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Have a 9-5 Job? Screw That!

Screw95 Review

Okay, the title is a bit silly coming from a guy that has a job working at an office from 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday, but this post is not about me, it’s about my buddy Jay Wessman’s new video series course called Screw95.

I do not usually recommend the “courses” that internet marketing “gurus” put out, but Jay isn’t an internet marketing guru and when he emailed me about Screw95 I was intrigued. Jay and I had spoken a few times on Skype and he is an active member of AffiliateFix and The Dojo. His blog is also listed on affposts and I had read some of his articles on there. Well, he emailed me a login to check out his Screw95 course and when I finally did I was really impressed!

 Jay is a “Stoner”

Before I go into what Screw95 is all about and what I learned from it, I should explain a few things about it’s creator, Jay Wessman. Jay is a self proclaimed “stoner” and has branded himself as such. His blog is even called Lazy Ass Stoner. His approach and brand are unique. It’s not the type of branding I would recommend, but he’s pulled it → Continue Reading

Surfing Affiliate Offers with GeoSurf


One of the most common questions that I get from my publishers at PeerFly is “how can I view the offer landing page?” or “why am I being taken to the wrong landing page when I try to view my affiliate link?” and those are very good questions because it is important that you know what you are promoting.

Nearly every affiliate network and most smart advertisers have geographic redirect scripts setup on their landing pages so that if someone from outside of the countries they want to receive traffic from comes to that page they are redirected elsewhere. So, if you have a CPA offer that you are only looking for leads from the United States on and someone from Canada tries to go to it you redirect them to an offer that allows Canadian traffic. This makes a lot of sense to do, but if you are an affiliate that wants to promote that offer and you live outside of it’s allowed countries it can be really annoying to try to view the landing page for that offer.

There are free browser based proxies available throughout the web, but they not very reliable. Instead, I recommend you use → Continue Reading

The Dojo Review

the dojo review

Over the past few months my buddy Oliver Kenyon from has been working hard on building up the new paid section of his affiliate marketing forum. The new paid section is called The Dojo. It really fits well with the theme Oliver has created for CPAFix and it has been very exciting to watch not only his community at CPAFix grow, but The Dojo as well. Well, last week The Dojo officially launched and I thought I would give you a quick tour of it and explain what makes it different than all the other affiliate marketing forums out there.

Before I continue, I should disclose that I am a Super Moderator and contributor at both CPAFix and The Dojo. Obviously I am somewhat biased towards them because of this, but I also have spent about a year and a half helping the community without any sort of compensation and I would not have done that if I didn’t think CPAFix was awesome.

A little bit about CPAFix

CPAFix is a free affiliate marketing forum run by my buddy, Oliver Kenyon. The community of affiliate marketers there has grown to over 8,000 people! There’s a ton of a great information → Continue Reading

Spy on Adult Ads with

AdultAdSpy Review

I have been researching quite a few different ad spy tools lately and it just so happens that my friend Jay from just released both his own private forum for adult media buy information, but he also released an awesome new spy tool specifically for adult traffic called AdultAdSpy. Jay asked if I would be interested in doing a review on his new spy tool and of course I was happy to. Let’s take a look at not only how this tool works, but how you could use it to create a profitable affiliate marketing campaign using some adult offers from PeerFly!

First off, let’s take a look at what exactly AdultAdSpy does.

What is AdultAdSpy?

AdultAdSpy is an awesome tool that automatically saves thousands of banner images from all the large adult websites (both web and mobile) you can advertise on. With just a few clicks you can find and analyze ads found in over 23 countries. You can search and browse through their ads and find the:

Advertiser Publisher Traffic Source Offer Banner Size Landing Page

As I mentioned in my article yesterday about affposts, user experience is extremely important to me with any online tool or → Continue Reading