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PeerFly stats featured
We are always trying to stay ahead of our competition at PeerFly. One way we try to stay ahead is by creating new features that other affiliate networks do not have. I am the Affiliate Manager at PeerFly, but I also like to do web development (check out my projects). Last summer I started messing around with Firefox add-on development and once I got the hang of it I decided to create a stats extension for PeerFly. About a week later, PeerFly Stats was released.

PeerFly Stats for Firefox

The add-on is simple. It uses the PeerFly XML to grab a users stats based on their API authentication key and then displays their stats (today’s stats and current unpaid balance) in the status bar of your browser. PeerFly stats The add-on has been reviewed and approved by Mozilla. Download and Install the add-on on your Firefox browser. Important Note: You will need to manually display the status bar (now called Add-on bar) with Firefox version 4.0+. You can do so by simply pushing Ctrl+/ once you install the add-on.

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