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mThink’s Revenue Performance Survey – Vote for PeerFly!

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Revenue Performance started their Blue Book Top 20 Ad Network 2012 Survey and once again, we are hoping to rank pretty high at PeerFly. We have put a link on the Publisher Dashboard asking everyone to vote for us, but I thought I’d go ahead and do a blog post here as well because I really want your votes! After the last survey PeerFly was ranked #19 on the list. This year we are hoping for top 5. We were recently ranked #2 on a survey completed by OfferVault, so we have good reason to believe we’ll be a top contender.

Best Affiliate Manager

Revenue Performance added a new section to the survey this time where you can vote for your the best Affiliate Program Manager and of course, I hope you will vote for me! :) The question looking for the Best Affiliate Program Manager (same as Affiliate Manager) is #10. So, if you haven’t voted already, please go vote for PeerFly and vote for me.
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7Search PPC Search Engine Ad Network Review

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I have been using 7Search as a PPC (pay-per-click) traffic source for about three years now and have spent quite a bit of money promoting both affiliate campaigns and some of my own projects. I have found that although the traffic quality is much lower on 7Search than you would find on a 1st tier search engine ad network like Google AdWords, there are still many benefits to using 7Search and overall I highly recommend them.

Advantages of 7search

Cheap Traffic

Like most PPC ad networks, 7Search uses a bidding system. You bid on each keyword that you want to use to drive traffic to your site through their search system. For the most part, you are going to be able to drive traffic to your site or affiliate link by bidding less than $0.10 per click. It really depends on the niche and keywords you are focusing on, but in general you should be able to get some decent traffic for less then $0.05 per click. I personally refuse to pay more than $0.08 per click on 7Search (I don’t bid any higher than that) and have had successful campaigns where I got thousands of clicks for just a penny each.

In comparison, if you were to go on Google AdWords or Microsoft adCenter and bid on keywords you’d probably end up paying a lot more.

Low Minimum Deposit

This is one of the main reasons I keep going back to 7Search to test campaigns. They have a very low minimum deposit of just $25. So, if you want to test a few email/zip submits campaigns your upfront cost is just $25. The traffic is cheap to begin with so you are going to be able to do a pretty decent test (around 500 clicks more than likely) with just the minimum $25 deposit.

Direct Linking Allowed

The main reason I suggest 7Search to new PeerFly publishers is that they allow affiliates to directly link. You can just copy and paste your PeerFly link.

Good Keyword Tool

The keyword tool to add keywords on 7Search is pretty good. Shows your estimated searches, clicks, and the top 3 bids. It’s easy to use and you can build a nice keyword list in just a few minutes.

7search keyword tool

Easy to setup campaign

Setting up a campaign on 7Search is quick and painless. You just enter your add information, build a keyword list, and submit.

Disadvantages of 7Search

Traffic Quality

I think I’ve made it apparent that there are many good features that 7Search has. However, there is one major disadvantage that they have over other bigger search PPC networks and that is the traffic quality. Overall, you are not going to see the great conversion rates with 7Search that you might see with AdWords or adCenter. You can tweak and optimize your campaign all you want, but the traffic quality just won’t be quite as good.

The good thing is that there is plenty of traffic available and it’s cheap. You can still build a very profitable campaign with 7Search!

What offers work well with 7search?

I have noticed that our publishers at PeerFly see the best results with 7Search traffic with our email submits and short form offers. These are high converting offers and we have a wide variety so you should have no trouble finding some cheap keywords. You don’t want to try anything too complicated like a payday offer.

In conclusion, 7Search has proven to be a very good source of cheap traffic. You are able to direct link to affiliate offers and their interface is easy to use so it only takes a few minutes to setup a campaign. If you have $25 to spare on a test, I highly suggest it!

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Finding Keywords with Ubersuggest

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There are a lot of keyword research tools out there, but the one I have found the most useful is Ubersuggest. Prior to finding Ubersuggest, my favorite keyword tool was the AdWords Keyword Tool. Well, Ubersuggest is the AdWords Keyword Tool on steroids!

Simple Free Keyword Tool

One of the best things about Ubersuggest is that it is so easy to use. Simply type in your primary keyword and it will give you suggestions based on that original keyword. For example, here are the results I found when I did a search for PeerFly. PeerFly keyword results Easy enough. Those are actually some of the terms that I am already trying to rank for or already rank for (PeerFly login).

Build Your Keyword List

Building a keyword list with Ubersuggest is insanely easily. You can automatically take all the suggested keywords and have them put in a text file and download it just by clicking the txt box in the search. keywords in text file You can also go through and add keywords individually from the results. As you go through simply click the green + (look familiar?) next to the keyword and it will add it to a saved list on the right side of the page. You can then download that list once you have your complete keyword list built.

