PeerFly Offer Restrictions and Allowed Marketing

Allowed and Restricted Marketing

If you do not want to get your account suspended it is important to know what you can and cannot do when promoting the offers at PeerFly. PeerFly has over a thousand affiliate offers, but they all have basically the same traffic methods that are allowed or restricted.

There are some traffic methods that are restricted across all offers and there are some that have a few more restrictions than the others. Below is a complete list of each method, how that method works, and what traffic is allowed and restricted. Follow it closely so you can make the most money possible and keep that money! If you have any questions after going through this list feel free to post them in the comments or contact your affiliate manager.

PeerFly Marketing Methods

Search PPC, Social PPC, Banner Display, PPV, and Contextual traffic are the primary ways you are allowed to promote PeerFly affiliate offers. Email marketing is a little more strict as well as most free methods. Incentive and classified ads traffic is not allowed at all. Here is a breakdown of each of those methods and how you can use them to promote PeerFly offers!

Search PPC

Bing Ads Example

Search PPC traffic comes, simply enough, from paid search ads. A few of the major search ppc networks are:

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads (formally Adcenter)
  • 7Search
  • adMarketplace
  • LookSmart

You create your text ad, bid on keywords, and when someone searches for your keywords your ad will show up next to their search results. Organic SEO traffic is not considered Search PPC traffic. SEO traffic is fine on any offer that is not specifically for one traffic source (ex: Email Only).

Social PPC

Social PPC ad

Social PPC is specifically talking about paid ads on social networks. PeerFly does not allow it’s publishers to direct link offers on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network as the social networks consider this spam. The main Social PPC networks are:

Plenty of Fish is in a grey area between social traffic and banner display because it is a mix of both. You can promote any PeerFly offer that allows Social PPC or Banner Display on POF.

Banner Display

Banner Display ad example

Banner Display traffic would be any traffic you generate using a banner advertisement. This includes advertising on blogs, doing media buys on other people’s websites, or basically advertising on any website using a banner. PeerFly provides banners for most of their offers, but you are welcome to create your own as long as it’s not specifically restricted.



PPV traffic is mainly pop up ads. If you are displaying an advertisement in an exit pop or modal (example: TrustJacker) then that would be considered PPV traffic too. The main PPV ad networks are:

  • LeadImpact
  • Mediatraffic
  • Trafficvance
I have an article on the top PPV networks that explains the differences between them that you may want to check out if you are interested in running PPV traffic.


Mainly used with blogs and websites, contextual traffic is any text based advertisement. Some affiliate networks categorize PPV traffic as contextual, but obviously PeerFly has a specific category for PPV. If you are placing your own text ads within web content (example: article marketing) then the offer you are promoting needs to allow contextual traffic.

E-mail Lists

In order to promote PeerFly offers via email you will need to have your own managed double opt-in list and follow these guidelines:

  • Your list must be completely CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • You must host all creatives on your own server. If there are no banners for the offer you can create one and PeerFly will get it approved. You can also come up with a text and get that approved.
  • You must mask all links with your own domain.
  • You must add as a subscriber.
  • Before sending out an email you must send it to for approval.
If you need a plugin to mask your affiliate links I suggest using Pretty Link and my preferred email management company is AWeber.


PeerFly is 100% non incent, which means you cannot promote any PeerFly offers using incentive traffic. Incentive traffic would be any time you offer cash, points, or any sort of “gift” for completing an offer.

PeerFly is developing an incentive network which you can find at

Classified Ads

You cannot promote any PeerFly offer using classified ads traffic. Craigslist, USFreeAds, and any other classified ads site would not be allowed. You cannot direct link nor use a landing page to promote offers on these sites.


Unfortunately, Twitter spam ran rampant for awhile, so Twitter is no longer interested in allowing affiliates to promote affiliate products directly to their followers. You cannot promote any offer from PeerFly directly on Twitter. If you create your own landing page then you can promote it on Twitter as long as you are not spamming.

LIMITED Facebook Promotion

As long as an offer allows Social PPC you can promote it using Facebook Ads, but that is the only form of advertising that is allowed when promoting PeerFly offers on Facebook. You are not allowed to promote PeerFly offers on fan pages or to your friends on your feed by posting status updates with PeerFly links.


