Create your own Redirect Page

I’ve mentioned a few times in the past how important it is for an affiliate marketer to get him/herself at least aquainted with simple HTML. It’s very beneficial to learn more than just basic HTML, but there are definitely some very successful affiliate marketers out there who don’t know anything more than how to setup a basic Continue Reading

PeerFly is NOT a Scam

We get quite a few new people to the industry joining PeerFly on a daily basis and one of the questions I often get is Is PeerFly a Scam? Well, simply put, no. Of course, the people who are asking have no idea of our history or really anything about PeerFly so they’ll simply say “I Continue Reading

My Caricature!

Some of you may remember my review on make money online blog, If not, go read it. Anyway, I was one of the lucky winners for a contest was putting on and with it won a sweet new caricature of myself! Stéphane was nice enough to not only give me the caricature, but also Continue Reading

Stop Scrubbing Me!

There are a million different reasons why your affiliate marketing campaign might fail, but the number one excuse I see as an affiliate manager coming from my PeerFly publishers is scrub. It does not matter how many different factors there are that could change the outcome of your campaign, the first thing that comes to Continue Reading