3 Steps to Create a Successful Facebook Page

Successful Facebook Pages

Last week I decided to do an experiment. I have been getting complaints from people who use my FPTraffic tool that it’s impossible to build up large Facebook Pages for cheap anymore because the market is getting saturated (more and more people are trying to do it). Well, I think Facebook is too large to truly become saturated so I decided to create a brand new Page and made it my goal to reach 10,000 Likes in 1 week for $100.

I will be doing a complete case study post with more information on that particular Page soon, but here are my 3 steps to researching and creating a successful Facebook Page. I have used this same method to not only build up a Page to 10,000+ Likes within a week, but to also create several large Pages with hundreds of thousands of Likes. The first thing you need to do is pick the right niche.

The Niche

Facebook is accessed by 669,000,000 users a day. Those people have a huge variety of interests. The key factor to building a successful Facebook Page is the niche. If you want to get cheap Likes that are worth your time and money → Continue Reading

The CPVLabification Of Prosper202

Prosper202 CPV PPV

When Prosper 202 was made available for free to internet marketers in 2008 it quickly became the defacto tracking application. Today it is still very popular, and still free to download and self-host, but it has acquired competitors, like the commercial CPVLab.

The newer tracking application aspires to be more of an “out of the box” solution for marketers who want to implement funnels without having to think too hard about the process. CPVLab is very good at this. Prosper 202, not so much.

On the other hand, what most marketers who use Prosper 202 have failed to appreciate is that you can do anything with Prosper 202 that you can with CPVLab. ANYTHING.

The only trouble is that you WILL need to use your brain to supply the missing pieces.

Prosper 202 – It’s Like Lego For Trackers

Most of us have experienced the thrill of building things from scratch. Mostly in our youth, when we do not have to explain WHY it is that we do some things simply for the challenge. I continue to build things to this day, and I cannot always say I do it because it is a necessity.

For example, why would I → Continue Reading

Prosper202, CPVLab, and Bevo Media Conversion Tracking

Tracking Conversions

Using a 3rd party tracking system is one of the milestones to becoming a more serious affiliate marketer. Most affiliates start out simply direct linking using their favorite affiliate network’s links, but as you grow as a publisher you find that using your own tracking software has many advantages. You will be provided more data, you’ll have easier access to all that data, and you will be able to track clicks and conversions across multiple offers and networks easier.

The three most popular tracking solutions that I have found affiliates using are Prosper202, CPVLab, and Bevo Media. This post is not to sell you on which one I think you should use (although if you’re new you should check out my Prosper202 articles), but instead I want to show you how to setup your conversion tracking properly on all three platforms. It’s common for this to be really confusing for someone new to the technical side of affiliate marketing, but if you follow these simple instructions you should be able to get your conversions tracking pretty easily.

Each tracking software creates its own “click ID” that is generated when someone clicks on your tracking link from that software. This is → Continue Reading

How to view your Twitter Analytics

twitter analytics

Over the past month I have been really busy working on a bunch of different things, but I like to blog about random things I discover and last week I stumbled onto some cool changes that have been made with Twitter Ads since I first tested them.

I have a Twitter account in the entertainment niche that has been growing pretty steadily over the past year. I have not done any advertising, but I have made a script similar to FPTraffic that tweets randomly for me throughout the day from a database of tweets I made. The amount of tweets is pretty aggressive and it’s caused me to lose some followers, but I have also gained quite a few as well. My average tweet will get 30-50 retweets.

Anyway, I have a product I created for the niche my Twitter account is in so I posted a few tweets advertising the product and saw that they were generating quite a few sales. That lead me back to Twitter Ads and when I logged in I noticed two new features that I hadn’t seen before.

View your Twitter Followers Data

Once you login to your Twitter Ads account you can try → Continue Reading