Get even MORE keyword suggestions

Another great feature within Ubersuggest is the ability to get even more suggestions. If you see a keyword in the results that you really think you could do well with you can click it and Ubersuggest will give you more keywords based on that keyword. For example, I am working on a Keurig blog right now (our Keurig offers just look too good to pass up) and one of my focuses is the Keurig b70. So, I click on the keurig b70 suggested keyword and Ubersuggest gives me even more suggestions based on that keyword! more keyword suggestions Pretty awesome right? This is a great way to find cheaper long-tail keywords for your PPC campaigns. If you aren’t using Ubersuggest in your keyword research you are really missing out! Check it out and let me know what you think.

WordPress Plugins I use for SEO

wordpress seo plugins
I have quite a few WordPress plugins I use on this blog, but the most important ones I have found are the ones I use for SEO. WordPress makes SEO really easy, but the plugins available make it almost impossible to mess up. I’ve included a list of the plugins I currently have installed and why. If you have a WordPress blog I highly suggest you at least check these out. SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate is an all-in-one SEO plugin for WordPress. There are a few plugins out there that do what SEO Ultimate does (including All in One SEO Pack), but I have decided to try out SEO Ultimate for this blog. You can see a list of the features in the image on the right, but the best part is that the plugin automatically does everything mentioned. There really is not much work to be done on your end. One of the main things I like about SEO Ultimate is that it has a feature that will optimize your post slug. The slug is the custom part of your permalink. For example, the slug for this post is seo-wordpress-plugins. SEO Ultimate will automatically optimize that slug by removing common unneeded keywords. Of course, that’s not the only feature. There’s a lot to explore. I highly recommend it as your all in one SEO plugin. Download SEO Ultimate

SEO Smart Links

I have been using SEO Smart Links for awhile now. I know there are several other WordPress plugins out there that do exactly what SEO Smart Links does, but I’ve been using it for awhile and it’s never let me down so I continue to use it. The plugin will allow you to setup keywords and they’ll be automatically turned into links within your posts and pages for you. For example, one keyword I use on this blog is PeerFly and as you can see it’s automatically turned into a link to the page I setup on my blog about joining PeerFly. This plugin comes in really handy for affiliates. If you have a niche blog you might want to setup your keyword so it automatically links back to your blog or maybe to your affiliate link for a product/affiliate offer. Download SEO Smart Links

SEO Friendly Images

Making the images on your blog SEO friendly can really help improve your overall SEO. Having an ALT tag on the images within your blog and websites is critical and an important part of search engine optimization. This WordPress plugin will automatically create an ALT and Title tag for your images if you haven’t already supplied one. This can also help you get traffic for image searches like on Google Images. Download SEO Friendly Images

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemap This is one of the most important plugins you can install to help your WordPress SEO and if you are not using it you are really missing out. With Google XML Sitemaps you can automatically generate an XML sitemap for your blog with all of your posts and pages and have it automatically pinged to the different search engines (and Pingler, mentioned below). Pinging your sitemap is a great way to quickly get your posts indexed by Google and the other search engines so you can start getting some organic SEO traffic. The sitemap generated by Google XML Sitemaps is perfect and generated automatically so it really doesn’t get much easier. You can also benefit from your sitemap by signing up for Google Webmasters, adding your site, and submitting your sitemap. Download Google XML Sitemaps


Whether you should ping your blog or not is something that a lot of people debate, but I have always pinged by blogs and I have never run into any issues from doing it so I support it. Basically, you can ping your blog posts and search engines will pick them up by the services you are pinging. Obviously, the more services the better change you have at getting your blog post indexed. At this point I have a search engine spider on my blog nearly every minute of the day, but I still ping my posts. The plugin I use to ping is Pingler. Download Pingler

RSS Footer

You may be wondering, how does a plugin called RSS Footer possibly relate to WordPress SEO? Well, the reason I downloaded and installed the plugin is because people keep stealing my articles from my RSS feed and using it on their auto blogs. With RSS Footer, you can automatically add a link to the footer of your RSS feed. So, if someone does steal an article from your blog you can make sure there is a link at the bottom of the post that links back to your blog. It’s a backlink so at least you’re getting something from the user stealing your post. Download RSS Footer If you want to start getting some organic SEO traffic to your WordPress blog I highly suggest you check out the plugins I mentioned above. There are hundreds of great WordPress SEO plugins, but the ones I mentioned above have proven to work really well for me. I have a bunch of other great plugins I use and I will be featuring most of them over the next few weeks. What SEO plugins do you use on your blog?