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41 Responses to “Get your picture included in Google Results”

    • Joel -

    “Logan said it took 5-6 months for his to show” is the truth here.

    I’ve set this up a few months ago for my site, and still nothing. Not that I blog a lot, so whatever.

    I am starting to see some Author Stats in my Google Webmaster Tools, but they are for my stupid G+ profile. lol.. Perhaps you should add that you can basically check on this “feature” and see some stats for it from within GWT.

  1. Thanks for sharing this Google plus tricks, hope it will my explosure.

  2. I’m having trouble with this. I’ve tried several times to add the Facebook badge to my wordpress blog. But when I click on the badge it takes me to an error message on Facebook rather than the fan page. Any suggestions?

      • Luke -

      This is not for Facebook. It is for Google Plus.

    • Andre -

    hello!! How can i get the Verified publisher?!

      • Luke -

      Do everything mentioned above :)

        • Andre -

        i`ve done all the thing above but i only get authorship verified

    • Andre,

      you have to open DOMAIN e-mail address. Like info@YOURDOMAIN.COM

      Google will send an email to that address with a link to click. On that way you verify that you are the real owner of THAT domain. Make sense?

      How Google can know for sure YOURDOMAIN.COM is really yours, unless you are able to create an email address on that domain ( cPanel ).

    • -

    Thank you so much for this great info. I have done everything as explained, and waiting for my pic to appear :)

    • Orly -

    What if I’m managing a client’s page (under my personal G+, via G+ pages) and I want to make their logo appear next to their URL?

      • Luke -

      It might be possible. You would probably need to setup a G+ account for your client.

    • Susil -

    Dear Luke
    i am not seeing proper result on google snippet my website name is please please suggest me what i missed in this process.

    Thanks and Regards

      • Luke -

      It’ll usually take awhile before it updates.

    • Susil -

    will u plz tell me how much time it will take.

    • ger -

    followed your steps for badge and got this…
    Warning: Missing required field “updated”.
    Warning: Missing required hCard “author”.

    doesn’t work for me

      • Luke -

      hmm, not sure. It worked fine for me and I know a few other people that used my guide and have their image up. It takes a few months to actually show in search results.

    • same problem with me. I hope it will appear otherwise I have to do deep research. :D

      For now I will wait. Thanks for the post Luke.

  3. nice post. i will follow this. [ ]

      • Luke -

      Thanks. I actually won my caricature. Make sure you @LukePeerFly me on your tweet so I can RT :)

      • Luke -

      Awesome :)

  4. Awesome Like, I m gonna show up in search result

    • Andy -

    Thanks for the information Luke, I just updated my profile. I sincerely hope it does not take that long for my site to load the picture, but we will see.

      • Luke -

      Hopefully Google automates it more soon :)

  5. Hello,

    I have a short question for you. I’ve already managed to make my picture appear in the search results but I was wondering, if I would add the picture of a car or any other picture than mine, will Google still continue displaying my pic?

    Does anyone know?


      • Luke -

      I’m not really sure if they rereview or not.

  6. Thanks a lot Luke, let me try out…

    • Miro -

    I think that i have got a problem with something, but am not sure. when i’m verifying it says this:
    Email verification has successfully established authorship for this webpage.
    Email address on the domain has been verified on this profile: No
    Public contributor-to link from Google+ profile to No
    is it ok or wrong?

      • Luke -

      Appears you’re missing the contributor link on your Google+ profile.

    • Nesh -

    Thank you for this post, Luke! I’ve always wondered how to index my picture in google. :)

  7. thanks you for post this luke,..keep share your posting

  8. Hopefully Google automates it more soon and be better , thanks for sharing

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