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With over 1,000 active offers, it’s sometimes hard to decide which ones to promote. Yes, we have a pretty good offer search system and I created PeerFly Offers to help, but it’s still not the easiest task. This is¬†especially¬†true when you have a network of sites in different niches and you are just trying to monetize the traffic with something besides Google AdSense. Because of all this, I get a lot of requests from my PeerFly publishers for a simple offer rotator where they can just copy and paste a script on their site and it’ll rotate offers for them. So, I created

PeerFly Banners is a simple service that does exactly what I described above. It allows you to setup a quick script that you can put on your website and it’ll automatically rotate our 1,000+ affiliate offers on PeerFly based on the vertical you select and the banner size. automatically rotates affiliate offers

Create Your Script

I have intentionally made it super easy to use this service. Everything you need is available to you on the homepage. You will need to complete the form with the following information.
  • PFID – Your PeerFly ID, which you can find when you login to PeerFly. You must be an approved publisher. If you are not, Join PeerFly.
  • Verticals – Choose the verticals you would like the site to grab offers and banners from. If you do not care, you can select All Verticals.
  • Banner Size – Choose the size banner you would like to display. There are several sizes to choose from.
Once you have entered that information push Generate Code and the site will generate a javascript code snippit you can place on your site and it will automatically rotate offers based on the information you provided above. All clicks generated will go to your PeerFly affiliate link and you will be able to see them and any conversions on your PeerFly Reports page. The subid peerflybanners is placed in the link so you will be able to see that on your reports. Please feel free to take a look at the site and test it out. The offers and banners update automatically everyday. Right now there are 6,524 different banners being rotated. This is my second site I’ve put up in the past week so if you run into any bugs let me know. I think I have them all worked out, but you never know. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions :)

28 Responses to “Rotate PeerFly offers using”

  1. Luke, it seems that your javascript is writing out “display.php?etc…” instead of “…” or whatever it should be.

      • Luke -

      Wow, can’t believe I missed that. haha. Thanks, I’ve fixed it.

        • Luke -

        When I was testing it I was doing so on Lesson learned :P

      • No prob. is a great idea!

    • Luke -

    Made another change to the display code to optimize clicks. Should start seeing more clicks (higher CTR) :)

    • Mark -

    Looks like PeerFly Banners is not running right. My banners are not active, and when I went to the PeerFly Banners site, it wouldn’t let me create one.

      • Luke -

      Having a little issue with my host today. Sorry, should be fixed in the next 24 hours.

        • Mark -

        Any update on the PeerFly Banners issue?

        • Luke -

        Still working on it. I REALLY apologize for this. Worst case scenario I will get a new host this weekend and move the site over to a new server.

    • Richard -

    I just started using this and it is great but it would be nice if there was an option to use only the top say 100 offers by EPC or CR.

    • Mike -

    Luke, is there a join url for ?
    when I go to the site I only see a white page with:
    “Being updated. Ads are running fine.
    – PeerFly Affiliate Manager”
    I see this is an old post but I’m hoping it’s still working. I have a PFID

      • Luke -

      The site is currently down. I will have it back up soon.

  2. Creating such a system for rotating banner and tracking clicks and demographics can be hard task. You will need CDN and Cloud Technology for serving ads to such a high number of impressions.

    Request Feature – Geo Targeting ads.

    This type of setup can be costly to maintain and run.

      • Luke -

      Yeah, I need to make it so PeerFlyBanners only displays banners for the user’s country. This is an update I have planned :)

    • Nickels -

    Hey Luke…PeerflyBanners has been down for a little while banner ad only dispays “service unavailable” …. Is this somethng you think will be fixed soon?


    • Aymen B -

    Hey Luke
    it would be coool if you add Geoip detection and show offers based on IPs and countries !
    this will encrease the conversions and the earnings :)
    i hope you add it soon :)

      • Luke -

      Appreciate the feedback. I may actually shut down because we are developing an in-house banner rotator for PeerFly. Once that launches it will have that ability :)

        • Aymen B -

        awesome Luke !
        looking forward to that !

    • Leon -

    Hi Luke, Will there be any script for to rotate offers? It would be a great help if u create one..

      • Luke -

      You will be able to rotate offers within the content locker.

    • juk -


    The banner rotator displays random ad sizes even if I choose a 250×250 banner. It might me because those ad sizes aren’t available to display. This results in a 468×60 or 728×90 ad being displayed in a 250×250 ad slot(for instance). You should fix this issue.

      • Luke -

      I haven’t noticed this issue. Can you send me the link you’re using that’s having this issue?

    • Sagar -


    Peerfly banners on my blog aren’t reporting clicks. Should I include SID tags in the affiliate URL even if I don’t use them?

      • Luke -

      They should be working fine. Are you using the banner rotator or manually placing banners?

    • Sagar -

    I placed banner rotator initially which did report clicks. However, it displays random banners of varying sizes even if i choose a fixed size of 250×250. You can imagine how my blog would look if a 728×90 banner shows up on a 250×250:(

    For that reason, I chose to manually add links, which isn’t reporting clicks.

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