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POF Case Study: Jewcier

jewcier case study

Plenty of Fish is a great traffic source that a lot of my publishers at PeerFly are really starting to take advantage of. In my article on traffic sources based on experience I explain that unless you’re completely new to affiliate marketing, I think you can probably handle setting up and running a campaign on POF. Running a campaign on POF is easy, but getting it profitable isn’t quite as easy. There are a lot of different targeting options you can test and there are a ton of great dating offers you can promote to those targets.

Earlier this month I setup a campaign using an old banner I created for an offer we recently added to PeerFly again called Jewcier. Well, I’ve decided to share everything about that campaign so you can use that information to setup your own successful campaign!

Jewcier Banner

jewcier banner

I have only been using one banner the entire time I have been running this campaign. I am sure just about every affiliate marketer you will ever meet will tell you that is a bad idea and I agree. However, this banner (shown to the right) has gotten a pretty good clickthrough rate the entire time I’ve been running the campaign so I decided to just keep using it. Below is a screenshot of my POF stats for my two campaigns Jewcier campaigns combined.

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 1.33.07 PM

The banner features a girl on the left with a cool border created using CrazyCTR. I included the site’s logo on the right, a small headline, and then a big headline at the bottom. The gradient background helps make the banner stand out from the standard 110×80 image/text ads. I’ve pre-qualified users not only with the banner, but also with my targeting.

Jewcier POF Targeting

Jewcier POF TargetingThe targeting on POF is the secret sauce to setting up a successful campaign. Creating a good banner to get a high clickthrough rate is important, but with good targeting you will get an even better CTR and your conversion rate will be much better.

With my Jewcier campaign I targeted jewish users from the United States (the offer’s only Allowed Country), who had logged in less than 150 times, and were not using a mobile device (Android or iPhone).

Considering that Jewcier is a jewish dating site it only made sense to target jewish users. This decreases my exposure, but it makes sure that the impressions I am paying for are worthwhile.

Targeting New Users

With this campaign I decided to lessen my reach even further by only targeting users who had logged in 150 times or less. Now, these aren’t exactly “new” users if they have logged in 50-150 times, but they also aren’t the old users who have been on POF forever and seen every dating ad out there. I’m direct linking to the Jewcier offer and it’s likely I have some competition also promoting this offer. Well, by targeting users with a lower login count it’s more likely that they haven’t seen Jewcier yet when they click my ad. By including the logo in my banner I’m also kind of pre-qualifying that as well. Someone that has signed up for Jewcier or at least checked out the site is likely to remember the logo or name and if they see it in my banner they probably won’t click.

No Mobile Traffic Please

I am tracking the traffic from my campaign using Prosper202 and I noticed in the Spy view on Prosper202 that a lot of my clicks originally on my Jewcier campaign (about 50%) were coming from mobile devices. The landing page for Jewcier is not optimized for mobile devices so I went in and removed Android and iPhone devices from my targeting. If you’re running a POF campaign that is not mobile optimized I highly suggest doing this.

Jewcier Conversions

So, what most of you probably think is the most important factor, was this campaign profitable? Yes! Here is a screenshot of my Prosper202 stats today for the campaign:

Jewcier campaign stats

The cost on this isn’t accurate because when I setup my CPC cost on Prosper202 I take whatever my default CPM bid is and use that. Prosper202 is setup for a $0.79 CPC, but I actually paid around $0.31 CPC. My true profit right now is $21.54. The campaign is profiting and has been profiting since I started running it. I’m going to continue to run it at the rate it’s at until it’s no longer profitable. My main purpose of setting up the campaign was to create a case study for tightly targeted POF campaigns, not making a bunch of money.

I am not trying to downplay the amount of work that goes into building a success affiliate marketing campaign, but anyone should be able to get a dating offer profitable on POF. You’re not going to make a ton of money setting up a tightly targeted campaign like I have shown above, but it if you’re making money you can reinvest that money into a broader campaign without having to worry too much about spending your budget. Give it a try yourself and let’s make some money!

54 Responses to “POF Case Study: Jewcier”

  1. Once again, Luke, you are the man. Thank you so much for the case study!

    • Jay -

    Great case study luke! Jewcier on Peerfly is a great offer :)

    • Vikas -

    this case study gives very much info :)

    • Bob -

    Mate, your pof says 82 clicks and your prosper say 8. It does not add up with your story. You sure you didn’t just click and fill the details yourself ?

      • Luke -

      lol. The Prosper202 stats are for the day I wrote the case study.

    • Alex -

    creative and a profitable campaign already? Nice :P. How much was your CPM bid?

    • Alex -

    Oh nvm, I did not even notice that you put it in the reporting feature :S. Anyway good results for only using 1 creative

    • Jack -

    How do you make these nice banners Luke? :)

    • Ian -

    What ad size are using for the banner above on pof? That banner looks bigger than the 110×80

      • Luke -

      You can do 110×80 with POF or they also have a 310×110 small banner. I used the 310×110 in this campaign.

  2. Hi Luke, great post and excellent insight, thanks! I have one noob question for you, Is it ok to direct link on POF? I know its a problem on Facebook, thats why I ask. Also does Peerfly allow direct linking with their offers?

      • Luke -

      Yes, direct linking on POF is fine.

    • Mihir -

    Hey Luke.
    Have you used Lp for it or direct linked the offer on POF?

      • Luke -

      Direct link

    • Rytis -

    Hey Luke, good post! I have one question in mind – did you use a Landing Page or Direct Linked the offer?

