I Almost Died at Affiliate Summit East

Affiliate Summit East ASE13

Affiliate Summit East took place about 2 weeks ago, but I am just now finally getting around to writing my wrap up post. I am pretty sure this will be the last ASE13 wrap up post you read and I am hoping it is the most interesting. I had a great time in Philadelphia and met a lot of great people, but probably what I will remember most from this Affiliate Summit is the moment when I almost died.

This year we had six members of the PeerFly team fly to Philadelphia for the conference. Lauren, Davey, Charlie, Travis, Corey and I arrived on Saturday and we stayed until Wednesday night. The conference was from Sunday until Tuesday so we had a day before and a day after to visit Philadelphia, which was a lot of fun. Before I get into that, let me tell you about Sunday at lunch when I was almost killed by a taxi driver.

Charlie, Lauren, and I were at lunch at Jake’s Pizza right across the street from the Philadelphia Convention Center where Affiliate Summit was being held. We had finished eating, but we were sitting there talking about Tony Robbins which Charlie and → Continue Reading

FP Traffic: Pre-launching…NOW!

FPT Launch

For over a year now I have been going back and forth on launching my own internet marketing type product. I have created a few tools and given them away and I have made money helping promote other people’s products, but I have not really created anything of my own and pushed it out to the masses. Well, until today.

Over the past few months I have been working tirelessly on a website that provided a service that I needed to scale my Facebook Pages. I have been working on Facebook Pages for a few years now and I have a built a massive audience in a few difference niches. On any given day I can easily reach 1,000,000+ people on Facebook through my Pages without any advertising. For example, here are the stats for one of my Pages for the past week or so.

In order to keep up with the demand the fans have on my Facebook Pages and scale them I needed a tool that would allow me to easily find content and then schedule that content to be posted. I’ve written an article on where I get the content for my Facebook Pages and Facebook allows → Continue Reading

Promoting Affiliate Offers with Bing Ads

Promoting with Bing Ads

Over the past few months I have been experimenting quite a bit with Bing Ads. I have a lot of publishers at PeerFly that use Bing Ads and I have gotten quite a few questions about promoting on Bing so I decided to give it a try.

I used to promote offers on Microsoft adCenter years ago, but since Yahoo! merged with Microsoft to create Bing Ads I had not really messed with it much. Bing Ads seems a lot better than the old adCenter with a nice looking, easy to use interface and high quality traffic from Bing, Yahoo, and their partner search networks.

Another huge positive to using Bing Ads is that their compliance department is pretty lax and you should have no problem getting most affiliate marketing campaigns approved!

Create a Bing Ads Campaign

If you have created a search ad campaign using Google AdWords or 7Search then you should have no problem getting your Bing Ads campaign setup. The interface is simple and everything is explained well. There are a few things I would like to point out though.

Visitor Location

When you are setting up your Bing Ads campaign you need to make sure that you click the → Continue Reading