FP Traffic: Pre-launching…NOW!

FPT Launch

For over a year now I have been going back and forth on launching my own internet marketing type product. I have created a few tools and given them away and I have made money helping promote other people’s products, but I have not really created anything of my own and pushed it out to the masses. Well, until today.

Over the past few months I have been working tirelessly on a website that provided a service that I needed to scale my Facebook Pages. I have been working on Facebook Pages for a few years now and I have a built a massive audience in a few difference niches. On any given day I can easily reach 1,000,000+ people on Facebook through my Pages without any advertising. For example, here are the stats for one of my Pages for the past week or so.

Facebook Page stats

In order to keep up with the demand the fans have on my Facebook Pages and scale them I needed a tool that would allow me to easily find content and then schedule that content to be posted. I’ve written an article on where I get the content for my Facebook Pages and Facebook allows you to schedule posts, but manually doing that for all of my Pages takes hours. So, I created FP Traffic.

Introducing… FP Traffic

FP Traffic (or Facebook Page Traffic/Fan Page Traffic) is a complete solution for building, optimizing, and monetizing Facebook Pages. I am using it to show you step-by-step how I have built my Facebook Page empire, how I optimize the traffic I receive from it, and how I monetize all that traffic. Last year I made close to $20,000 from my Facebook Pages and that was when I was testing everything and spending hours of manual work to try to make it successful. This year I am hoping to double that and put most of the manual work on autopilot! I’ll be doing it all using FP Traffic (FPT).


FPT Pre-launch

I have decided to try something a little different and pre-launch FPT exclusively with my blog readers. I am not a developer by trade, but I believe I have built a solid system within FPT and I would like for you to help me test it out before I officially launch it and everyone else hops on the gravy train ;)

During this weeks pre-launch you will have access to all the core features of FPT including the scheduler, photo finder (you’re going to love it), Page stats, and my exclusive guides to building a successful Page.

The first 100 people to sign up for the pre-launch will also be invited to a free webinar I’m going to host at the beginning of next week outlining everything I know about building, optimizing, and monetizing Facebook Pages with exclusive case study examples from my top Pages!

By signing up during this pre-launch phase you will also lock in a monthly subscription rate of $10/month to use FPT. That’s an annual savings of $240/year!

I’m looking forward to seeing how this pre-launch goes, but I’m most excited to see how successful your Pages become with the help of my product. Facebook Pages have provided me with an extra revenue stream I never imagined would be possible from something so simple, but it shows that providing value to the end user, no matter how simple or small that value seems, is the trick to a successful monetization strategy. Let me help you achieve that same success.

Let me know if you have any questions. As a participant in the pre-launch I’m hoping you’ll notify me of any bugs you run into or any suggestions you have. Sign up today and let’s make some money!

134 Responses to “FP Traffic: Pre-launching…NOW!”

    • Mirko Ceselkoski -

    Please send me the link to pay by Credit Card…which is not connected with Paypal…!
    You can do that to ceselkoski.payment@gmail.com! Or send me paypal payment option only (not requiring CC), because at the moment the CC connected to paypal is expired and I’m waiting for a new one!

    Best Regards
    Mirko Ceselkoski

      • Luke -

      Sending you an email :)

    • Karla -

    I’m in! I have 2 Facebook Pages that I never seem to find the time to keep up to date. The scheduler and picture finder look like they will be a tremendous help. I’m loving the picture finder already! Are the pictures it finds copyright free, or does it credit the source somehow?

      • Luke -

      The pictures right now all are all from Tumblr. I’ll make an update soon that’ll include the source if you want to give credit, but most of the images on Tumblr are taken from other sources that and are not credited so it’s not always easy to find. My solution to that is that people can use the “Messages” feature on any Facebook Page to message you if they want their content taken down. I believe that has happened to me once so far out of thousands of images.

    • david -

    hi luke,
    do you have a video to show the functionality of your system?

      • Luke -

      I have not created a video yet, but I’m planning a screencast tonight :)

    • Adnan -

    Is there a way to subscribe without PayPal? I don’t have PayPal available in my country but can pay via credit card. Any suggestion?

      • Luke -

      I’m using PayPal exclusively at the moment. I believe you can pay with a credit card on PayPal.