      • Luke -

      I direct linked to the offer. I don’t usually build a lander until after I see some traffic directly to the landing page and I’ll usually only build a lander if the conversion rate is an issue, which it’s not with this offer.

        • Rytis -

        At what conv rate you would go to build a lp? Interesting thing :)

        • Luke -

        Well, if it weren’t profitable I’d probably give it a try. If my CTR is around 0.1% then I only need a 6-7% CR to break even. My CR has been much higher than that so I know as long as my CTR is up I should profit. If my CR was only at around 3-7% I would probably try building a landing page to see if I could increase my overall EPC.

    • Dailer -

    Excellent contribution luke.
    thank you very much

    • barry hyacinth -

    Thanks Luke for this practical insight, I will try pof again tanks pal

  3. Hi Luke! Great insights here about POF. I’m looking into starting a campaign heavily focused on mobile (PPcall) – but not in the dating niche… Do you think other niches will be successful other than “dating”? Targeting the right demographic will be the key here – and will use your banner suggestions to per-qualify.

      • Luke -

      Dating is by far the best, but we’ve seen decent results with weight loss and fitness offers as well.

    • JSM -

    Hey Luke, are you still running this case study as it was…or changed ads, raised bids? Same for your Pinkwink case study?

    I’ve started my own test with these demos, and volume is SUPER low so far, don’t know how you got the results shown lol

      • JSM -

      Luke…? lol

      • Luke -

      Sorry, I must have overlooked your comment. I am no longer running this exact campaign. Too many people copied it exactly and killed my CTR and as you’ve seen, there is much less traffic. I’m working on testing some mainstream dating offers :)

        • JSM -

        No worries for the delay lol. I’m surprised your ctr’s went down, didn’t you tried using different 310s? I used your case study to get inspired and created my own banners for this offer. My ctr’s most of the days are holding on quite good…It’s the CVR thats way too low, even with a lander. Thats a surprise, tough if too many people have started using this offer, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise…Gotta find a better offer!

    • Bart -

    Very helpful info, Luke!

    I’m running an offer targeting males in France. While I have 4 110×80 winner ads (avg ctr of 0.2-0.3), the cvr is not too great. I’m going broad in targeting as well (10 year age span being the only variable, except for country, sex and browser types). Could you suggest extra variables to test that could increase the cvr?


      • Luke -

      Login count and session depth :)

        • Bart -

        Thanks a lot! I appreciate it.

        • James -

        How exactly does the session depth work? I can’t seem to find an answer about it. Thanks!

    • James -

    I am trying out this campaign now on POF as well out of curiosity to see if I can produce the same results as you have done Luke. Probably won’t have as much success but I am hoping I prove myself wrong. I’ve add in a couple extra variables in my search criteria and am also going to test a variety of ads to see which converts best.

    Also I am going to skip setting up Prosper202 for now. As far as I can tell this is only going to tell me what my profit is based on my spend which I can track myself. It also seems the best way to setup Prosper202 is through a dedicated server which I don’t really feel like purchasing.

    Luke – would you recommend setting up P202 on a shared server to start to get stats or would that ruin conversions because its slower?

      • James -

      Wooo! Made my first conversion with this campaign. 1 Click and 1 Conversion. Haha. Pretty lucky. Will have to keep testing to find the best combination of best converting ad and targeting.

        • Luke -

        That’s great to hear. Good luck!

      • Luke -

      I ran Prosper202 on a shared server for a few years and never had any issues. I’m actually working on a Prosper202 install guide right now :)

        • James -

        Oh that is good to hear Luke. I’ll have to install it on my hosting account later today then to get some tracking and hopefully more insight into my POF campaign. Thanks.

    • Charalampos Kapetanios -

    Luke, thank you for sharing this!

    Would you share your “Frequency Cap” also? :D

      • Luke -

      Honestly, I’m not sure what it was. Probably the default :)

    • Jon Nowicki -

    Sorry about the noob question, lol but on Peerfly, how do you know which offers you can use a direct link and which ones require landing pages?

      • Luke -

      You can direct link any offer that does not specifically restrict it in the offer restrictions.

    • joe -

    How do you know if the offer page is mobile optimized?

    • Andriy -

    Hi Luke,
    I want to try military dating on POF but have some problems with targeting, Please give some advices on targeting for military dating.

    • Don -

    Really great case study, I found it very helpful. Thank you! :)

    • James -

    Hi Luke. I realize this is an old post, but my question is more technical…not specifically about the case study outlined here…
    I am new to this, so please bear with me… I am a little confused. When you say you created a 310×110 banner for this offer, that is just the ad that pops up to the potential customer, right….not a landing page? But if so, why do you create the banner? Are the banners provided by peerfly flawed? Or does creating your own perhaps give you more trackable variables?
    Thanks…I’m learning a lot.

      • Luke -

      With POF ads you advertise with a banner. It’s not pop up advertising. PeerFly did not provide the banner. I created my own to help get a high click-through rate so I had a better chance of conversion :)

    • Jairo -

    I am a beginner and I have spent a lot of money, I’ll use this information to improve results. thanks Luke

    • edwin -

    hello luke
    excellent information, as you know that you can use peerfly a direct link and which require landing pages? thanks for your answer. regards

  4. Thank you so much for the info Luke, I am a total newbie but I will definitely give this POF thing a try because it looks so promising after reading tour post. Regards.

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