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POF Case Study:

pof case study featured

Over the past few days I have been working on a Plenty of Fish (POF) campaign for the SeniorPeopleMeet offer on PeerFly. The campaign I am running has a lot of potential and I plan to continue to work on it, but I decided to share everything anyway including my creatives, my bid strategy, and the results I have seen from the $50 I have spent on traffic. I encourage you to use this information to setup your own campaign. Whether you run SeniorPeopleMeet or not is up to you, but if you simply steal my campaign you will probably fail worse than I did. If you do steal it and make some modifications that turn it into a $500+/day profiting campaign, don’t forget your favorite affiliate manager.

Plenty of Creatives

With POF I have found that it’s very important to test a bunch of creatives, but it’s just as important not to overdue it. If you setup a campaign with a $3.00 daily budget and you are testing 100 different creatives then you are stretching your budget a little thin. I decided I wanted to see at least 2,500 views on an ad creative before I threw it out and kept a close eye on my traffic as it was coming in. After 2,500 views I hoped to see at least a 0.1% CTR. Plenty of Fish claims to have an average CTR of about 0.15%. I will explain why I wanted at least 0.1% or more when I discuss my bid strategy, but in order for a banner creative to be a “winner” it needed to have at least at 0.1% CTR after 2,500 impressions. If not, I deleted it.

With SeniorPeopleMeet I am obviously targeting an older demographic and from what I have read images of couples work well with an older demographic. So, I found a nice couple and threw together a bunch of 110×80 banner images of them using CrazyCTR. CrazyCTR is a awesome site that makes it really easy to add cool borders and effects to your images in order to help them stand out and increase your CTR. Here are some of the banner images I’ve generated and used on my campaign:

POF creatives

Some of these banner images combined with my ad copy had CTRs all day yesterday over 0.1%. The ones I didn’t think would work were actually the ones that did best. For example, the one in the bottom row and second from the left had a CTR of 0.102% after over 35,000 impressions.

Plenty of Bids

Bidding CPM is nothing new to me because I have been running campaigns on Facebook for ages using CPM bidding, but for a lot of you (especially┬ámy newer publishers setting up campaigns on 7Search) it’ll be very confusing at first. With a CPM bid, you are paying for every 1,000 impressions. So, if you bid $0.40 CPM you are paying $0.40 every 1,000 times your banner is shown on Plenty of Fish. How do you figure out what you should be bidding in order to get a enough traffic to get a high enough CTR to profit? To make it as simple as possible, I always use a 0.1% CTR to figure out where I need the numbers to be. I hope for a higher CTR than 0.1%, but if you aim for 0.1% and get higher that’s just a bonus. With a 0.1% CTR you will get 1 click every 1,000 impressions. So, if you’re bidding $0.40 CPM and have a 0.1% CTR your eCPC is $0.40. Easy enough right?

I usually start my campaign bidding low and then steadily increase my bid throughout the day. You should do this anyway because Plenty of Fish has more traffic at night and everyone else’s bids increase at night.

Plenty of Results

Here are the results of my campaign creatives mentioned above.

POF case study report

Overall, my CTR for the campaign so far is 0.072% after 171,512 impressions. The conversions are not 100% accurate because I did not place the tracking pixel until yesterday. Besides my targeting though, you have all the information for my campaign right there. POF has a ton of potential and with the information I provided above I am confident you can setup your own campaign and get it to profitability. I am going to continue to test my own campaigns so I know how I can help you make yours better and look forward to your questions. Let’s make some money! :)

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    • Paul Burgwardt -

    Did you test different variations of the text? Or did you do this only with the images?

    In the end, were you actually profitable?

      • Luke -

      My CTR with that ad copy was good so I mainly tested different banners. I was profitable overall :)

  1. Luke thanks for clearing that up on the CPM.. I’ve done a few CPM campaigns but had no clue what I was doing. LOL

    Great stuff..

