Tracking Conversions with Google Analytics

Track Conversions with Google Analytics

Although I do not recommend using it for your affiliate marketing campaigns, Google Analytics can be a very powerful tool for tracking the traffic on your website or blog. I have Google Analytics installed on all of my websites and check my statistics every day to make sure all the hard work I am putting into those sites (including this blog) is paying off and that I am actually seeing an increase in traffic. One cool feature that not a lot of people who use Google Analytics know about is the ability to create Goals and track conversions.

Just like with affiliate marketing, when you are generating traffic to your website there should be some sort of conversion you are hoping to generate. If you are just sending users to your site without any sort of goal in mind, you are wasting your time. For example, with this blog my ultimate goal is to get you (my reader) on my mailing list. I know that for each user on my mailing list I will generate X amount of dollars each year. I also know that having you on my mailing list means you will be a return user to my → Continue Reading

The Dojo Review

the dojo review

Over the past few months my buddy Oliver Kenyon from has been working hard on building up the new paid section of his affiliate marketing forum. The new paid section is called The Dojo. It really fits well with the theme Oliver has created for CPAFix and it has been very exciting to watch not only his community at CPAFix grow, but The Dojo as well. Well, last week The Dojo officially launched and I thought I would give you a quick tour of it and explain what makes it different than all the other affiliate marketing forums out there.

Before I continue, I should disclose that I am a Super Moderator and contributor at both CPAFix and The Dojo. Obviously I am somewhat biased towards them because of this, but I also have spent about a year and a half helping the community without any sort of compensation and I would not have done that if I didn’t think CPAFix was awesome.

A little bit about CPAFix

CPAFix is a free affiliate marketing forum run by my buddy, Oliver Kenyon. The community of affiliate marketers there has grown to over 8,000 people! There’s a ton of a great information → Continue Reading

7Search and Prosper202 Optimization Case Study

Profitable 7Search Campaign Case Study

My name is Christian Little and Luke asked if I would mind putting together this posting for you on how I have been promoting PeerFly offers with 7Search. I am going to show you some stats, some results that I have gotten, and hopefully this will help a few aspiring newbies out there. What I am going to show you will not make you rich, but it will get you going in the right direction.

I think I should preface this by saying I am not a super affiliate or anywhere close to it. I do affiliate marketing casually on the side. I have a full time job and a family that take priority over it. So, what I do is a little different than what other people might tell you to do.

There are two elements I consider to be vital if you are going to be even remotely successful when promoting anything online: Tracking and Testing.

For tracking, I strongly suggest you install Prosper202 somewhere and get very familiar with it. It is a free tracking platform that was built for affiliate marketers and it works extremely well in helping you track the results of everything you do.

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