  1. Hi Luke
    Good luck with this new venture,
    and there will be taking advantage of this tool that you offer us.

      • Luke -

      Great to hear. Thank you very much :)

    • mohamed -

    Look Luke ! My name Is Mohamed I am from Egypt I didn’t make any money online yet because I am Under 18 .
    Buddy I promise you when I turn 18 I will thousand of money using peerfly and your awesome tips I wish you will be with me when I do that . Who know . Perhaps I will meet you some day and thank you for your awesome efforts .
    Thanks Lucke

      • Luke -

      Sounds good!

  2. I was lucky enough to be one of the beta testers and i’ve been using this for over a week now – All I can say is this is a must use tool and will define how I utilise and monetize my Facebook pages…..Looking forward to the webinars and videos mate! Great work!

  3. I’ve been using FPT for a week now and absolutely love it. The finding and adding pictures to your queue is so simple. Grab a bunch of pictures and you’re page will continue to post day after day. Edit in some words or a link for your users to buy something. I love it and will be telling everyone about it.

    • shahrir -

    I wish to be an affiliate as well as use this system bo generate income.

      • Luke -

      I’m hoping to launch an affiliate program for FPTraffic in the next few weeks :)

    • Matt -

    I’m currently running 1-2 Facebook pages. It takes me around 4 hours to find enough images to post 3-4x per day for an entire month, as well as to schedule all the posts. That’s -per- page. With FPT traffic I can get the same amount of work done in about 30 minutes. This is a no brainer at this price point — it easily saves me $200-$300 per page, each time I need to use it. Well done, Luke!

    • Charley -

    I am so keen to get started, I signed up at 3am and have woken up 5 hours later ready to go! This is genius Luke! I am Just wondering can I use this on pages I’ve aleady got set up? Or only with newly created ones?

      • Luke -

      You can use it on any Page on your Facebook account :)

  4. I just brought it, and start the engine :) , tq Luke finally I found good stuff to boost my FB Pages with great monthly fees.

      • Luke -

      Great to hear! :)

  5. This is nice, I am in

    • Daya -

    I just signed up. Creating a fan page has been on my mind for a white. I hope this wil help me.

      • Luke -

      Fantastic. Let me know if you have any questions along the way :)

    • Vasco -

    Hey Luke!! As you know there are several automatic tools for facebook, but it seems that facebook doesn’t like these type of tools.
    This might be a stupid question, but can I have problems in the future by using this tool to create auto posts?


      • Luke -

      There shouldn’t be any issues as long as you are not abusing your Page. You are limited to being able to post once per hour with FPTraffic on a single Page (you can do multiple pages each hour) and I recommend doing 2-3 posts a day for optimal results. With that limitation there should be no issue with automating the posting. Facebook allows you to schedule posts, but their system is terrible which is one reason FPTraffic is so convenient :)

    • JT -

    Great tool. What used to take 30 minutes to an hour I am able to knock down to about 5 to 10 minutes. Love it so far!

    • Dusan -

    Hi Luke,
    Just subscribed to FPT. I have a few pages that will hopefully benefit from this. I am also interested in building new pages from scratch using your tips. Hopefully I am one of the first 100 subscribers.

      • Luke -

      Great! I’ll be emailing you a guide tonight as well as an email when the webinar gets closer.

    • Natasha -

    Well…now you’re committed to this app for the rest of your natural life, Luke :) I just went in, barely reading any instructions, and love everything I’ve seen about the scheduler. Found dozens of pictures in less than 10 minutes. Basic Suggestion: include a way to save keyword searches. Advanced Suggestion: consider integrating, if possible, with Pinterest.

  6. Luke is the man. He has let me play with it for the past week and it’s legit. I’ve loved how easy it is to bulk schedule posts. A simple feature that not even Facebook allows. Great software Luke.

    • Ciamciaj -

    Hello Luke, what are pros of fp traffic comparing to hootsuite?

      • Luke -

      Honestly, I have not messed with HootSuite too much, but I’ll have to take a look. From what I’ve heard my scheduler is much easier to use and FPTraffic also includes a feature that makes it really easy to find content for your Pages. On top of that, it features Guides to help you build, optimize, and monetize your Pages :)

    • Vasco -

    Great Luke! I will give it a try!!
    Can you make a simple review video ?

      • Luke -

      Hoping to get that up tonight :)

    • Jasen Bell -

    Luke! i just tweeted you but i wanted to write on this post! this is awesome man! i cant wait to get started with this, your hard work and dedication to this field of work is amazing and simply inspiring, great job man, keep up the great work!

