Tracking Keywords and URLs with DirectCPV

track directcpv subids
A lot of my PeerFly publishers are using DirectCPV right now and although I do not think it is the best PPV network, they do have traffic and there are some people running very successful campaigns with them. One issue they all seem to be having right now is that the pixel option with the new DirectCPV interface does not seem to work. It’s easy to see how this could be an issue when you go to optimize your campaign, but luckily there is another option that is just as good. Instead of placing the tracking pixel on PeerFly, you can simply pass their keyword/url variables into your PeerFly long link.

DirectCPV Destination URL

When you are setting up your Default landing page on DirectCPV they give you four variables that you can pass into your affiliate link. Well, just like when you setup a 7Search campaign, you can pass these variables into your long link and then when you view your Reports on PeerFly you can see a complete breakdown based on those SubIDs. Default landing page on DirectCPV The four different variables you can pass are:
  • $esc.url($query.keyword)
  • ${query.trafficProvider.key}
  • $esc.url($query.url)
  • $esc.url($matched.categoryName)
If you are looking at that and thinking, “well, that’s confusing”, I agree with you. I am not sure why DirectCPV decided to make them complicated variables when they could have done something as simple as %KEYWORD%, but they did. Luckily, passing these into your link is simple and you don’t even need them all. With PPV traffic I suggest bidding on URLs rather than keywords. If you are bidding on URLs then you should pass the $esc.url($query.url) variable into your first subid on PeerFly. If you are bidding on keywords then you should pass the $esc.url($query.keyword) variable into the first subid. I suggest passing the ${query.trafficProvider.key} variable into the second subid spot. I don’t really pay attention to categories, so I would ignore the last variable. If you are bidding on URLs then the subid section of your PeerFly Long Link would look like:
Simply copy and paste that into DirectCPV as your Destination URL and you’re all set! Once you start generating traffic you can go to your PeerFly Reports page and see a complete breakdown showing you which URLs you are getting conversions on and which ones you are not. Pretty simple right? Let me know if you have any questions. I hope to get a DirectCPV case study up done soon and I’ll be mailing it to my Affiliate Manager Exclusive subscribers. Make sure you get on my list! :)

New DirectCPV Interface Fails

directcpv fail
A lot of my PeerFly publishers have recently been running traffic with DirectCPV. Although it’s not my favorite PPV network, I’ve seen mixed results with some tests of my own so I don’t usually discourage it. As I mentioned in my Top PPV Networks post, it’s a good PPV network for newbies. However, with a recent “update” to their interface, I’m ready to start suggesting getting your PPV traffic elsewhere.

New DirectCPV Design

The new design looks nice, but it’s not functioning properly! I haven’t run any campaigns myself, but after logging in and taking a look around and reading this thread on CPVDen, I’m not going to be running any anytime soon either. Why would they release the new update without having it 100% ready to go? For example, I went to my Referrals page, clicked the button to get my referral link, and my referral code isn’t even there. Referrals Bug DirectCPV I hope they are able to get everything fixed and actually ready to go soon or I doubt they will have many people running traffic for much longer. Is anyone else having issues with the new DirectCPV interface?  new DirectCPV layout

Top PPV Networks

Top PPV Networks

I have been pushing PPV hard to my PeerFly publishers. We have been seeing great results from all the top PPV networks to our offers and I keep hearing great things from my publishers so of course, I push it to anyone who asks me for a good traffic source. But, what are the top PPV networks? I have discussed LeadImpact before, but what are the others?

Media Traffic

Media Traffic PPV

Media Traffic is a very well liked PPV network by most PPV affiliate marketers. Their approvals process is a little bit of a pain. You have to print out, complete, sign, and send back your application. You also have to scan a copy of your ID (sound familiar?) and a front and back copy of your credit card.

However, once you’re approved you’ll find that the interface at Media Traffic is pretty good and easy to use. They require a $200 initial deposit and at least $100 on each refill.

The traffic quality is okay and they have quite a bit of it. One of the advantages to using Media Traffic over LeadImpact is that the pop up window size you get to work with is 1024×720, which is bigger than LeadImpact (775×400). Personally, I like LeadImpact more than I like Media Traffic, but I’ve had publishers do really well with Media Traffic and had campaigns absolutely tank on LeadImpact. As a beginner, I would suggest applying to either Media Traffic or LeadImpact and then as you get used to how the traffic works and getting your campaigns profitable move to both networks.



DirectCPV is the PPV network I typically suggest for PPV noobies. There are several reasons for it:

  • The minimum deposit on DirectCPV is only $100 and they typically have a promotion going where you can get some bonus money on your deposit. So, you might get a $25 bonus on your first $100 deposit.
  • They have less traffic, which means you are less likely to blow through your budget without generating any leads. It gives you more opportunity to work on your keywords and target URLs to ensure you’re getting the best results possible.
  • They use interstitial ads that display when the user goes to a page in their browser instead of pop ups like every other PPV network. The ads are full screen, which means you do not have to create your own landing page to optimize for the size of the window.

I believe all of the things I mentioned above are what makes DirectCPV the most noob friendly PPV network. If you’re just getting your feet wet with PPV or are interested in trying it out, I definitely suggest you sign up for DirectCPV and either Media Traffic or LeadImpact.

AdOn Network

AdOn Network PPV

I do not personally have a lot of experience with AdOn Network, which is why it’s the most least likely network I would recommend to anyone pushing PPV traffic. I have heard good things about them, but primarily it seems publishers like the other networks more. I do have some information on them though:

  • They have a $200 minimum deposit.
  • The window size is the same as LeadImpact at 775×400.
  • They have a decent amount of traffic (similar to LeadImpact and Media Traffic, but more than DirectCPV).

Like I said, I recommend the other three networks I mentioned over AdOn, but if you have a profitable campaign working on the others it might be worth a try to see if you can get it working on AdOn.


Trafficvance PPV

Anyone who knows anything about PPV traffic knows that Trafficvance is the king network of PPV. They are the top network with the most traffic and the highest quality traffic. Of course, that comes with a price. The minimum deposit is $1,000 and you are required to be referred by someone in the network who is spending at least $50/day with them to join.

Once you are in you will find that Trafficvance has the best customer service and user interface than any other PPV network. Basically, it is the PPV network to be a part of. The main issue is the high minimum deposit and the referral. However, if you are running PPV traffic and are interested in joining Traffivance please do not hesitate to contact me. I am more than willing to be any of my PeerFly publisher’s referral if they have a proven PPV history with us.

Oh, and the window size for Trafficvance is 775×435.

Top 5 PPV Networks

Here is how I would rate which networks you should join based on my experiences, the experiences of my publishers, and what I’ve read on PPV forums and popular affiliate blogs.

  1. Trafficvance
  2. LeadImpact
  3. Media Traffic
  4. DirectCPV
  5. AdOn Network

This is the order in which I would suggest joining them:

  1. DirectCPV (great for beginners, low minimum deposit, low traffic)
  2. LeadImpact and/or Media Traffic (good quality, higher traffic, $200 deposit)
  3. Trafficvance (most traffic, $1,000 deposit)

Please feel free to post your opinions on the networks mentioned or other PPV networks in the comments below! I would love to hear about your PPV experiences.