How E-mail and Zip Submits Work

how do email and zip submits work

PeerFly is becoming known as the email/zip submit affiliate network. We have about 1,200 affiliate offers in our network, but of those 1,200 about half are email and zip submits. We work with all the popular verticals, but the majority of our offers and the majority of our traffic goes to these offers. So, we Continue Reading

More Pre-Pop Offers Added!

I am happy to announce that we have recently added a bunch of new pre-pop email submit offers at PeerFly! These offers are all short survey offers (4 questions) that convert on the first page email submit. The questions are all loaded within the first page, so the user simply goes through the short survey Continue Reading

Getting paid via PayPal with PeerFly

One of the many payment methods we have at PeerFly is the option to be paid via PayPal. As I mentioned before, we try to do what we can to keep our publishers at PeerFly and although there are some risks to paying with PayPal (which is why a lot of affiliate networks still don’t Continue Reading