      • Luke -

      Thanks Jasen :)

  7. Looks great. Hopefully this is finally going to get my FB campaigns of the ground .. Let’s make some money right! ;-)

  8. Hi Luke !
    I really like your product , and I wish I can join the free webinar , I have subscribed in FB traffic . I wish that to see case studies on how I can promote peerfly products and / or click bank with such as beautiful tool !
    good luck and with you all the best

      • Luke -

      Great to hear. Everyone will have access to a reply of the webinar and as FPTraffic grows I’ll be sharing more and more case studies. I’m even making a tool that’ll be included with FPTraffic to show you how to promote PeerFly offers with your Page successfully :)

    • DC -

    So FP Traffic help you manage multiple Facebook Fanpages? How do you monetized it? Amazon products?

      • Luke -

      Yes, you can manage as many Pages as you want with FPTraffic. I’m going to cover all of the ways I’ve monetized my Facebook Pages. Amazon is just a small piece, but I do use them as well.

    • Scott -

    Hi Luke, I signed up via PayPal and received my PP receipt but no other notifications. Should I have?

      • Luke -

      You can login by connecting your Facebook at FPTraffic.com or going directly to: http://fptraffic.com/connect/ …you’re marked as paid so you will have full access :)

    • peter mcgrath -

    hi Luke have just signed up and ready to go on a new adventure with you looking forward to this learning I need to give some through to what type of Facebook pages to create But your idea of a favourite TV shows a good start plus my interests thanks peter McGrath

    • Peter -

    Hi Luke, how secure is this I mean would I get blocked by facebook if I post at the same time on like 10 pages?

      • Luke -

      I currently am posting on 11 Pages and have been for about a month. Shouldn’t be a problem :)

      • Luke -

      Doesn’t appear to allow you to post photos, which is a primary feature of FPTraffic. Statistics show that photos get 100%+ more exposure than text updates. Also, in the coming weeks, there will be some very nice features added to FPTraffic that’ll not only let you schedule posts and find content, but monetize the traffic you get from them :)

  9. Hi.
    This tool looks great.
    Maybe a dumb question, but is this only for posting pictures on your page or can I schedule text (short articles, announcement, updates, etc.) posts as well?

      • Luke -

      Texts updates are being added tonight :)

  10. Has this been asked can you tag your own page or drop links in? I assume the links will work provided they are done right but what about tagging.. I always tag my page in the post?

      • Luke -

      Based on my research it does not appear you can tag your own Page link with the Facebook API yet. You could include a link (something I do quite a bit) to your Page or any other HTML link you want. I’m going to add the ability to automatically bit.ly your links as well if you want :)

    • Nick -

    Hi Luke, I have Facebook page dedicated to my business. Will FP Traffic be a good idea for this too? I’m thinking in terms of generating likes and leads.

      • Luke -

      It can help with any Facebook Page. If you email me I’d be happy to take a look.

    • Devin -

    Can this subscription be cancelled at anytime?

      • Luke -

      Yes, you can cancel anytime.

    • Neels -

    Question: Do the posts show that it was made via an app or does it look exactly like you did it manually?
    Also does FB reduce your exposure because the post was made via API vs manual post?

  11. dropping those links everywhere I can… I’ve been using it a lot.. .. helps to get a page started.. for sure..
    also to get ideas.. .I hate the tagging system of FB.. seems like I can’t tag posts with it .. but I can’t either with my phone.. anyways.. looking forward to more integration with peerfly and training.

    • Mark -

    Hi Luke
    I have signed up to FPT and have 2 questions.
    Do yo have an example page that I can look at (I am new to FB and a visual learner.
    When you post do you post in the pages name?
    Many thanks

      • Luke -

      I replied to your email with the same questions. I do have some sample Pages I’d be happy to share with FPT members. Just email me and we can go over them :)

  12. I LOVE this program, I seriously can’t even believe it! I’ve had one sale, a HUGE increase in ppl coming to my pages and the only other thing I’m wondering about, is if you’ll be teaching us other ways to monetise Facebook pages other than MyLikes?

      • Luke -

      That’s great to hear Charley! I’m going to cover a bunch of different ways to monetize your Pages and I’m even going to provide a script I created to do promotions on my Pages that have generated a majority of my income from my Pages :)

  13. Hi Luke….
    Can you send me paypal payment option only (not requiring CC), to jc.riversite@gmail.com because at the moment the CC connected
    to paypal is expired and I’m waiting for a new one!

    • juan carlos -

    Hello Luke
    When is your webinar? is it this week?