    I just recently found out that I could run dating offers on POF. i thought that was a no no because it seems like a conflict of interest.

    Are there any more dating sites that allows advertising like POF?

      • Luke -

      I think PoF is the only one with self serve ads. You’re welcome :)

    • Jorge G -

    Thank you Luke for sharing your campaing! I’ll run one tonight

  2. Great post Luke. You should also try the heart shape variation, gets a really nice CTR on PoF.

    • Ed -

    Hey Luke, As always you’re right on time with great info. I’ve been following every post since ya started.Thanks to you i have the Lure needed… now i’m going fishing.

    • pnreddy -

    Great post Luke. Definitely a great learning resource for the newbies like me.

    • SD -

    Thank Luke, what is the max ROI for these campaigns ??

      • Luke -

      A max ROI?

    • Setyo W. -

    Hello Luke,
    I’m from Indonesia. I can’t find Indonesia on the advertiser registration form on country option. Can I still advertise on POF? How? Thanks

      • Luke -

      You can simply choose another country. POF takes advertisers from all countries.

  3. I found a farmers only dating website I am going to try on POF. I tried doing clickbank products on PoF but could never get anything profitable, the only thing I found that really works on PoF is dating sub niche sites.

      • Luke -

      From my discussions with Ben at POF, it seems like dating is really the way to go. Niche dating works great if you can find a good demo, but I’ve also had success with general dating like PerfectMatch. It’s all about the targeting :)

        • Luke -


    • JSM -

    Interesting case study, tough 2 things you didn’t mentionned…Were you using a lander or directlinking? Also, whats a “low” bid for you? I guess you didn’t go over 0.40$ since you’re ctr’s were on the lower side?

      • Luke -

      Good questions. I was direct linking and my low bid was about $0.17. My bid usually ranged from $0.30-0.40 during peak (night) hours.

    • Ryan -

    This is utter crap information, sorry man, gotta provide better content than this.

    Join Stack That Money Forum and learn.

    • Matt -

    Luke: Thanks for the share, very informative stuff about CPM measuring. A couple of questions: did you use a landing page or direct linking? And do you have any recommendations as to how many ads you’d upload for a $50 testing campaign?

      • Luke -

      I was direct linking and used 20 different ads steadily breaking it down to the top 5 performers.

    • Jake -

    Cool case study Luke. What ad size were you using?

      • Luke -


    • Guillermo -

    Do you allways target males and females at the same time?

      • Luke -

      No, I use Mr. Green’s tool and split test them :)

    • Guillermo -

    hav you ever have a succesful campaign targeting both genders ?

    I saw that in your description copy the text “FREE DATING SITE….” didnt you have any problem getting those ads accepted ?

    Thanks Luke

    • jenky -

    why did you leave out stats? thats kind of important….

      • Luke -

      I’m guessing you mean my conversion stats? It fluctuated because I was testing so many different variables, but overall I think it was at about 15%. I’ll post my final spend/earnings soon.

  4. Excellent info! I just went put together several variations to try for a very similar offer on PeerFly, and it was summarily rejected because the “landing page must specify disclaimer regarding rebilling/charge after completing free trial”

    The LPs are virtually identical for your offer and the one I’m running (same parent company, same text at the bottom, etc.) — any trick to getting it by the PoF gods?

      • Luke -

      You should email Ben (ben at for suggestions to get it approved.

      • Thanks! That did the trick, although it was a boneheaded move on my part: forgot to target a country, and APPARENTLY not all countries speak English.

        Sorry to have bugged you (and Ben), but lesson learned! :-D

    • Sam -

    Hey luke dont know if you can help me with this. I iframed my offer and placed post back pixel but problem is propser202 is not trackign iframed offers. Why is that so?

      • Luke -

      Not sure, but you shouldn’t need to iFrame an offer if you are using Prosper202.

        • Sam -

        I am using Adcenter and am not comfortable direct linking so I used my own domain and iframed it. It just does not fire.

