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Use a Proxy to View Landing Pages

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We have a lot of international publishers at PeerFly and one of the issues they tend to run into is viewing offer landing pages. Our advertisers only want to pay for traffic from certain countries on their offers so like most affiliate networks, PeerFly has a georedirect system setup so that anyone from outside of an offer’s Allowed Countries is automatically redirected. Most advertisers have their own redirect system setup as well. So, in order to view the landing pages you may need to us a proxy.

Using a proxy to view landing pages is fine. If you were to complete offers using a proxy then you would be sending fraud traffic to that offer and you will get your PeerFly account suspended. That being said, here is how you can view offer landing pages using a proxy.

View Landing Page link

First, go to the offer page on PeerFly for the offer you want to promote. Towards the top of the page you will find the View Landing Page link (shown to the right). This link bypasses the PeerFly georedirection and will make it so you can view the landing page in a proxy. Copy that link.

Now that you have the link copied and ready to go, you will need to find a good proxy to view the landing page. I suggest using has thousands of free proxies you can use. You may not get one that works the first time you try, but if you try a few times you are sure to find one that will allow you to view the landing page properly.

Go to and paste the View Landing Page link in the box on the right: view landing page

Push GO and a random proxy from will open up in a new window. Some proxies will require that you paste the View Landing Page link in the URL box for that proxy and some will automatically have it entered from Either way, go to the View Landing Page link in the proxy and it should open up the landing page. If it does not appear to open up properly, close the proxy window and try click GO on again.

It may take a few tries, but you should see the correct landing page. If you cannot get the proxy to work, you may want to check to see if the particular offer you are looking at has a screenshot available on You can view a screencast of how this is all done below. If you have any questions, let me know. Let’s make some money!

9 Responses to “Use a Proxy to View Landing Pages”

    • Dan -

    Why not just remove the auto redirect of traffic instead of forcing them to have to use a proxy? If you still want them to view the pages, yet they have to use a proxy or face redirection, then there really is no use of having the redirect there in the first place.

      • Luke -

      We have to auto redirect the traffic if it’s from outside of the countries that the advertiser wants coming to their offer. The View Landing Page link does bypass our redirection (that link goes directly to the advertisers landing page), but for the most part you will need to use a proxy on that link because typically the advertisers have their own redirection script as well.

    • Carmelo -

    Thanks Luke you’re doing great…sharing and helping out the ones that need guidance.

    • Juan Rivero -

    Thanks Luke
    Excellent post with valuable information
    Congratulations again to PeerFly “Top 10 CPA Affiliate Networks”

    • Pasi -

    :) Thanks!

    • jesus -

    Hello once you have viewed the landing page, at the proximity of the offer I do ..
    sorry I’m new

    • thamba -

    Thanks luke, great info. I was struggling viewing the pages

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