SMS messaging PeerFly offers is not allowed. Offers can be promoted on mobile ad networks, but not through text/SMS messaging.


You are not allowed to promote PeerFly offers in a co-registration path.

90 Responses to “PeerFly Offer Restrictions and Allowed Marketing”

    • Noel -

    Great Post, i have a question, on my Facebook page can i promote an offer then send them to my website with the banner of the offer on my site.
    Example of a Facebook Status update: Click here for a free NBA Jersey
    Not a Peerfly Link but directs them to where the banner is.

      • Luke -

      That should be fine.

    • Matt -

    What about using a site like Craigslist to build a list, offer value and then sending them to (Peerfly) offers. Is that ok? Would it be possible to try it and then have the quality checked after so many leads?

    • Tony -

    Hi Luke, nice page with lots of information. I am about to sign-up with Peerfly but got one question would like to ask. I have a blog myself which would act as the portal to provide information regarding Internet Marketing and of course, would include the offer within my posting. I have a box on the side-bar to ask people to subscribe to my newsletter and I will give them a free gift for sign-up. Would this upset the Peerfly rules? I am not DIRECTLY offering incentive to my offer but just my page. Thank a lot

      • Luke -

      You could include our offers as text links, banners, or include them in your emails. Email marketing is a great way to promote offers so I definitely recommend building an email list :)

    • Mick -

    Thanks for the info Luke. What about redirects to the offer, when are they allowed/disallowed?

      • Luke -

      Redirect traffic would be PPV traffic.

    • Kevin -

    Hey Guys. What is EPC? I have been trying to figure that out.

      • Luke -

      The EPC of an offer is the estimated earnings per click. It’s a statistic to give you an idea of how much on average our publishers are earning per click on an offer. We do not pay per click. It’s simply an average based on total earnings and total clicks :)

    • Kevin -

    Hey Luke. Are you available to help us get signed up with other CPV networks like MaxBounty, Neverblue, and ClickBooth? It makes sense to run ads from several networks simultaneously, but I need help getting into some of these.

  1. hi luke im a ricardo from colombia and y try to register in this peerfly cpa but i dont have a referal person
    I used to validate the information and start making money, can you help me with this process?
    I thank you for your time and support.

  2. if i have blog site or website and every day there are more people entered my sites through facebook, google search. by email and many social book marking site.also some people entered directly without any refer site in this case can i publish your offers through my blog site and is it allowed method?

      • Luke -

      Yes, you can publish our offers on your blog as long as the offer allows Banner Display.

  3. Hi Luke,

    I have a friend who is among of your publishers for more than a year, and he told me some good remarks about Peerfly.

    Anyway, I am a co-writer/editor of a news blog for more than 2 years, with search engine as our major source of traffic. You can see my author’s page on the link I provided on the ‘website’ box here, where you can find the news posts that I have already written.

    I have the read the FAQ at Peerfly and I am about to submit our news blog for your approval, but I just want to have some things understood before I proceed.

    1. Can I submit the site I don’t own? As I said, I am only one of its writers, but he allowed me to submit the site on Peerfly, provided that your ads will only appear on the news posts under my name?

    2. If ever the site will be approved, I am planning to post a 300×250 “generic” ad on the side bar of the landing pages under my name. I think specific ads will not be ‘profitable’ since we are writing about current events (sports, technology, politics, etc). Do you have enough choices of “generic” ads for sites like us?

    Any further advices or info from you will be much appreciated.

    Hoping to receive a reply from you soon.


      • Luke -

      1. Yes, that would be fine as long as the website owner does not mind if you try to monetize the traffic from your posts.
      2. We do have some general offers that seem to do well, especially email submits :)

    • Aleksej -

    Hi Luke, tell me this: if I build website for some offer (only one offer per website), add banners at website and drive traffic from SEO that is contextual advertising, right?

      • Luke -

      Banners would be Banner Display traffic. Text ads would be Contextual.

    • joe -

    would you classify intext ads from infolink/kontera as contextual advertising.
    I would like to know also as i have seen facebook datings ad that lead to a fan page and when you click like they have the dating offer iframed within the page do you allow that sort of facebook ads

      • Luke -

      Intext ads is contextual traffic. You cannot iframe our offers within Facebook fan pages.

