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How to use Google Images to Find Banners for your Campaigns

find banners

We have almost 6,000 banners available to our publishers on PeerFly. Believe it or not, that is not enough. The banners that we add to our network are those that have been provided to us by the advertiser. So, not all campaigns will have banners (yes, even those that allow banner display traffic) and some of the offers only have a few banners available and they are not always in the size you need. What can do you? Google Images has the answer (or at least one of them).

Google Images has a great feature that allows you to search by image size. It’s not really apparent how to do this at first, but it’s actually very simple.

Step 1

Go to Google Images (

Google Images home

Step 2

Type in a keyword for the offer you want to promote. In this example I am going to use Apple iPad 2 (3541). So, I type in free iPad.

step 2

Step 3

Type in the word imagesize: and then put the widthxheight of the banner you want to find.

step 3

In the example above I am looking for banners that are 468×60. You can search for whatever size you need though. The same would work for 300×250, 160×600, etc.

Now, you should have a nice list of banners in front of you. Download any of the ones you like and try them out on your campaign.

banner results on Google


I have been working to update so that you can pick and choose which banners you want to rotate. This has not been completed yet, but I hope to release it in the next month or so. PeerFly Banners allows you to automatically rotate offers within any vertical of any size from PeerFly. It’s a great tool for split testing offers and seeing what works with your traffic. I am happy to announce we recently passed 1,000,000 impressions!

I hope this makes it a little easier for you if you are trying to use banners to promote your affiliate campaigns. If you plan to test our offers at PeerFly, make sure that they allow Banner Display traffic and do not specifically restrict using banners besides the ones provided by us.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions! :)

How E-mail and Zip Submits Work

how do email and zip submits work

PeerFly is becoming known as the email/zip submit affiliate network. We have about 1,200 affiliate offers in our network, but of those 1,200 about half are email and zip submits. We work with all the popular verticals, but the majority of our offers and the majority of our traffic goes to these offers. So, we know a thing or two about them.

The advertiser is not actually paying you for the email

This is the first misunderstanding with email and zip submits. The advertiser is asking for the user’s email on their landing page and they are paying you (our PeerFly publishers) for those leads, but in all actuality those leads are only a part of the process. This is the same with zip submits. It should be obvious that the advertiser does not really want to pay you $1.30 for some random user’s zip code, but rather what comes after that.

The lead (user’s email or zip code) is simply a way for the advertiser to start the user down their offer path. They use the email or zip code to weed out people who may not be interested in the gift available if the user pushes their way down the path.

Down the path

So, after the user enters in their email or zip code and pushes submit they will be taken down the offer’s path. I have gone through and tested an offer to show an example of what could show up in an email or zip submit path. In this example I am going to use our new Free Cheerios email submit offer.

First Page

1st page

The first page is exactly what you would expect from any of our email submits. The advertiser has a nice looking landing page offering the user a free gift (box of Cheerios) for entering their email address. Of course, under the submit button there is the small print explaining that the Cheerios are “free with the completion of program requirements.” So, what are those requirements?

Second Page

2nd page

After the user enters their email they are taken to the page shown above asking “where shall we send yours?”. You will see a similar page on early all email/zip submit offers. The second page is almost always the shipping information page. The advertiser is collecting more information from the user not only so they have that information on file in case they complete the path and need to ship the gift to them, but also so they know the user is serious about completing the promotional offers to receive the gift.

At the bottom of the form (right above the SUBMIT button) you will notice a Yes/No question. This is a co-reg offer. So, if the user selects Yes the advertiser can then send that information over to Eversave and they will be paid for getting that user to sign up for their daily coupon emails.

Third Page

The third page is where the path starts to split up. The advertiser wants to figure out what exactly the interest of the user is so they can find offers that they would be interested in doing. In the example above, the advertiser is trying to figure out if the user would be interested in business opportunity and work from home offers.

If they are (click Yes) then they are taken to the following page.

4th page - yes

Because the advertiser knows the user is interested in making money online they are presented with a short survey of possible ways to make money online (the advertiser will make money off of these offers). They can pick and choose which ones they are interested in trying.

If the user were to choose No on the 3rd page then they would be taken to the page shown below. I’m guessing if they entered a real cellphone number they would not be taken to the next page, they wouldn’t be shown this page, but I entered a fake so this is where I was taken.

Fake Cellphone

I think without going any further down the offer path you are starting to get the idea. The advertisers for our email and zip submit offers monetize your traffic to their offers off their backend, not the email or zip code they are paying you to capture. This is why sometimes we have to blacklist our publishers running traffic to these offers. If your traffic is not converting on the backend (people are not going through the path or putting in fake information) then the advertiser is not making any money on the offer and that is why we can’t let you run it.

We work with the best advertisers in the email and zip submit verticals and they know how to monetize your traffic as long as you’re sending legit traffic through the methods that they have listed they allow. They are very good at it and that is why we have such great payouts on these offers.

I hope this has given you a better understanding of the email and zip submit offers you are trying to promote. Hopefully, this information will help you optimize your campaign so that both you and the advertiser can make the most money possible :)

Check out our great converting email/zip submits at PeerFly. Not a PeerFly publisher? Sign up today!

How to Pre-Pop Offers from your own Landing Page

pre-pop example featured
I have been discussing pre-pop quite a bit lately. My last post listed quite a few new pre-pop offers we added to PeerFly and I’ve explained how to pre-pop the offers from PeerFly, but how can you pre-pop offers from your own landing page? This quick tutorial will explain how to use a form on your own offer landing page to collect the user’s email and then forward them to your PeerFly link with their email pre-popped. To really understand what is going on with this tutorial you will need to have some knowledge of HTML and PHP.