      • Luke -

      I’ve had to push it back, but you’ll be getting an email when it’s announced.

    • amer -

    how is this differ from Social Oomph software?

    • Aungeer -

    Can the subscription be cancelled anytime? If yes, how?

      • Luke -

      Yes, you can cancel anytime through PayPal.

    • Scott -

    Is the FB webinar available? I never saw notice other than the initial announcement.

      • Luke -

      I’ve had to push it back. I’m working out the details.

    • Aungeer -

    Hi Luke,

    Thank you for your reply! One more question, I have no pages of my own & have little experience in building & running pages. Would you help what topics I could choose from? I have some experience in driving likes through FB ads for another company’s FB pages. Can a beginner get this & benefit?


    • KoteswaraRao -

    Hi Luke
    Can u send me link to make the payment with out Paypal, i am not able to do payment through My Paypal acc

    PLz send me link to – sre.eswar9@gmail.com

      • Luke -

      Email me and I’ll see what we can do.

    • Nial -

    Hi Luke,

    I have 2 questions.

    1) Will my multiple FB accounts be safe if I use them from the same FPT tool?
    2) If we cancel the subscription will the lifetime locking of 10$/mo be gone as well? Or it will be same when we resume the subscription again?
    3) Does it allow private proxies incase you are using multiple FB accounts?


      • Luke -

      Your account will be safe because you’re only using one Facebook account and just making it admin. There’s no issue with Facebook and this.

      If you cancel your locked in rate is gone. Of course, I’m happy to work with you on this if you email me.

      There’s no need for a proxy because you’re sending from one account and it’s compliant with Facebook’s requirements/guidelines.

  14. Hey Luke, saw that you were working on an affiliate program. You should consider selling it through JV Zoo. It’s super easy to integrate and they have a huge list of affiliates (likes myself) waiting to promote.

      • Luke -

      I’ll have it setup very soon :)

    • Amir Haddad -

    i sent an email earlier
    but still haven’t received any response
    need some answer as to lock in the pre-launch price

  15. OK this could be just what I’m looking for. I’m a reasonably experienced marketer but I have totally neglected Facebook. I assume I can use this to build traffic to existing sites, as well as building up new niches?

      • Luke -

      Absolutely :)

  16. This sounds very interesting, Luke.. I must consider investing in this fantastic program.. Let me back to you for a few days..

    Have a nice day Luke

    • Rhonda -

    Hi Luke, I just signed up tonight for the FP Traffic but had a little snag getting in after signing up. I kept being routed back to the subscription page. I’m so excited to use this, looks like a fantastic program! When you have a moment, please get back to me to help me get logged in. Thanks. Have a great day! Nice video overview BTW!

      • Luke -

      Got your email and marked your account as paid. Not sure why you hit that hiccup, but happy to have you on board! :)

    • James Plummer -

    Wanted to join Fptraffic but link does not work, is it too late ???

      • Luke -

      Which link doesn’t work? It should work fine :)

    • Mukil -

    Hey Luke… Just started using FBT… seems to be promising… would like to know how to set up mylike account and promotion… do you have a guide on that? Tnx

    • einoj -

    I’m liking FPtraffic so far. Just have a couple of questions: how do we access the Mask tool? You mentioned this in your FB page, and that you launched two additional tools then (August 13), what were those two tools?. Thanks!

      • Luke -

      You can access the masking tool at: http://fptraffic.com/mask/

      The other two are still in the works, but should be released soon :)

    • einoj -

    Thanks Luke! :)

  17. Great Luke! I want to give it a try!!
    Where can I find a review/case study video?

      • Luke -

      There aren’t any reviews/case studies out yet. Hopefully soon :)

    • Roy -

    Luke, whenever I try to join I am just redirected to one of my FB pages!?

      • Luke -

      If you login to Facebook and accept the requested permissions you should have no problem joining.

    • Roy -

    I did that Luke and it went to my page, nothing happened!

    • Clife -

    Hi Luke for the FB page did you use a Brand name or product page or Artist page setup ?

      • Luke -

      It depends on the Page. I’ll just try to find the closest category.

    • pauline wright -

    Luke, how do I sign up for your product? Thanks.

  18. So this software find images and schedule them. But what about traffic. To get new likes we need traffic. And to get good start paid traffic will help. Is it possible to get the same benefit of this software without using paid Facebook ads.

      • Luke -

      From my experience I’d say you absolutely need to use Facebook Ads to build a large and successful Facebook Page. I’ve published some articles to help with building a successful Facebook Ad campaign and have a case study on FPTraffic.

