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Interview with Oliver Kenyon from

I am very happy to announce my first interview on my blog. Since going fulltime with PeerFly, I have been trying to be more active on the different affiliate marketing forums available and one that I joined awhile ago and have been somewhat inactive on is CPAFix. I am pretty good friends with the owner, Oliver, and I plan to increase my activity so I decided to ask Oliver to do an interview and tell me a little more about his forum. oliver First off, why don’t you tell everyone a bit about yourself Oliver? Hey Luke and hello readers! My name is Oliver Kenyon but some of you may know me as K. I’m a 24 year old entrepreneur from England. I have my own web development company called Okenyon Webs and I’m also an affiliate marketer. I’ve seen a post a few times about your affiliate earnings. Are you generating 100% of your income online now? Tell us a bit about the type of traffic you like to work with and the campaigns you prefer to run. As of January I will be 100% online. I’ve had a great year working every hour around the clock to learn a lot, mature and build up my company. Working full time hours as a chef, this has been hard but very rewarding as I am now at the stage where I can leave my job and pursue my online career and my true love. As far as traffic and campaigns, I have pushed publishing to the bottom of my list for now whilst I build up my reputation and company and work on my websites like However, when I get back into running things in the new year I plan to do things outside of the box. I am going to hit Offline CPA very hard in the new year as I think it’s very untapped. Okay, so, what is CPAFix and why should my PeerFly publishers join your forum? CPAFix is a Cost Per Action and affiliate marketing site, based around the forum. We aim to be the number one resource for everything CPA. We host many features as well as individual forums for every type of traffic source and method. We cater for everyone from newbies to experienced publishers and can boast some of the biggest affiliate names on the boards. PeerFly is well represented on the site by yourself and your publishers have another way to contact and ask you questions within your PeerFly thread. We are a friendly and welcoming board and would love to meet and share resources with your publishers. How do you compare CPAFix to WarriorForum? I don’t – lol but seriously we are two completely different things. WarriorForum is great but we wanted to build something directly targeted for CPA and affiliate marketing. WarriorForum is a giant and were not trying to compete with them, but we will be as successful within this niche I can promise you that. I think the beauty of is that everyone is on the same page. There are no big time ego’s thinking they are better than the rest. We are all just decent people trying to help each other earn more and more. What do you have planned for the future of CPAFix? For CPAFix there is no limits. I won’t stop until it’s the best place where all affiliates can come online and get everything they need. We are constantly brain storming and trying to come up with more features and tools to make it a better resource and we are always up for suggestions. As far as myself I feel the skies the limit, I’m far from big headed but i just have this burning in my stomach that pushes me on and on with this company and business. Okenyon Webs will be a landmark company in the near future and I plan to release more and more websites, mostly under this sector. We have big plans for January and have some nice ideas lined up for early release! What would you say are the three best resources for an affiliate marketer?
but seriously you have a great blog man. In all honesty it depends what level you are at. I love to read because you can pick up some great tips but its not in your face. There are some nice paid forums like STM and IMGrind and also a few decent blogs out there. I would also recommend the CPA section on WarriorForum if you need a question answered quick but CPAFix will shit on them soon enough :) What is your favorite PeerFly feature and what is one change you would make? I think PeerFly on a whole is an awesome network for the more advanced publisher. My favorite features are all the attention to detail. By this I mean when you click an offer everything is very easy to find and navigate. You provide all the creatives and they’re easy to find. If I had to add something it would probably be some kind of advanced gateway. I know PeerFly isn’t a content locking network but that may be cool in the future. Also, I would go to town on your points feature, where by affiliates earn points as well as cash per lead and can exchange points for things like iPads, Kindles, etc! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions and I think my readers will find them very useful. I can see you are dedicated to the industry and look forward to seeing CPAFix grow along with the business relationships between myself and your members. Anything else you’d like to add? Thank you Luke, it’s been a pleasure. As an added incentive to get your readers onto CPAFix – if they mention “Luke from Peerfly” or this blog in their introduction thread I will personally email them my latest Facebook pages ebook. Once again, thanks Luke and I wish you and all the staff at PeerFly along with your readers a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Easily Create Banner Ads with Pixlr

easy ads featured

One thing that I continue to get questions about from my PeerFly publishers is how to create their own banner ads. Creating your own banner can be as easy or difficult as you choose, but I usually go the easy route when I first start working on a campaign. I have mentioned before that you can use Google Images to find banners, but what other options are there if the banner size you want is not available? When this is the case I use Pixlr.