Adding a form to your landing page

I am going to assume that you have created a form before with HTML and PHP so I will not be going through and explaining every detail of getting this setup, but I am going to provide sample code.
<form action="go.php" method="get">
<input type="text" name="email" size="30" />
<input type="submit" value="Submit" />
Okay, so if you know HTML this should be nothing new. We have a simple 1 field form (input box) and a submit button. In this example I have named the inbox box name (name=”name“). You should also note that the form action and the form method.
  1. action=”go.php
  2. method=”get
This is important because the form is going to use the GET method to send the email to the next page, go.php.

Using the data from the form and pre-popping the offer

The code I am about to show you is the bare minimum to what you can do. All I am going to do is take the email that was entered on the form mentioned on the page above (your landing page) and send the user to my PeerFly link with his/her email already pre-popped. There is a lot more that you could do with this page. For example, you could use the PHP mail function to send the user a nice follow up email with a few more of your affiliate links in them.
$email = $_GET['email'];
All I’ve done in the code snippet above is grab the user’s email using the GET method ($_GET[’email’]). I then use the header function to forward the user to my PeerFly affiliate link and I’ve added the user’s email to the link using the $email variable at the end of the link. I realize that this is a very vague example. This is simply to get you moving in the right direction. You can grab the source code for the two files mentioned above at:
I hope this helps those of my PeerFly publishers with questions about pre-popping from their own landing pages. Of course, if you still have questions you are welcome to post them below in the comments (it’s likely someone else has the same question) or contact me. I look forward to seeing how this helps your campaigns!

More Pre-Pop Offers Added!

pre-pop featured
I am happy to announce that we have recently added a bunch of new pre-pop email submit offers at PeerFly! These offers are all short survey offers (4 questions) that convert on the first page email submit. The questions are all loaded within the first page, so the user simply goes through the short survey and then they are presented with an input box for their email (which can be pre-popped). Here are some sample landing pages we’ve picked up: facebook pre-pop The image above is the first page of the pre-pop. Here is an image of the final step of the first page: sams club pre-pop These are great looking landing pages and the survey really seems to capture the user’s interest and increase the overall conversion rate of the offers. If you are not testing pre-pop with your landing pages or mailing list than you are missing out! I have included a list of all of our current offers you can pre-pop below, but you can also find a list on here or on PeerFly (you must be logged in to your PeerFly publisher account to view) here. Make sure you use your Long Link as it is the pre-pop link (all of the offers listed as [Allow Pre-Pop] on PeerFly have the &email= variable in the long link). If you’re confused, check out this article on how to pre-pop our offers. I plan to do a tutorial on how to create your own landing page that you can use to pre-pop the offer soon. Stay up to date with the latest from my blog and exclusive newsletter articles by subscribing to my new mailing list!

Pre-Pop Offers

ID Name Payout CR EPC
3663 Free Pink iPad [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 11.52% $0.17
3745 Free Pair of Airline Tickets [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 10.71% $0.15
3672 Apple iPhone 4 [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 10.08% $0.14
3540 Dell XPS M1530 Email Submit [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 9.38% $0.14
3676 Pizza Hut $50 Gift Card [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 8.14% $0.12
3665 Target $1000 Gift Card [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 7.90% $0.11
3723 Sam’s Club $1000 [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 7.54% $0.10
3722 Jet Blue Tickets [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 7.51% $0.10
3748 McDonald’s Gift Card [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 7.30% $0.10
3526 Pair of Southwest Tickets [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 6.86% $0.09
3746 GameStop Gift Card [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 6.57% $0.09
3525 Starbucks Gift Card [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 6.52% $0.09
3147 4 Free Tickets to Six Flags [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 6.39% $0.09
3670 Free Apple MacBook Pro [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 5.92% $0.09
3664 Outback $100 Gift Card [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 5.78% $0.08
3542 $1,000 Walmart Gift Card [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 5.35% $0.07
3744 Victoria’s Secret $1,000 Gift Card [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 5.26% $0.07
3604 iPhone 5 Test & Keep [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 5.01% $0.07
3541 Apple iPad 2 – June [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 4.76% $0.07
3747 Subway Gift Card [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 4.67% $0.06
3565 Facebook Survey [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 4.53% $0.06
3667 Home Depot Gift Card [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 4.43% $0.06
3677 Free Groceries $500 [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 3.83% $0.05
3742 Unemployment Survey – $500 Gift Card [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 3.44% $0.05
3674 Dell XPS 15 [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 3.01% $0.04
3678 Walmart $100 Gift Card [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 2.47% $0.03
3666 Free iPad 2 Colors [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 2.46% $0.04
3741 Olive Garden $250 Gift Card [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 1.86% $0.03
3675 iPhone 4 & iPad 2 [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 1.84% $0.03
3669 Casey Anthony $250 Survey [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.20 1.73% $0.02
1464 HP Slate [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.50 1.21% $0.02
3662 Free Samples & Coupons [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.30 0.34% $0.00
3224 Coupon Glee [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.60 0.00% $0.00
3360 Dell XPS 15 [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 0.00% $0.00
3363 Free Macbook Pro [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 0.00% $0.00
3357 Get a free iPhone 4 and iPad 2 [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 0.00% $0.00
3150 Free Macbook Pro [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 0.00% $0.00
3151 Dell XPS with 3D Screen [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 0.00% $0.00
3008 Dell Inspiron Duo [Allows Pre-Pop] $1.40 0.00% $0.00