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Rotate PeerFly offers using

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With over 1,000 active offers, it’s sometimes hard to decide which ones to promote. Yes, we have a pretty good offer search system and I created PeerFly Offers to help, but it’s still not the easiest task. This is especially true when you have a network of sites in different niches and you are just trying to monetize the traffic with something besides Google AdSense. Because of all this, I get a lot of requests from my PeerFly publishers for a simple offer rotator where they can just copy and paste a script on their site and it’ll rotate offers for them. So, I created

PeerFly Banners is a simple service that does exactly what I described above. It allows you to setup a quick script that you can put on your website and it’ll automatically rotate our 1,000+ affiliate offers on PeerFly based on the vertical you select and the banner size. automatically rotates affiliate offers

Create Your Script

I have intentionally made it super easy to use this service. Everything you need is available to you on the homepage. You will need to complete the form with the following information.
  • PFID – Your PeerFly ID, which you can find when you login to PeerFly. You must be an approved publisher. If you are not, Join PeerFly.
  • Verticals – Choose the verticals you would like the site to grab offers and banners from. If you do not care, you can select All Verticals.
  • Banner Size – Choose the size banner you would like to display. There are several sizes to choose from.
Once you have entered that information push Generate Code and the site will generate a javascript code snippit you can place on your site and it will automatically rotate offers based on the information you provided above. All clicks generated will go to your PeerFly affiliate link and you will be able to see them and any conversions on your PeerFly Reports page. The subid peerflybanners is placed in the link so you will be able to see that on your reports. Please feel free to take a look at the site and test it out. The offers and banners update automatically everyday. Right now there are 6,524 different banners being rotated. This is my second site I’ve put up in the past week so if you run into any bugs let me know. I think I have them all worked out, but you never know. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions :)

How to iframe an affiliate offer

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Although I always suggest that PeerFly publishers learn how to create their own landing pages, it’s not always necessary. Direct linking is also common practice among affiliate marketers. Instead of creating a landing page and directing traffic to the offer through that, you simply use your affiliate link (Short Link or Long Link on PeerFly) and send the visitor directly to the offer. In some cases though, the company you are using to promote the offers will not allow you to use a direct affiliate link. For example, Facebook does not allow PeerFly publishers to directly link our offers using the affiliate link. So, what can you do if this is the case? IFrame it!

IFraming an affiliate offer

With PeerFly, you are more than welcome to iframe any offer we have as long as it is not specifically restricted in the Marketing Restrictions. Also, you need to iframe 100% of the offer landing page. I will explain and demonstrate this below, but it’s important to remember. But, what exactly is an iframe?

It’s an HTML element that allows to to frame a document within a document or a webpage within a webpage. In the example below, I take my affiliate link and place it within ipad2.html to make it look like ipad2.html is actually the affiliate offer page.

iframe example

HTML to iframe an affiliate offer

The HTML for iframing is actually very simple.  You can find the source for my sample page at:

You can view what it will look like here:

It is important thing to remember is to remove the page margin, which I did in the example within the <style> tags. You can remove all other margin and borders with frameborder=”0″, marginheight=”0″, and marginwidth=”0″ otherwise the page framed will look funny. Make sure you keep the width and height of the iframe at 100% as well. Of course, change the links to the pages being iframed (my short links) to your own unless you want me to get credit for your traffic.

That pretty much explains how to iframe a CPA offer. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Why was my request for approval to run a PeerFly offer denied?

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We have over 1,000 active offers at PeerFly. Of those 1,000+ offers, about 5% require manual approval. What doe this mean? It means you have to request approval to run the offer before you can run it. We have to have this system in place for some of our advertisers who are more strict on the quality of traffic that is sent to their offers. We like to think that all of our publishers will send high quality traffic to our advertisers and we will never run into issues with fraud traffic, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. So, in order to ensure that we will not lose an offer that our 35,000+ publishers would like to run because of one jerk, some offers require manual approval. PeerFly Corey

What does it take to get approved?

There is actually only one thing that we can really use to ensure that you are going to send quality traffic to an offer. Can you guess what that is? Your traffic history. In order to be approved on the offers that require manual approval you need to have a traffic history with us. If you have been paid on the regular net30 payment schedule than you stand a good chance at being approved, but not always. If we have a lot of red flags on your account (blacklists, scrubs, etc.) then you may not be approved. The final decision is up to our traffic manager, Corey Englaender.

Things you can do to help get yourself approved

With that being said, there is something you can do to help get yourself approved. Send Corey an e-mail (his e-mail is listed above or you can e-mail him directly from our Contact page) and explain to him how you plan to promote the offer and any proof on how you have promoted similar offers in the past (screenshot or affiliate manager reference). If you can send high quality traffic we want you to run our offers. However, we have to take precautions to help prevent fraud from hitting our offers. So, if your request to run an offer was denied don’t worry! We probably have a few similar offers that do not require approval (<plug> you could always check PeerFly Offers </plug>) and once you get a solid traffic history with us you will have no issue getting approved. If you have any questions please ask.

WordPress Plugin WPtouch is AWESOME

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Today I stumbled upon a pretty awesome plugin for WordPress that I wanted to share. I know a lot of my PeerFly publishers are working with mobile traffic and are busy creating mobile optimized landing pages using jQuery Mobile for their campaigns, but today I found something that seems like it would probably be a lot easier.


So, what is WPtouch? It’s a plugin for WordPress that allows you to quickly create a mobile optimized version of your blog within a few minutes and it requires zero coding or theme modifications! Sound too good to be true? Check it out: wptouch example It works amazingly well and is really easy to setup.

How to add WPtouch to your blog and make it mobile optimized

The steps to installing WPtouch is the same as any other WordPress plugin. Simply search for WPtouch in the Add New part of the Plugins section of your WordPress backend or download and install it manually from the WPtouch page on WordPress. Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin you are pretty much setup. If you view your blog on a mobile device you will see the default layout of WPtouch. You can edit the settings and theme within the settings page to fit your needs. I simply removed the tags, show the entire title, and changed the icon for mine (screenshot above).

Create a mobile optimized landing page using WordPress and WPtouch?

So, here’s my thoughts. A lot of people use WordPress to create their landing pages for their affiliate marketing campaigns. Why couldn’t you create a blog to promote a product/offer and use WPtouch to make it mobile optimized and send traffic to it through AdMob or InMobi like you would any other mobile campaign? I’m not trying to generate a whole new epidemic of flogs, but if you have a legit WordPress blog you’re asking traffic to you might be able to get mobile traffic to convert as well if you had a mobile optimized version of it. I am going to setup WPtouch on our PeerFly blog and suggest you set it up on your blogs too. The smartphone industry is growing and there’s a lot of traffic out there that’s really cheap to buy right now. Hop on board and start making money before everyone else does :)