Generating Massive Traffic and Profit Using Facebook Pages

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Wow, I cannot believe that we are already over a week into February and I have not published a new blog post for over a month! It is amazing how quickly time passes, especially when you are busy.

A lot has happened since Christmas, but there was one particular event that took place I am excited to write about. On Sunday, January 12th, I gave my first presentation at Affiliate Summit West!

The team at PeerFly has been telling me I need to give a presentation and speak at Affiliate Summit for about a year now so when they started accepting speaking proposals I submitted one to give a presentation titled, Generating Massive Traffic and Profit Using Facebook Pages.

Over the past few years I have been focusing a lot of my time and energy into building several large Facebook Pages. I have learned a lot from all the time and money I have invested into my Pages so I thought it would be fun to give a presentation around some of that information and data.

My speaking proposal was approved and I created a 45 slide presentation for my hour long presentation.

I was pretty nervous going into my → Continue Reading

Tweeting Images for Extra Exposure

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I started using Twitter way back in August of 2007. A lot has changed on Twitter over the past six and a half years, but one thing that has not is that I am constantly looking for new ways to make money using it.

I started making money off Twitter almost immediately after signing up and starting to use it. I have operated thousands of accounts and generated millions of clicks. Unlike most marketers, it’s probably been my most profitable traffic source overall.

Well, when Twitter started displaying images within user timelines I knew they were opening the doors for more opportunity for extra exposure and potentially even more money!

Take a look at the following screenshot of my Twitter timeline and think about which tweet stands out the most to you.

Was it the first tweet shown from Forbes? I doubt it. Now, imagine you are scrolling through your friends tweets on your timeline and all of the sudden you see my tweet from the image above. It’s probably going to catch your eye not only because there are not a lot of images being tweeted by users yet (at least not the right size) and even if → Continue Reading

Networking Do’s and Don’ts for Those Going to Their First Event

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Anyone involved in affiliate marketing knows that you can’t gain new affiliates, business partners or industry knowledge without plenty of interaction — and that means occasionally abandoning your computer chair for genuine, person-to-person networking. You’ll find a veritable feast of major networking opportunities throughout 2014, including Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, Affiliate Summit East in New York City, Affiliate Management Days in San Francisco, and Performance Marketing Insights Europe in Berlin. But if you don’t network by nature, you might not know how to do it effectively — you might even fear it. Let’s examine some networking dos and don’ts that will help you work the room like a pro.

Do come prepared. Bring more business cards than you could ever imagine needing, because you’ll need them. Supplemental materials such as brochures may impart more information, but they take up more space in the swag bag and they might prove harder for your new friends to scan or store when they go back home.

Don’t throw business cards at everybody in sight. If someone walks up to you and shoves a business card into your hand unbidden, do you feel a strong urge to keep that card or → Continue Reading

How I made $6,034.38 so far with Teespring

Make Money Online with Teespring

As an entrepreneur I am constantly looking for new ways to make money. One of the best ways to learn different ways to make money online is to surround yourself with other people who are trying to do the same thing. Our PeerFly office is full of creative people, I get the opportunity to work with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of great affiliates every month, and my Skype is literally filled with people who want nothing more than to make their next dollar online right now. So, it should come as no surprise that I am always getting ideas for new ways to make my next dollar. Well, a few months ago my buddy Brian Johnson introduced me to my new favorite source of revenue, Teespring.

Brian and I are in a small Facebook Page mastermind group where we discuss Facebook Pages and ways to build and monetize them. When he first showed me Teespring I knew right away he had found a winner, but until I had launched my first shirt campaign I had not believed it would be as amazing as it is.

What is Teespring?

Teespring is a cool service that allows you to create “campaigns” for a → Continue Reading