    • Juan -

    Hi Luke,

    Thank you for the great information you provide. It helps me a lot. Can I ask you something? I’ve heard I can add a banner on my blog and that’s considered as “banner display”. But can I create a landing page (with very little information) and add my banner? Is that considered as “banner display”?

    Thank you,


      • Luke -

      Yes, that would be banner display as well. Happy you like my blog! :)

    • mbuchanan -

    How are you Luke…I wanted to know how would i promote a peerfly offer on google adwords without getting my adwords banned. Google doesnt like affiliate links i hear. Plus do you guys allow me to forward domain a peerfly offer to a registered domain of mine from godaddy or hostgator?

      • Luke -

      You will have a very hard time getting any affiliate campaign approved on AdWords no matter what you do. I recommend check out these traffic sources.

      Yes, you can setup your own redirect. I have a few articles about it :)

    • Christian -

    If I make a video, upload it to YouTube and in the description I put a link to an offer that is related to the topic of the video, is that considered contextual traffic and is this kind of traffic allowed?

  4. Assume I set up a lander that collects e-mail and once they opt-in, they get sent directly to the offer. Then, I follow up with an e-mails sequence that have no banners, just links within the e-mail. Please confirm if this is allowed provided e-mails are approved. (Not sure what you mean by “Banners must be on your own server.”)

      • Luke -

      Yes, that would be fine. The links would need to be redirects, not just direct PeerFly links though.

    • Patrick -

    Would it be ok to promote in a newspaper for the reader to come to my website, where they will be told about the offer and then direct to the offer if they click on the link on the page where the offer is?

      • Luke -

      That should be fine :)

    • James -

    Would the following be allowed to promote a CPS offer:

    Putting a Landing page and or link on Craigslist directing user to a website(mine) then sending users to the offer from my website? Would this be a legit source of traffic since its coming from my website and its a CPS offer?

    Any information/help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

      • Luke -

      No, we do not want any sort of Craigslist traffic.

    • Steve C -

    Hi Luke
    Great informative blog ! Is offline traffic allowed for CPA – Email/Zip submits via Flyers, Drop cards,Vinyl banners ect… If so, what form of lead generation would the above be classified as ? Also, can I simply redirect my domain directly to the offer without my own landing page ? Or must I send traffic to a landing page then to offer ?
    Thanks for your help.

      • Luke -

      We are accepting offline traffic on a case-by-case basis. It depends on the offer and how exactly you want to market it. Feel free to email me your idea with the offer so I can get approval from our advertiser :)

    • tina -

    That was very informative Luke :) I have a question. Does Peerfly allow forum marketing? Not spamming, but really contributing to a forum by posts while promoting CPA offers through signature link. Would that be ok? If I`m interpreting correctly that would fall in the category of contextual ads, right?

      • Luke -

      Yes, that would be fine as long as the offer allows Contextual traffic and you aren’t spamming.

    • mike -

    Hey Luke I was wondering if twitter traffic is OK if iframe the offer?

      • Luke -

      As long as you are not spamming and disclose that it’s an ad that should be fine.

        • mike -

        Thanks. I was unclear about that.

    • mike -

    Is iframing ok for fanpages?

      • Luke -

      It depends on how you plan to promote on the fan page and the fan page itself. Send me more info and I’d be happy to check for you.

    • James Donovan -

    Google adwords ? Do they accept peerflys affiliate Links in any instance.

      • Luke -

      Nope, they are basically no longer affiliate friendly.

  5. I’m new to Peerfly. Please how long are banner offers allowed to stay on my site?

      • Luke -

      As long as the offer is up. That depends on how long the advertiser lets us keep it on PeerFly.

    • brokkie -

    Am I allowed to redirect to a CPA offer. So a site that goed to your CPA offer automatically. Also if this is possible can you use your site link to promote on twitter/facebook even if it says you can’t in the restrcitions? Because technically the peerfly link is not on twitter/facebook but a domain name that links to it. Still don’t want to get in trouble of course ;).