        What did you mean I do not have to iframe if using Prosper202, does prosper have inbuilt feature?

    • Chris -

    How can you limit the spend on a creative to the 2500 views so you can evaluate it? Does POF have that capability? I just ran a test ad with a couple different creatives, but it went so fast that my funds were spent before I could remove poor performers and optimize.

      • Luke -

      You can setup a daily budget for your campaign, but I usually just watch it closely.

    • Joe Blow -

    Some offers on Peerfly say, “You must use approved creatives provided.”

    What does this mean to someone who wants to promote these offers on FB or POF?

    Thanks in advance.

      • Luke -

      You need to email your creative to myself or Corey and we will get it approved with the advertiser.

        • Joe Blow -

        So… if I want to test 110×80 ads with 30 images and 3 headlines on POF for example, I’d have to submit all those combinations to Peerfly for approval first?

        And what about landers? Do I have to submit my lander for approval whenever I make a tweak to it?

    • Tom Witek -

    How much money did you make off of this campaign?

    • Mary -

    Excellent report Luke. Thanks. Just I am not clear about: How can you limit the spend on a creative to the 2500 views so you can evaluate it? . Please I need more specific information to follow you.

      • Luke -

      Just monitor your campaign closely or set a low daily budget. I usually just keep a close eye on my campaign. As long as you’re bidding enough to get impressions, you should go through 2,500 pretty quick :)

    • jewel -

    I make 4 new campaign in pof but they haven’t approved yet,,I made jewicer campaign,Why they haven’t approved yet?

      • Luke -

      Not sure. They usually approve pretty quickly.

    • jewel -

    is there any account limit? I have there only 10$..that could be a reason?

      • Luke -

      If you have money on your account your ads should get reviewed.

  5. Hi Luke

    Thanks for the insight man. I’m new into CPA & wants to find my luck by running some campaigns for email submit & pin submit offers. Can you share some insights on the same.

      • Luke -

      If you’re interested in pushing email submits you should read through my 7Search Guide :)

    • khurram A. -

    Hi Luke,
    Any recommendations for bing network. Currently I’m buying traffic from bing but I’m not getting good results. Do you have any suggestions? thanks

    • Faz -

    Hi Luke,
    I just launched senior dating site in Spanish. So far mainly focusing on PPC, currently running Bing and Adwords. Also, focusing on social media to get the word out and gradually trying to improve organic rankings. I had been debating about using Plenty of Fish advertising platform but wasn’t sure. Thanks to you post I am in the process of creating a campaign, hopefully I will see good results. The last update above was in November, I’m sure you have experimented with all sorts of things. Can you share any other strategies and tips that can help me increase traffic and conversions to my website in that niche?


      • Luke -

      I actually haven’t been pushing POF much lately, but if you have a dating site it is THE place to advertise. Good luck!

    • Daniel -

    I managed to get 0.017% CTR from 57,200 impressions from a pretty similar campaign (40+ dating).


    • Asif -

    So you spend $50 and got 123 clicks and 5 conversions? ($0.41 per click). Why do you say you failed?

    • Oleksandr -

    what “Frequency Cap” setting on pof is best for your campaigns?

      • Luke -

      I’m using 3-5, but I also have a few campaigns setup with the same targeting which increases it basically :)

    • Oleksandr Fesak -

    Is that “3-5” settings are usually per visit? or per hour? or per day?

      • Luke -

      I usually do the default per visit.

  6. Hey Luke,

    How much have you spent overall and how much money did you earned?

    • scotty bolo -

    Good Stuff Luke, How long b4 you increase your bid ? im add and i wind up treating it like a damn loose slot machine, i watch it for a good 6 or 7 minutes then go from my starting bid of 40 to 55 , (that will get them 4 sure) nope, and i repeat untill i hit my daily bump it when and how much , thanks.

      • Luke -

      You have to let it ride for a bit before you change anything. I recommend trying POFPro and setting up multiple ads at multiple bids :)

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