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I know that a large percentage of affiliate marketers start out in web development. It’s a trend. You start out in web development creating small websites (GeoCities anyone?) and as you learn more and more about web development you start considering how to monetize your traffic. So, you go sign up for Google AdSense and toss some javascript on your website and all of the sudden you’re making money. Then, you start researching different ways to make money online and eventually you land on affiliate marketing. This is the case for a good percentage of affiliates in the industry. So, as a webmaster you have learned the basic skills of HTML and (hopefully) CSS. If you’re really ambitious you move into programming languages. If this is you it is time to start using our PeerFly API to increase your productivity and start making more money!

PeerFly XML and RSS Feeds

At PeerFly, we have 5 different feeds.
  • All Offers
  • Popular Offers
  • Paused Offers
  • Account Info
  • Daily Earnings
Any approved PeerFly publisher has access to all of these feeds and their very own API key for authentication. I have personally created four different applications from these feeds and those applications are used by thousands of people every day.
  1. PeerFly Stats for Firefox
  2. PeerFly Offers
  3. PeerFly Banners
  4. PeerFly Stats for Google Chrome (to be released in the next week!)
I actually also created a mobile version of PeerFly using jQuery Mobile that Tyler Cruz and I were testing, but I never made it public because there were some security issues with it and I could not really come up with a way around it. We do plan on making some updates to the mobile version of PeerFly soon though. So, if you’re a developer I highly suggest you take a look at our API and see what you can do with it. This is a great way to generate referrals (we pay 5% on any referral you send to PeerFly!) and you’re welcome to monetize anything you make how you feel will work best for you (we do not restrict this). If you have any ideas for applications or features for PeerFly in general please feel free to send them over to us! We have the advantage of being able to implement any features you are looking for whereas our competitors have to work with what they are given. Take advantage of it and let’s make some money :)

PeerFly XML elements and API information

This can be found when you are logged into PeerFly at: PeerFly XML and API

9 Responses to “PeerFly API and Feeds”

  1. well Luke, you are making Peerfly a great success, by adding more tools and features to its Quilt.
    Peerflybanners is a gaint leap.

      • Luke -

      Thank you!

    • dheeraj -

    Hello sir,
    Hope you are doing great….actually i want to use peerfly api and show all the feed information on my website….as of now i create an account on peerfly and i got api…..can you provide me the exact url of feeds….so that i could show information on my website…

  2. Hi Luke – we were reviewing your API documentation and while it looks very comprehensive, we were suprised not to see the “tracking links” and/or alternative landing pages in the feed. Any particular reason why not to include those links in the feed?

      • Luke -

      We’re going to add tracking links to the feed. It was never needed because you can easily create your tracking link from your PFID and the offer ID, which is included in the feed. I’ll talk to my team about alternative landing pages. That seems weird that it’s not included.

  3. Thanks Luke for the swift reply.
    Indeed you can “recreate” the tracking link for the main landing page/link, but you can’t create the tracking links for alternative landing pages.
    Thanks to let me know when the API will be updated so we can complete the integration of Peerfly in TrackingDesk.

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