      • Luke -

      Redirecting to a CPA offer is fine, but you still shouldn’t direct link it on Twitter or do any other restricted marketing.

    • Hugo -

    Hi Luke!

    Just want to congratulate you on the awesome blog redesign and all the information you have on it. Everything on a sweet and awesome style! Can I get your designers contact info? lol.. JK… but can i? hehe

    Anyways, I recently joined Peerfly and am really happy to get started with it. I don’t have any questions here right now as a lot of your replies have already created a long reading list for me so I’ll get to that first.

    thanks again for all the awesomeness here!


      • Luke -

      Thanks Hugo! No, you cannot have my designers contact info :D

    • brokkie -

    Ok but could I use twitter to link to my blog where some peerly CPA offers are?

  6. Great post, Please i would like to use youtube video and redirect my domain to peerfly offers.
    Or let me put it this way. Can i redirect domain to peerfly offers?

      • Luke -

      Yes, as long as you have your own domain.

  7. What does that mean? “LIMITED Facebook Promotion”

    I can use facebook to promote offers, provided they do not do on fan pages or publications of state?

    For example

    On page fans and state publications (NOT possible)

    Facebook adds there, straight to the offer or a page where you talk about the offer (it IS possible)

    Or I’m wrong, I need information about it .. Thank you.

      • Luke -

      You cannot direct link PeerFly offers on Facebook Pages. That’s what LIMITED Facebook Promotion is talking about.

  8. Hello Luke,

    I have a query – On the Page where the affiliate link is displayed, there is a field “Details”. Can I use those details on my blog just as it is. Can I make a few changes here and there if I wish to? After mentioning the details on my blog I will display a banner relating to that particular product. Let me know if that is okay.

      • Luke -

      That should be fine.

  9. Hello Luke,
    Can I use document sharing sites such as, etc. for getting traffic to my peerfly offers?

      • Luke -

      You cannot directly promote our offers with that type of promotion.

  10. I added a description of the product on my blog and I placed a banner and then uploaded the blog page to the document sharing site. Is this method okay?

    • John -

    Hi Luke,
    Can I promote my landing page on facebook fan page or on some other free traffic sources and then the cpa offer will be on my landing page so they can click on it ?

      • Luke -

      That would be fine as long as you aren’t spamming.

    • Kristijan -

    I want to know, can I find some offer (like dating) and then build a website around that offer and then just promote my website using social media, article marketing and stuff like that? And yeah, the offer I want to use is allowing contextual. Is that contextual? I make WHOLE website around that offer or is that against the rules?

    • Angela -

    Would posting in a forum be allowed with link within the text?

      • Luke -

      We don’t really want that traffic because it appears spammy. If you aren’t spamming and just posting as a part of the conversation that you’re already a part of once in awhile I don’t see the issue, but if it could be considered spam we don’t want it.

      • Luke -

      I don’t see a link in your description.

    • Lizo -

    So if I get this right, I can use social media to redirect to peerfly offer/cpa offer? Or direct to landing page where the cpa offer is? Does peerfly allow for banner to be rewriiten from direct response approach to response? as long it is within rules of course I dont want to get banned. :-)

      • Luke -

      You should provide an example and email your Affiliate Manager :)

  11. Hello, I have some doubts:

    1. If I use landing pages in Facebook Ads (ppc) or in Bing Network, and before to reach the PF offer I ask for the user´s email (opt-in) and when someone enters his email I give to him a gift (free eBook, report, etc), all of this before the PF offer, is it consider an incentive traffic???..wich I can see into the PF rules is the most forbidden method.

    2. Regarding to the question 1, do I need to send my personal landing pages (the ones I created from website) to my affiliate manager in order to get approved?, or in wich cases do I need to get my landing approved by PF (maybe in those wich the offer needs a previous approval)

    3. Can I use these emails I got from my personal landing pages to promote the PF offers?, or just to the email allowed PF offers?

    Thanks a lot

      • Luke -

      1. No, you can offer an eBook to opt-in to your list.
      2. Yes, you need to send your landing page to your AM to get approved.
      3. It depends on how you are promoting the offer. If you’re promoting it within an email then you will need to get approval to do this from your AM.