Crop Images with Pixlr

I have been working quite a bit with Plenty of Fish and Facebook Ads over the past few months. The standard banner ad size for both is 110×80. If you use the Google Image search method to find banners I mentioned above, you won’t find any good 110×80 banners for, let’s say, a Keurig campaign. What I would do instead is find a good image to use of any size and crop and resize it to the correct size. Pixlr makes this really easy.

In the video above I create four different banners for my Keurig campaign in about three minutes. You can do it a lot faster than that. It’s very easy and it is a good way to do a lot of split testing to see what type of image will work best with your target demographic. The most important factor of your CTR (click through rate) in your Facebook and Plenty of Fish campaigns will be your banner image. I have tested about 150 images in my Facebook fan page campaign and have made them all exclusively using the method demoed above.

Give it a try and let me know what you think :)

Include the visitor’s location on your landing page

A good affiliate marketer will always be looking for ways to improve his/her landing pages. One way that I do this is by checking to see what advertisers are doing on the landing pages for the offers on PeerFly. Well, recently I noticed that a good portion of our email and zip submit offers now include the visitor’s location on the landing pages. Typically, the state you are in. Here is an example: landing page location As you can see, the advertiser is trying to catch the user’s attention by including the state they are located in on the landing page. This also shows some exclusiveness that will typically help increase your conversion rate. Dating websites have been doing this for years, but it’s never too late to jump on the bandwagon if it’s going to help you make your affiliate campaigns more profitable right? So, how is it done?


There is a free geoip API from that seems to be the most popular option for affiliates. You can easily implement the user’s location using their JavaScript API. I have always used IPInfoDB with their free PHP API, but considering the popularity of Maxmind I am going to show how you can use their API instead. Plus, it requires no programming knowledge. Just a few lines of code you can copy and paste.
<script src=””></script>
Country Code: <script>document.write(geoip_country_code());</script>
Country Name: <script>document.write(geoip_country_name());</script>
City: <script>document.write(geoip_city());</script>
Region: <script>document.write(geoip_region());</script>
Region Name: <script>document.write(geoip_region_name());</script>
If you are seeing jibberish when you look at the block of code above this don’t fret! It’s actually very easy to use. Line 1 The first line of code is required to be placed BEFORE any of the following lines of code. You can place it anywhere in your page’s header or body as long as it is placed before lines 2-6. Basically it just sets up the API so it will work with lines 2-6. Lines 2-6 Lines 2-6 are where you can actually show the different information available from the API about the user on the page. For example, you would want to copy and paste the script tags from line 6 to show the user’s state (in my case, Florida). I have setup a demo page for the Maxmind geoip API. Take a look through and let me know if you have any questions.

Optimize Your 7Search PPC Campaign

optimize 7search campaign
I have done two follow up posts to this post that you should look at. Those are How to Setup a 7Search Campaign and How to Truly Optimize your 7Search Campaign. Please make sure you read through those as well as they are much more detailed.

I recently wrote a review on 7Search and since that review I have had many questions on how you can optimize your 7search campaign to make sure that you are getting the most ROI possible from your campaign. With the lower quality traffic that you get from 7Search it is very important that you track the keywords you are getting traffic from so you can go through and remove the ones that are costing you money. Luckily, PeerFly has made it really easy to view a breakdown by subid (keyword) and 7search makes it really easy to pass that keyword into the subid field of your PeerFly affiliate link!

Pass the keyword from 7Search into your PeerFly link

When you are setting up your campaign on 7Search you’ll notice they let you use the ###KEYWORD### variable to show the actual keyword that you were bidding on that generated the click. You can use it in the ad title, the body of the ad, and the URL. So, to pass the keyword as a subid into your PeerFly link (Destination URL if you are directly linking) simply copy and paste your Long Link and include the ###KEYWORD### variable in the first subid spot:

If it makes it easier for you to use, you can remove the last two subids from the link above.

Now, when someone clicks on your ad on 7Search they will be taken to the URL with your keyword embedded as a subid. If you go to your PeerFly Reports page and breakdown your campaign by subid you will be able to see how many clicks and conversions you have for each keyword you are bidding on with 7search.

subid breakdown

The image above is just a sample breakdown of the subids for a campaign I was messing around with for our Keurig offer. All of the traffic was being sent through 7Search, but it was mixed as far as where the traffic was going, which is why it’s a little confusing. However, you can easily see which subids were getting the most clicks and lead to the best conversion rate and EPC.

If you are looking to run a campaign on 7Search and want to direct link I highly suggest passing the keyword as a subid so you can see what is working best for you!

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