SocialAdNinja vs Lots of Ads

Lots of Ads vs SocialAdNinja

In April of last year I reviewed a service called SocialAdNinja. Since posting that review I have gotten a lot of questions about SocialAdNinja (the review was read over 17,000 times!) and how it differs from it’s competitors. It’s no secret, there are plenty of tools out there to help you maximize your affiliate marketing potential, but as anyone who has visited WarriorForum or any affiliate marketing forum has found, not all of them are worth your money. Well, over the past nine months a lot has changed with SocialAdNinja and I thought it would be interesting to do a comparison between them and one of their biggest competitors, Lots of Ads.

Although Lots of Ads has been around awhile longer than SocialAdNinja, SocialAdNinja is quickly becoming a favorite among affiliate marketers advertising on Facebook so I thought it would be interesting to find out why.

What they both have…

Two things that neither SocialAdNinja (SAN) or Lots of Ads (LOA) are lacking in are features or data. Combined the two services have around 1,300,000 ads (400,000 on SAN and 900,000 on LOA) that are searchable by:

Age Gender Country Martial Status Ad Title Ad Body Ad URL Days Ad Has → Continue Reading

Get Unstuck! Has Lack of Motivation Got You Down?

get unstuck

How many of you call yourselves successful internet marketers?

For those of you that have not found the success you’re hoping for, how many of you kick yourselves for being unmotivated? Are you just not taking the sort of focused action you know it takes to win this game?

I used to be this way too. I would spend so much time reading and so much time posting in forums, yet I was doing very little in the way of real work.

What changed for me? I’ll tell you:

I had a common misconception of motivation. What I didn’t realize is that I was perfectly motivated… just as motivated as anyone else. I was motivated to watch a movie. I was motivated to play a video game. I was really motivated to take naps and eat cheese burgers.

I had plenty of motivation, it just was not geared for the things that would make me a successful internet marketer. Eventually, through my own trials and tribulations, I learned that it was not motivation that was missing…

It was momentum. Motivation is the simple psychological force that moves us through our ingrained behavioral patterns. It is what keeps us doing the → Continue Reading

How Solving the Rubik’s Cube Made Me $1,573.64

Rubiks Cube featured

I am the kind of person that really enjoys a good challenge. When I find something that I think is interesting I focus on it until I have pretty much mastered it. This is how I learned to build websites, program, and of all things, how to solve the Rubik’s Cube.

It all started my senior year of high school. I was at my aunt’s house celebrating Easter and my cousin Quinton had a Rubik’s Cube that he had learned to solve. After he had seen The Pursuit of Happyness (great movie by the way) he had decided to learn and had become pretty good at it. I gave it a few tries and over the course of a few hours had made absolutely no progress. So, on my way home I stopped at Walgreens and picked up a Rubik’s Cube of my own.

When I got home I started my online research for how to solve the Rubik’s Cube by reading through many very confusing articles. There is a lot going on with a Rubik’s Cube and unless you already know what you are doing reading an article to learn how to solve it is about the most flustering thing ever. After → Continue Reading

Setting Up a Redirect with cPanel

cPanel Subdomain Redirect

I have discussed redirecting affiliate offers a few different times, but I still get questions about it frequently. If all of my publishers and readers would learn PHP, HTML, and JavaScript it would make my job really easy, but unfortunately that is not the case. Luckily, the most popular control panel used on the majority of the servers you would be able to get hosting on (including HostGator) has a built in feature that allows you to setup a redirect with just a few clicks of your mouse and zero programming or coding knowledge.

That being said, here is a quick demonstration on how you can set up redirects easily within your cPanel.

Important! In order to complete the instructions below you will need your own web hosting account with at least one domain name and cPanel account created. If you do not have those things I suggest you head over to HostGator and talk to their amazing support about getting them setup!

Creating a Subdomain Redirect

The best way to setup a redirect within cPanel is to simply create a subdomain and then have that subdomain redirect to whatever URL you want (including your PeerFly affiliate link).

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is → Continue Reading