PeerFly Firefox Add-on

We are always trying to stay ahead of our competition at PeerFly. One way we try to stay ahead is by creating new features that other affiliate networks do not have. I am the Affiliate Manager at PeerFly, but I also like to do web development (check out my projects). Last summer I started messing around with Firefox add-on development and once I got the hang of it I decided to create a stats extension for PeerFly. About a week later, PeerFly Stats was released.

PeerFly Stats for Firefox

The add-on is simple. It uses the PeerFly XML to grab a users stats based on their API authentication key and then displays their stats (today’s stats and current unpaid balance) in the status bar of your browser.

PeerFly stats

The add-on has been reviewed and approved by Mozilla. Download and Install the add-on on your Firefox browser.

Important Note: You will need to manually display the status bar (now called Add-on bar) with Firefox version 4.0+. You can do so by simply pushing Ctrl+/ once you install the add-on.

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