    • Quan -

    i use 7search as search ppc method. I run email submit offer and use direct linking .
    Is it ok? if i use word “free” on my keywords and copy ads

      • Luke -

      Can you email Corey and double check. It depends on the offer.

    • adeyemi -

    Please, if i am using banner advert on my blog. Can i promote my blog with email list?

      • Luke -

      You can promote your own posts to your list as long as they aren’t specifically about the offer.

  12. Is it okay to use FB ppc marketing to members of a particular group using member ID numbers to a targeted list with the landing page including the cpa link?

      • Luke -

      It depends on how you obtained the member IDs. That’s a Facebook policy. We are fine with you promoting on Facebook as long as the offer allows Social PPC. A landing page will definitely help.

    • Joe -

    I’m trying to find some info about Instagram Traffic. There’s no mention in any offer if it’s allowed or not. Can you help me please?

      • Luke -

      You’ll need to email your AM with how exactly you want to promote. For the most part, we do not allow promotion on Instagram because they consider it spam.

    • Hardeep -

    i have an email list and i have approved as an affliate so can i use offers on peerfly for email marketing

      • Luke -

      Not at the moment. We will be releasing our Email Peer early next year though.

    • Hareep singh -

    Then tell me the another method which require less money or no money for
    starting . Because i m about start marketing in peerfly please help me

      • Luke -

      Paid traffic is the best. Save up some money to get started :)

    • Jeremy -

    Hi Luke
    I realized if an offer is not offered in my country, it seems to be re-directed to another offer probably from my country via “linkjump”; question is; will I be paid if it generates sales/leads?
    Reason being my country has limited offers, and most of my sites are targeted overseas.

      • Luke -

      You need to target the offer’s Allowed Countries with your promotions. If someone from outside of the offer’s Allowed Countries goes to your affiliate link they will be redirected (as you saw). You are not paid for those redirects, but you can setup your own under any offer on PeerFly by going to the green offer tools button at the top right and selecting “Country Redirects”.

  13. Hi Luke , Thanks for all the clarity in your blog.
    I have few questions here….I came across a Asian Dating offer and got approved for the same.i intended to promote it on PoF. Nowhere it was mentioned that I need to take approval for my Custom Banners and Landers.

    Now I have two questions

    1. In such a case , is it mandatory to take approvals or get the creatives( banners and landing pages) reviewed from respective AM .

    2. Even then I have shared the creatives to my respective AM around 12 days back and followed up with him. He told me he is still waiting for nod from the Advertiser…..So its been some time….
    How long usually does it take to get the creatives approved/disapproved ?
    Can I atleast start promoting with the creatives till I get an update from the AM …. If at a later time ,I m not approved, I can stop the promotion.

    3. In case I get approved in future and start creating other Ad variations (may be with different Pics) , Do I need to get approval and get the additional creatives reviewed again ?

    3. Peerfly number 8884004359 doesn’t get connected from India…:-)


      • Luke -

      1. We would still prefer you get your banners and landing pages reviewed.
      2. We are working on a better method for taking care of banner/lp approvals to speed up the process. Send a followup email to your AM and ask if you can just start promoting while we wait on the advertiser. Usually this is fine.
      3. As long as you are not significantly changing the context of your ad then it should be fine. As I said, we’re working on improving this entire process to make it more convenient for our publishers so you guys can make money quicker without all the hassle :)
      4. I will check to see why your call did not connect. Sorry about that!

    • Azi -

    Hi, first of all thanks for the information it’s really helpful for newbies like me. I just want to ask if it is possible to use solo ads to promote peerfly offers.

    • Azi -

    Hi luke, can I use the trust jacker on my offers?

    • Keith -

    Hey Luke, apologies if this has already been asked. If PPV traffic is going to an affiliate’s LP is this still considered PPV? In other words, could we run an offer this way that was not directly approved for PPV?

    Generally when offers are not allowed for PPV – what is usually the reason why? Is it b/c the owner does not want to be associated with adware?

      • Luke -

      If an offer does not allow PPV then you can’t push traffic to the offer using PPV, whether you are using your own landing page or not. The advertiser does not want PPV and like you said, it’s likely they do not want to be associated with adware.

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