only passionate about affiliate marketing, but I also am very passionate about web development, which is part of the reason I started working for PeerFly to begin with. Programming (PHP) and web design are hobbies of mine and I love to develop websites in my spare time. Well, yesterday I decided to take a break from my normal work/school day and developed

Search PeerFly Offers

The idea behind the site is I want to give non-PeerFly publishers the change to look through a directory of our offers. Right now the only way to view our offers if you are not already an approved PeerFly publisher is to use services like OfferVault or oDigger. They are both very useful services, but I think something more focused on just PeerFly offers would be more effective. So, I jumped on the opportunity and this is what I came up with:

Website Features is updated each night with every single offer available on PeerFly automatically. I used our PeerFly XML feed (must be logged in to view) to grab a list of all of the offers and the information on those offers. I then created a search, offers lists, and my own offer information pages so you can easily gather information on any offer we have.

Offer Search

There is a search bar at the top of the site that allows you to quick search by offer title (it also looks in offer descriptions), offer vertical, or by the offer ID. If you’re looking for insurance offers just type insurance (one of our verticals). Once your search is complete the results page will show you all of the offers found in your search. By default the offers are ordered by conversion rate, but you have the option to order them by EPC and payout as well.

Offer Lists

I have created three separate offer lists for the site as well. Two of them are featured on the homepage.
  • New Offers – shows most recent offers added to PeerFly.
  • Top Converting Offers – shows top converting offers on PeerFly.
  • Top EPCs – shows offers with top average earnings per click on PeerFly.

Offer Information Pages

Once you find an offer you are interested in you can click the title and it will take you to the offer page. Each offer has a page listing:
  • Offer Statistics
  • Marketing Techniques (allowed and restricted)
  • Banners
  • Similar Offers
All of this information should help you when you are looking for offers on PeerFly. You can easily build something like this using our great API and XML/RSS feeds at PeerFly. If you aren’t sure how to make it yourself, what would you like to see made? We want to build the features you need. If you have any questions or suggestions, please post them in the comments below or contact me.