Plenty of Fish (POF) is the top free dating site on the internet and they also have a great self serve ad platform where you can buy traffic on a CPM basis.

POF Case Study: Jewcier

jewcier case study

Plenty of Fish is a great traffic source that a lot of my publishers at PeerFly are really starting to take advantage of. In my article on traffic sources based on experience I explain that unless you’re completely new to affiliate marketing, I think you can probably handle setting up and running a campaign on POF. Running a campaign on POF is easy, but getting it profitable isn’t quite as easy. There are a lot of different targeting options you can test and there are a ton of great dating offers you can promote to those targets.

Earlier this month I setup a campaign using an old banner I created for an offer we recently added to PeerFly again called Jewcier. Well, I’ve decided to share everything about that campaign so you can use that information to setup your own successful campaign!

Jewcier Banner

I have only been using one banner the entire time I have been running this campaign. I am sure just about every affiliate marketer you will ever meet will tell you that is a bad idea and I agree. However, this banner (shown to the right) has gotten a pretty good clickthrough rate the entire time → Continue Reading

Traffic Sources Based On Experience

Traffic Source based on Experience

There are a ton of different traffic sources out there you can run your affiliate marketing campaigns on and one of the easiest things you can do is completely overwhelm yourself by trying to run campaigns at all of them at the same time. I think it’s really important that you choose a traffic source, test a spread of campaigns on that traffic source, optimize your campaigns, and then scale until you hit a ceiling. If you simply setup campaigns on a bunch of different traffic sources all at once you are going to spread yourself too thin. So, what traffic sources do I suggest focusing on based on your experience as an affiliate marketer?

I’ve broken down your possible experience level into four different levels. Those levels are Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior. Here is an explanation of each level and one traffic source I suggest based on that level. Remember, these are simply my suggestions based on my experiences working with my publishers. You should look into different traffic sources on your own, but these are the ones I suggest.

Freshmen (“Newbie”)

There is a pretty large learning curve when you first start affiliate marketing. You will lose money at → Continue Reading