    • Flash -

    Love this. Can’t wait to promote this as an affiliate.

  19. do you have recorded the Free Facebook Page Webinar that you did in vegas
    i am a member of FPTraffic

      • Luke -

      No, the recording for my session is not available yet and it will only be available to Affiliate Summit passholders as far as I know.

  20. Hey Luke, I just took the opportunity and joined yesterday. Looks really great so far! One thing I’m missing is to be able to search Google or Bing/Yahoo for related articles and just schedule those. I think this would be useful also.

      • Luke -

      Posting links is a feature I’ve been working on and hope to release soon. Glad you like FPT! :)

    • Bryan -

    Luke – I see you have made a LOT of enhancements since launch. Great job!! Are you able to select your own photos from the local computer. I have photos that I have taken that I would like to include in my scheduling.

      • Luke -

      Thanks Bryan. Yes, you can mass upload up to 100 photos at a time from your computer and they’re automatically scheduled for you. You can upload 100 at a time as many times as you want :)

    • Edwin -

    Luke – Does this tool also work on non English pages

      • Luke -


    • Stefano -

    Dear Luke,
    I sent you a mail via your contact list, about this program, can you please read and aswer it when you have time

    • saw -

    hi luke, when is the payment gateway, i already read through , got some inquiry, if i created a new fan pages , by using FP Traffic program, i am able to get more new fans ,schedule the auto new post , to get more sales right ? and the fp traffic program only can use for others affiliate program that allow fan pages posting but not for peerfly right ? need your advice

    • saw -

    is there video for step by step to create succesful and profitable page ?

    • Vinh -

    Can you send me a link that i can subscribe via Credit Card?
    Because my Paypal is now limited and i can do anything about it!

      • Luke -

      Sorry, but the payment needs to go through PayPal. I believe I can invoice you via PayPal though and you can pay with a credit card. Email me :)

    • nurul -

    Hi, FPT sounds great, but I just wonder, can I use FPT to non english fb pages?

      • Luke -

      Yes, FPT should work on any Page.

    • Christy -

    I signed up for FPTraffic a few days ago and have been charged the $10 already. However, everything I click on the website just takes me back to the sign up page (except I can click on My Account, but that’s it). I have now sent three emails asking for help with no reply. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper. PLEASE help me!

      • Luke -

      If you are still having this issue please contact the support: http://fptraffic.com/contact/ …sometimes PayPal will not postback letting FPTraffic know that you paid the original $10. It’s a quick fix though. Sorry for the delay.

    • Rajnikant -

    Hi Luke, I am interested in this program, can you pls tell me how it works? I mean, once I pay $10/month, I will be able to create many pages and I can handle from the program, and what about the traffic? I will getting free? Just in matter of minutes? We don’t have to spend money like we do on FB ads? IF so.. then we can easily sell the teespring shirts. BUT can we target our traffic by custom?

    I hope you answer the questions.

      • Luke -

      You pay $10/month and you can manage as many Facebook Pages as you want on your account. You create the Pages and then I recommend creating Facebook ads to get Likes on those Pages. FPTraffic will help you get organic Likes on your Pages by posting good content consistently for you.

      I have guides that explain how to create your ads and example Teespring campaigns.

    • Bob Newton -

    I just want to compliment you on you Facebook Poster. I am just about to put up a new FP and your timing is perfect!

    I will take all the coaching you can send my way…

    What is the name of the feature that slides in on the right
    that appears to have a daily article attached… (Am I correct?)

      • Luke -

      Good to hear Bob! It’s a WordPress plugin called Next Post Fly Box.

    • Greg -

    I would love to give this program a go, but I have a slight concern. I don’t want my current friends to be notified of posts about my current business. They are a group of artists and really wouldn’t want to know about mining related posts or any other posts for that matter. So how do I make sure that they aren’t notified of those posts? Do I have to sign up for a separate Facebook account to keep them from receiving any offers or posts that I use for this program? Thanks in advance.

      • Luke -

      The only people that would be notified or see your posts would be the people who specifically like your Facebook Page for your business. It’s separate from your personal Facebook account. FPTraffic shows you how to setup a Facebook Page :)

    • Timothy DeWall -

    Hi Luke, I’m very much a newbie ? Can i use FPTraffic to post others FB post. Like a post they put on their page ?

      • Luke -

      No, it only allows you to post on your own Facebook Page.

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